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Erik Balkey lyrics
Genre: Folk
Erik Balkey (2000) 01. North Country Road [add]
02. Wasteland [add]
03. Madison [add]
04. Hometown [add]
05. Dark Eyes [add]
06. Driving Northbound [add]
07. House of Cards [add]
08. Poet Game [add]
09. North Dakota [add]
10. North Country Road (Reprise) [add]
11. Silent Night [add]

Negotiations & Compromise (2002) 01. Afternoongs on Galen Street [add]
02. Two Years [add]
03. Miles Roll [add]
04. Negotiations & Compromise [add]
05. Amazing Grace [add]
06. I Quit [add]
07. Take Me Back [add]
08. A Dream I Had [add]
09. Dark Eyes [add]
10. Still Here [add]
11. Are You as Lonely [add]
12. Imagine [add]

God's Poet Now (2003) 01. God's Poet Now [add]
02. No Choice [add]
03. Virginia [add]
04. Give Love, Amen [add]
05. A Dream I Had (Intro.) [add]
06. A Dream I Had [add]
07. House of Cards [add]
08. Walking Away from Caroline [add]

While the Paint Dries (2004) 01. Give Love, Amen [add]
02. Like Billy the Kid [add]
03. Baseball in My Blood [add]
04. Silent Night [add]
05. Time to Go [add]
06. God's Poet Now [add]
07. How Does This Poem End [add]
08. Chase My Blues Away [add]
09. We're Only Friends [add]
10. Can I Make a Home [add]
11. Livin in Lesserville [add]
12. Someone to Call [add]
13. Silent Night (Acoustic) [add]

Sanctuary Road (2005) 01. In Your Silence [add]
02. Always One More Round [add]
03. Winter When She Goes [add]
04. Someone to Call [add]
05. To Make You Feel My Love [add]
06. Leaves Are Gone [add]
07. Something in the Air/It's Not on the Airwaves [add]
08. Land of the Lonely [add]
09. Aunt Sue's Beach [add]
10. Things Are Never Really What They Seem [add]
11. What Would You Do? [add]
12. Where Does Our Love Go? [add]
13. Introduction - (Intro.) [add]
14. Someone to Call (Live) [add]
15. Fiction and Truth - (Intro.) [add]
16. Like Billy the Kid (Live) [add]
17. My Manager - (Intro.) [add]
18. Cut 'em Down (Live) [add]
19. Dedication - (Intro.) [add]
20. God's Poet Now (Live) [add]

My Sacred Heart (2007) 01. What Good Am I [add]
02. If God Is an Apple [add]
03. From New Jersey [add]
04. Eyes Wide Open [add]
05. If a Song Could Save Your Soul [add]
06. My Own Reason Why [add]
07. Homeward Bound [add]
08. Carnival for the Church of the Sacred Heart [add]
09. House of Cards [add]
10. Second Place [add]
11. He's My Dad [add]
12. Peace Come Christmas Day [add]
13. Bonus Track - Art of the Song Radio Interview [add]

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