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The Battlefield Band lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Forward to Scot (0000) 01. After Hours/Green Gates/Ship in Full Sail [add]
02. Frideray [add]
03. Chance as Good as Any/Reid's Rant [add]
04. Anthem [add]
05. The Dear Green Place [add]
06. Look Across the Water [add]
07. Green Plaid [add]
08. Mary Cassidy [add]
09. I Am the Common Man [add]
10. St. Kilda Girl's Lament/The St. Kilda Wedding March [add]
11. The Lads O' the Fair [add]
12. Sauchiehall Street Salsa (McHugh's Other Foot) [add]
13. Boar and the Fox [add]
14. Battle of the Waterloo/Kilcoy's March/Quaker [add]
15. Snows of France and Holland [add]
16. Bad Moon Rising [add]
17. Rising Moon Reel [add]

Battlefield Band: Scottish Folk (1976) 01. Silver Spear [add]
02. Humors of Tulla [add]
03. The Shipyard Apprentice [add]
04. Crossing the Minch [add]
05. Minnie Hynd [add]
06. Glasgow Gaelic Club [add]
07. Brisk Young Lad [add]
08. Birnie Bouzle [add]
09. Compliments of the Band [add]
10. A.A. Cameron's Strathspey [add]
11. Scott Skinner's Compliments [add]
12. Bonny Jean [add]
13. Paddy Fahey's [add]
14. Joseph's Fancy [add]
15. The Hogs Reel [add]
16. It Was All for Our Rightful King [add]
17. The Inverness Gathering [add]
18. Marquis of Huntley's Strathspey [add]
19. John Macneil's Reel [add]
20. Miss Margaret Brown's Favourite [add]
21. Deserts of Tulloch [add]
22. The Cruel Brother [add]

The Battlefield Band (1977) 01. Silver Spear/Humours of Tulla [add]
02. Shipyard Apprentice [add]
03. Crossing the Minch/Minnie Hynd/Glasgow Gaelic Club [add]
04. Brisk Young Lad [add]
05. Birnie Bouzle [add]
06. Compliments of the Band [add]
07. Bonnie Jean/Paddy Fahey's Reel/Joseph's Fancy/Hags Reel [add]
08. It Was All for Our Rightful King [add]
09. Inverness Gathering/Marquis of Huntley's Strathspey/John Macneil's ... [add]
10. Miss Margaret Brown's Favourite/Deserts of Tulloch [add]
11. The Cruel Brother [add]

At the Front (1978) 01. Lady Carmichael: South of the Grampians: Mickie Ainsworth [add]
02. The Bachelor [add]
03. Ge Do Theid Mi Do M'Leabaidh [add]
04. The Battle of Harlew [add]
05. Jenny Nettles: The Grays of Tongside [add]
06. Tae the Beggin' [add]
07. The Tamosher [add]
08. The Blackbird and the Thrush/The Moray Club [add]
09. Lang Jonnie Moir [add]
10. The Brown Milkmaid/Dunnottar Castle/Maid of Glengarrysdale/Disused Railway [add]
11. The Lady Leroy [add]
12. Stirling Castle: Earl of Mansfield [add]

Stand Easy (1979) 01. Miss Drummond of Perth [add]
02. Fiddler's Joy [add]
03. Traditional Reels [add]
04. The Shetland Fiddler [add]
05. Seven Braw Gowns [add]
06. Mis Mac Leads Minuet [add]
07. My Last Farewell to Stirling [add]
08. Cuidich'n Right [add]
09. I Hae Laid a Herrin' in Salt [add]
10. My Wifes a Wonton Wee Thing [add]
11. Banks of Allan [add]
12. The Battle of Falkirk Muir [add]
13. John D. Burgess [add]
14. Braener Gathering [add]
15. I Hae Nae Kith, I Hae Nae Kin [add]
16. Miss Lyall [add]
17. Small Coals for Nailers [add]
18. Bleaton Gardens [add]
19. Christ Has My Hart Ay [add]
20. Joe McGann's Fiddle [add]
21. Center's Bonnet [add]

