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The Divine Comedy lyrics
Genre: Rock
Liberation (1993) 01. Festive Road lyrics
02. Death of AA Supernaturalist [add]
03. Bernice Bobs Her Hair lyrics
04. I Was Born Yesterday lyrics
05. Your Daddy's Car lyrics
06. Europop lyrics
07. Timewatching lyrics
08. The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count [add]
09. Queen of the South [add]
10. Victoria Falls lyrics
11. Three Sisters lyrics
12. Europe by Train [add]
13. Lucy lyrics

Promenade (1994) 01. Bath lyrics
02. Going Downhill Fast lyrics
03. The Booklovers lyrics
04. A Seafood Song lyrics
05. Geronimo lyrics
06. Don't Look Down lyrics
07. When the Lights Go Out All Over Europe [add]
08. The Summerhouse lyrics
09. Neptunes Daughter [add]
10. A Drinking Song lyrics
11. Ten Seconds to Midnight [add]
12. Tonight We Fly lyrics

Casanova (1996) 01. Something for the Weekend [add]
02. Becoming More Like Alfie lyrics
03. Middle-Class Heroes [add]
04. In and out in Paris and London [add]
05. Charge lyrics
06. Songs of Love [add]
07. The Frog Princess lyrics
08. A Woman of the World [add]
09. Through a Long & Sleepless Night [add]
10. Theme From Casanova lyrics
11. The Dogs & the Horses [add]

A Short Album About Love (1997) 01. In Pursuit of Happiness [add]
02. Everybody Knows (Except You) [add]
03. Someone [add]
04. If... [add]
05. If I Were You (I'd Be Through With Me) [add]
06. Timewatching lyrics
07. I'm All You Need [add]

Fanfare for the Comic Muse (1998) 01. Ignorance Is Bliss lyrics
02. Indian Rain lyrics
03. Bleak Landscape lyrics
04. Tailspin lyrics
05. The Rise and Fall [add]
06. Logic Vs. Emotion [add]
07. Secret Garden [add]

Fin de Si?cle (1998) 01. Generation Sex lyrics
02. Thrillseeker lyrics
03. Commuter Love lyrics
04. Sweden lyrics
05. Eric the Gardener [add]
06. National Express lyrics
07. Life on Earth [add]
08. The Certainty of Chance [add]
09. Here Comes the Flood [add]
10. Sunrise lyrics

Regeneration (2001) 01. Timestretched [add]
02. Bad Ambassador lyrics
03. Perfect Lovesong lyrics
04. Note to Self [add]
05. Lost Property [add]
06. Eye of the Needle [add]
07. Love What You Do lyrics
08. Dumb It Down [add]
09. Mastermind [add]
10. Regeneration [add]
11. The Beauty Regime [add]

Absent Friends (2004) 01. Absent Friends [add]
02. Sticks & Stones [add]
03. Leaving Today [add]
04. Come Home Billy Bird lyrics
05. My Imaginary Friend [add]
06. The Wreck of the Beautiful [add]
07. Our Mutual Friend lyrics
08. The Happy Goth [add]
09. Freedom Road [add]
10. Laika's Theme [add]
11. Charmed Life [add]

Victory for the Comic Muse (2006) 01. To Die a Virgin [add]
02. Mother Dear [add]
03. Diva Lady [add]
04. A Lady of a Certain Age [add]
05. The Light of Day [add]
06. Threesome [add]
07. Party Fears Two [add]
08. Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World [add]
09. The Plough [add]
10. Count Grassi's Passage Over Piedmont [add]
11. Snowball in Negative [add]

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