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Lambchop lyrics
Genre: Rock
I Hope You're Sitting Down [aka Jack's Tulips] (1994) 01. Begin [add]
02. Betweemus [add]
03. Soaky in the Pooper [add]
04. Because You Are the Very Air You Breathe [add]
05. Under the Same Moon [add]
06. I Will Drive Slowly lyrics
07. Oh, What a Disappointment [add]
08. Hellmouth [add]
09. Bon Solr, Bon Solr [add]
10. Hickey [add]
11. Breathe Deep [add]
12. So I Hear Your Moving [add]
13. Let's Go Bowling [add]
14. What Was He Wearing? [add]
15. Cowboy on the Moon [add]
16. The Pack-Up Song [add]

How I Quit Smoking (1996) 01. For Which We Are Truly Thankful [add]
02. The Man Who Loved Beer [add]
03. The Militant [add]
04. We Never Argue [add]
05. Life's Little Tragedy [add]
06. Suzieju [add]
07. All Smiles and Mariachi [add]
08. The Scary Caroler [add]
09. Smuckers [add]
10. The Militant [add]
11. Garf [add]
12. Your Life as a Sequel [add]
13. The?ne [add]
14. Again [add]

Thriller (1997) 01. My Face Your Ass lyrics
02. Your Fucking Sunny Day lyrics
03. Hey, Where's Your Girl? [add]
04. Crawl Away lyrics
05. Gloria Leonard lyrics
06. Thriller [add]
07. The Old Fat Robin lyrics
08. Superstar in France lyrics

What Another Man Spills (1998) 01. Interrupted [add]
02. The Saturday Option [add]
03. Shucks [add]
04. Give Me Your Love (Love Song) [add]
05. Life, No. 2 [add]
06. Scamper [add]
07. It's Not Alright [add]
08. N.O. [add]
09. I've Been Lonely for So Long [add]
10. Magnificent Obsession [add]
11. King of Nothing Never [add]
12. The Theme from the Neil Miller Show [add]

Nixon (2000) 01. The Old Gold Shoe [add]
02. Grumpus [add]
03. You Masculine You [add]
04. Up With People [add]
05. Nashville Parents [add]
06. What Else Could It Be? [add]
07. The Distance from Her to There [add]
08. The Book I Haven't Read [add]
09. The Petrified Florist [add]
10. The Butcher Boy [add]

Is a Woman (2002) 01. The Daily Growl [add]
02. The New Cobweb Summer [add]
03. My Blue Wave [add]
04. I Can Hardly Spell My Name [add]
05. Autumn's Vicar [add]
06. Flick [add]
07. Caterpillar [add]
08. D. Scott Parsley [add]
09. Bugs [add]
10. The Old Matchbook Trick [add]
11. Is a Woman [add]

Aw C'mon (2004) 01. Being Tyler lyrics
02. Four Pounds in Two Days [add]
03. Steve McQueen [add]
04. The Lone Official [add]
05. Something's Going On lyrics
06. Nothing But a Blur from a Bullet Train [add]
07. Each Time I Bring It Up It Seems to Bring You Down [add]
08. Timothy B. Schmidt [add]
09. Women Help to Create the Kind of Men They Despise [add]
10. I Hate Candy lyrics
11. Haven't Heard a Word I Said [add]
12. Action Figure lyrics

No, You C'mon (2004) 01. Sunrise [add]
02. Low Ambition lyrics
03. There's Still Time lyrics
04. Nothing Adventurous Please lyrics
05. The Problem lyrics
06. Shang a Dang Dang [add]
07. About My Lighter lyrics
08. Under a Dream of a Lie [add]
09. Jan [add]
10. The Gusher lyrics
11. Listen [add]
12. The Producer [add]

The Decline of Country & Western Civilization, Pt. 2: The Woodwind Years (2006) 01. My Cliche [add]
02. Loretta Lung [add]
03. Two Kittens Don't Make a Puppy [add]
04. It's Impossible [add]
05. Ovary Eyes [add]
06. I Can Hardly Spell My Name [add]
07. The Scary Caroler [add]
08. Your Life as a Sequel [add]
09. Smuckers [add]
10. Alumni Lawn [add]
11. Burly and Johnson [add]
12. Mr. Crabby [add]
13. Playboy, The Shit [add]
14. Gloria Leonard [Alternate Version] [add]
15. The Old Fat Robin [#] [add]
16. The Distance from Her to There [Alternate Version] [add]
17. The Book I Haven't Read [Alternate Version] [add]
18. Gettysburg Address [#] [add]

Damaged (2006) 01. Paperback Bible [add]
02. Prepared [2] [add]
03. The Rise and Fall of the Letter P [add]
04. A Day Without Glasses [add]
05. Beers Before the Barbican [add]
06. I Would Have Waited Here All Day [add]
07. Crackers [add]
08. Fear [add]
09. Short [add]
10. The Decline of Country and Western Civilization [add]

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