Home Is Where the Van Is (1980) 01. Major Malley's March & Reel/Malcolm Currie [add]
02. Bonny Barbry-O [add]
03. Look Across the Water/Mrs Garden of Troup/The Keelman Ower Land [add]
04. Braw Lads O'Galla Water [add]
05. Up & Waur Them A', Willie [add]
06. Joseph McDonald's Jig/The Snuff Wife/Thief of Lochaber [add]
07. Cockle Geordie/Miss Graham/Miss Thompson [add]
08. The Boar and the Fox [add]
09. Blackhall Rocks [add]
10. The Lads O' the Fair [add]
11. The Cowal Gathering/The Iron Man/Dancing Feet/Dick Gossip's Reel [add]
12. Mary Cassidy [add]

There's a Buzz (1982) 01. Bessie MacIntyre/Johnny MacDonald's Reel/Roddy MacDonald's Fancy [add]
02. Shining Clear [add]
03. Sir Sidney Smith's March [add]
04. A Chance as Good as Any/Reid's Rant [add]
05. Lord Haddo's Favourite [add]
06. Tending the Steer/Sandy Thompson/The Calrossie Cattle Wife [add]
07. The Presbytarian Hornpipe/The Watchmaker's Daughter/The Hurricane [add]
08. The Battle of Waterloo/Kilcoy's March/The Quaker [add]
09. One Miner's Life/The Image of God [add]
10. Kantara to El' Arish/Christmas Carousal/Willie Roy's Loomhouse [add]
11. The Green Plaid [add]

Anthem for the Common Man (1984) 01. The Four Minute Warning [add]
02. The Old Changing Way [add]
03. The Hook of Holland [add]
04. The Snows of France and Holland [add]
05. Aauchiehall Street Salsa [add]
06. Anthem [add]
07. The Yew Tree [add]
08. Port of Call [add]
09. Ina Mackenzie [add]
10. Miner's Wives [add]
11. I Am the Common Man [add]

Music in Trust (1986) 01. Sweet Mad of Mull/Macleod of Mull [add]
02. Frideray [add]
03. Cro Cinn T-Saile the Kilbarchan Weaver [add]
04. Lardy Haddo [add]
05. The Silver Darlin's [add]
06. The Duchess of Gordon [add]
07. St. Kilda Girl's Lament/The St. Kilda Wedding March [add]
08. Anst'er Market/The East Neuk of Fife [add]
09. Brodick Castle [add]
10. Dunkeld Steeple/Killiekrankie [add]
11. Mo Run Geal Og [add]
12. Glenfinnan Highland Gathering/Lady Mackenzie of Gairloch/The Five Sis [add]
13. Held in Trust [add]

On the Rise (1986) 01. John MacKenzie's Fancy/The Train Journey North [add]
02. Carnlough Bay [add]
03. Pilgrim's March/Scarlet and Black/The Struggle/Struy Lodge [add]
04. Montrose [add]
05. She's Late But She's Timely [add]
06. Bad Moon Rising/The Rising Moon Reel [add]
07. Teh Clumsy Lover/The Unmade Bed/Knopogue [add]
08. The Dear Green Place [add]
09. The Gale Warning/The Anchor Steam Reel/The Farmer's Daughter [add]
10. Island Earth No More/The Flight of the Eaglets [add]
11. After Hours/The Green Gates/The Ship in Full Sail [add]

After Hours (1987) 01. After Hours/The Green Gates/The Ship in Full Sail [add]
02. Frideray [add]
03. Chance as Good as Any, A/Reid's Rant [add]
04. Anthem [add]
05. The Dear Green Place [add]
06. Look Across the Water/Mrs. Garden of the Troup/The Keelman Ower Land [add]
07. Green Plaid [add]
08. Mary Cassidy [add]
09. I Am the Common Man [add]
10. St. Kilda Girl's Lament/The St. Kilda Wedding March [add]
11. The Lads O' the Fair [add]
12. Sauchiehall Street Salsa (McHugh's Other Foot) (The Man With Two Woman) [add]
13. The Boar and the Fox [add]
14. Battle of Waterloo/Kilcoy's March/The Quaker [add]
15. The Snows of France and Holland [add]
16. Bad Moon Rising/The Rising Moon Reel [add]

Celtic Hotel (1987) 01. Conway's Farewell/ Andy Renwick's Ferret/ Short-Coated Mary [add]
02. Seacoalers [add]
03. Return to Kashmagiro/ The Cuddy With the Wooden Leg [add]
04. Jock the Can [add]
05. The Rovin' Dies Hard [add]
06. Muineira Sul Sacrato Della Chiesa/Hyo y Frwynen/E Kostez/An Henbont [add]
07. The Celtic Hotel [add]
08. The Left-Handed Fiddler/The Floating Crowbar/The Ships Are Sailing/Lucy [add]
09. We Work the Black Seam [add]
10. The Tail O' the Bank [add]
11. Togail Curs Air Leodhas [Setting a Course for Lewis] [add]
12. Cran Tara/Madadh Ruadh [add]

Music in Trust, Vol. 2 (1988) 01. The Laird O'Brodie/Danzig Willie/The Merchant's Jig [add]
02. A'chlach Uaine (The Green Stone) [add]
03. I Ha'e a Wife/Tarbolton Jig, the/Tarbolton Lodge [add]
04. The Massacre of Glencoe [add]
05. Falkland Palace [add]
06. Lawer's Loup/Miss Jane Fraser/Mrs Maule's Reel [add]
07. Goat Fell [add]
08. Farewell to Glen-Shalloch [add]
09. The Fruiting Branch/Gledstanes' March [add]
10. Pitmedden [add]
11. The Mote of Mark/The Grey Mare's Tail [add]
12. Held in Trust/Peace and Plenty [add]
13. Fingal's Weeping/The Maids of Kintail [add]
14. Hill House/The Philosopher's Chair [add]

Home Ground [live] (1989) 01. Home Ground [add]
02. The Yew Tree [add]
03. After Hours: Whiskey in the Jar/Green Gates/Ship in Full Sail [add]
04. Pincock's Pleasure: Lady Carmichael's Strathspey/Laird O'Drumblair/Hi [add]
05. The Dear Green Place [add]
06. Fare Thee Well Whisky [add]
07. Hornpipes: John Mackenzie's Fancy/Dr. John Mcinnes' Fancy/Train Journ [add]
08. The Rovin' Dies Hard [add]
09. Bad Moon Rising/The Rising Moon Reel [add]
10. Four Minute Warning: Tides Out/James Maclellan's Favourite/Dougies De [add]
11. Farewell Johnny Miner [add]
12. Band of a Thousand Chances [add]
13. Peace and Plenty [add]

New Spring (1991) 01. Inveraray Castle/Calum Beag/Lucy Cassidy [add]
02. The Green and the Blue [add]
03. Seann Bhriogais Aig Uilleam/Lady Margaret Stewart [add]
04. Cearcall A' Chuain/The Kaimes Lassies/The Night We Had the Goats/Calum [add]
05. Working Away/The Toastie Jig [add]
06. The Prince of Wales/Angst Agus Angus/Let There Be Drams [add]
07. Darien [add]
08. Miss Sarah Macmanus/Appropriate Dipstick/Cape Breton Fiddlers' Welcome [add]
09. The Devil Uisge Beatha [add]
10. The Folden Eagle/O'Er the Moor to Maggie/The Highland Man Kissed His ... [add]
11. Farewell to Ravenscraig/My Night Out With Big Iain [add]
12. I Feel Like Going Home [add]
13. Farewell My Love/Auchindoun/Tom Paine's Strathspey/The Sands of ... [add]

Quiet Days (1992) 01. Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree/Peter MacKinnon of Skeabost/The ... [add]
02. The River [add]
03. Dalnabreac/The Bishop's Son/Miss Sharon McCusker [add]
04. From Here to There/Jack Broke the Prison Door/Toss the ... [add]
05. The St. Louis Stagger/The Ass in the Graveyard/Sandy's New Chanter [add]
06. Captain Campbell/Stranger at the Gate/John Keith Laing [add]
07. Hold Back the Tide [add]
08. Blistered Fingers/The Cumbernauld Perennials; the Keep Left ... [add]
09. Curstaidh's Farewell [add]
10. The Hoodie Craw [add]
11. Col. MacLean of Ardgour/Pipe Major Jimmy MacGregor/Rocking the Baby [add]
12. How Will I Ever Be Simple Again?/Dawn Song [add]

Threads (1995) 01. In and out of the Harbour/The Top Tier/Sleepy Maggie/Molly Rankin [add]
02. The Arran Convict [add]
03. Snow on the Hills/Xesus and Felisa [add]
04. Tramps & Hawkers [add]
05. My Home Town/Kalabakan [add]
06. The Weary Whaling Ground [add]
07. Miss Kate Rusby [add]
08. The Same Old Story [add]
09. Simon Thoumire's Jig/Shake a Leg/R?l Gan Ainm [add]
10. MacPherson's Lament [add]
11. Tam Bain's Lum/The Price of the Pig/Isabelle Blackley [add]
12. The Indian Lass [add]

Across the Borders (1997) 01. Miss Sarah Macmanus/Appropriate Dipstick/Cape Breton Fiddlers' Welcome [add]
02. Tramps and Hawkers [add]
03. Snow on the Hills/Xesus & Felisa [add]
04. The Concert, Reel/Green Mountain [add]
05. The Arran Convict [add]
06. My Home Town/Kalabakan [add]
07. Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh [add]
08. The Trimdon Grange Explosion [add]
09. Miss Kate Rusby [add]
10. The Green and the Blue [add]
11. The Donnie MacGregor/Clumsy Lover [add]
12. Woe Be Gone/Bubba's Reel/Frank's Reel [add]
13. Six Days on the Road [add]
14. In and Out the Harbour/Top Tier, the/Sleepy Maggie/Molly Rankin [add]

Live Celtic Folk Music (1998) 01. Lord Huntly's Cave/The Lady in the Bottle/Stewart Chisholm's Walkabout [add]
02. The Gallant Grahams [add]
03. I Hae Laid a Herrin' in Salt/My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing/The Banks Of [add]
04. Blackhall Rocks [add]
05. Athole Highlanders [add]
06. Miss Drummond of Perth/Fiddler's Joy/Traditional Reel/The Shetland ... [add]
07. The Lads O' the Fair [add]
08. 74th Highlanders' Farewell to Edinburg/The Cup of Tea [add]
09. Joe McGall's Fiddle/Center's Bonnet [add]

Rain, Hail or Shine (1998) 01. Bodachan a Gharaidh/General Macdonal/Craig an Fhithich [add]
02. Heave Ya Ho [add]
03. Margaret Ann/Manor Park/Trip to the Bronx [add]
04. Jenny O' the Braes [add]
05. Magheraclone/Norland Wind/Royal Scottish Pipers Soc. /Gardez ... [add]
06. The Beaches of St. Valery/Elizabeth Clare [add]
07. Wee Michael's March/Oot B'est da Vong [add]
08. The Lass O' Glencoe [add]
09. The Canongate Twitch/Steamboat to Detroit/Twenty Pounds of Gin/Break ... [add]

Leaving Friday Harbor (1999) 01. Clan Coco/The Road to Benderloch/Fifteen Stubbies to Warragul [add]
02. The Last Trip Home/The Luckenbooth [add]
03. It's Nice to Be Nice/The Auld Toon Band/McCabe's Reel [add]
04. The Straw Man [add]
05. Leaving Friday Harbor [add]
06. The 24th Guards Brigade at Anzio/The Melbourne Sleeper/MacRae's of Linnie [add]
07. One More Chorus/The Mason's Apron/The Mountain Road [add]
08. The Pleasure Will Be Mine [add]
09. Something for Jamie [add]
10. Sisters Reel/Marion and Donald/The Lassie With the Yellow Petticoat [add]
11. Logie O'Buchan/Logie's Waltz [add]
12. Unknown [add]
13. Unknown [add]
14. Unknown [add]
15. Unknown [add]

Happy Daze (2001) 01. The Devil's Courtship / An Dro [add]
02. Medium Man / Floating Candles / Nighean Cailleach Nan Cearc [The Hen W] [add]
03. The Banks of Red Roses [add]
04. Tiny Wee Vin / The Road to the Aisle [add]
05. The Riccarton Tollman's Daughter [add]
06. Shepherd Lad [add]
07. The Merry Macs / Dr. Iain Mac Aonghais / Fonn Air ... [Dr. John Macinnes / Fonn Air Caill] [add]
08. Happy Days [add]
09. Whaur Will We Gang? / March of TH Eceili Man [add]
10. A Mile Down the Road/Johnny's Jig/Boys of the Puddle [add]
11. Start It All over Again [add]
12. Wee Michael's March / Oot B'est da Vong [*] [add]
13. Love No More [*] [add]
14. Blue Bonnets over the Border / Khazi [*] [add]
15. The 24th Guards Brigade at Anzio / The Melbourne Sleeper / MacRae's of ... [*] [add]

Time and Tide (2002) 01. Chuir I Gluin Air a Bhodach (She Put a Knee in the Old Man)/DJ MacLeod' [add]
02. Nancy's Whisky [add]
03. If Cadillac Made Tractors.../Happy Birthday Fiona/MacFarlane's Rant [add]
04. Camden Town [add]
05. James Cameron/Fosgail an Doras (Open the Door)/The Skylark's Ascension [add]
06. Time and Tide [add]
07. The Bonny Jeannie Deans [add]
08. The Walking Nightmare/Drive Home the Mainlanders/The Mill House [add]
09. Rothesay Bay [add]
10. Banais Choinnich (Kenneth's Wedding)/Eileen MacDonald/Welcome the ... [add]
11. Sunset [add]
12. Whiskey From the Field/Volcanic Organic [add]

Out for the Night (2004) 01. Ms. Dynamite of Benbecula/The Alewife T/Little Cascade/Culder's Rant [add]
02. The Earl of Errol [add]
03. Christ Church/Nuala Kennedy's Reel/Ambassador Craig Murray's Reel [add]
04. Seudan a' Chuain (Jewels of the Ocean)/The Grinder/Barbhas Agus ... [add]
05. Belfast to Boston [add]
06. The Anniversary Reel/Out for the Night [add]
07. Rest and Be Thankful [add]
08. The King's Shilling [add]
09. An Cota Ruadh (The Red Coat)/Eastwood Cottage/Clisham/Captain Forbes' ... [add]
10. Bagad Kemper/Trouble at Baghdad Roundabout/McKenna's Jig [add]
11. The Banks of the Carron Water [add]
12. Bowmore Fair/Mary O'Neill's Reel/Tournemine et Gasdebois [add]
13. Clan Coco/The Road to Benderloch/Fifteen Stubbies to Warragul [add]
14. Lord Randall [add]
15. Time & Tide/The Nine Pint Coggie/Drive Home the Mainlanders/The ... [add]

The Road of Tears (2006) 01. The Road of Tears [add]
02. Ely Parker/Miss Martin's Wedding/The Primrose Lassies/Mr. Galloway Goes [add]
03. The Emigrant [add]
04. The Highlander's Farewell to Ireland/Farewell to Ireland/Put Me in the Big [add]
05. The Slave's Lament [add]
06. The Moleskin Kilt/The Empty Glen [add]
07. Out in Australia at Last [add]
08. The Patagonia Islanders/The Low Country Dance/Don Juan McKenna's Jig [add]
09. Haro Strait [add]
10. To a Mouse [add]
11. Take Me to the Sea [add]
12. Plane Wreck at Los Gatos [add]
13. Sweet Molly/The Symmetry/The Boat Leaks [add]
14. I Cried [add]
15. Mary's Dream/The Mountain Dairy Maid/The Nameless Migrant [Gun Aimn] [add]
16. Five Bridges to Cross [add]
17. The Green & The Blue [live] [add]

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