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The Verlaines lyrics
Genre: Rock
Hallelujah All the Way Home (1985) 01. It Was Raining [add]
02. All Laid On [add]
03. The Lady and the Lizard [add]
04. Don't Send Me Away [add]
05. Lying in State [add]
06. Phil Too? [add]
07. For the Love of Ash Grey [add]
08. The Ballad of Harry Noryb [add]

Bird Dog (1987) 01. Makes No Difference [add]
02. You Forget Love [add]
03. Take Good Care of It [add]
04. Just Mum [add]
05. Slow Sad Love Song [add]
06. Only Dream Left [add]
07. Dippy's Last Trip [add]
08. Bird Dog [add]
09. Icarus Missed [add]
10. C.D. Jimmy Jazz and Me [add]

Some Disenchanted Evening (1990) 01. Jesus What a Jerk [add]
02. The Funniest Thing [add]
03. Whatever You Run Into [add]
04. Faithfully Yours [add]
05. Damn Shame [add]
06. This Train [add]
07. Down the Road [add]
08. We're All Gonna Die [add]
09. Anniversary [add]
10. Come Sunday [add]
11. It Was [add]

Ready to Fly (1991) 01. Gloom Junky [add]
02. Overdrawn [add]
03. Tremble [add]
04. Such as I [add]
05. Hurricane [add]
06. War in My Head [add]
07. Inside Out [add]
08. See You Tomorrow [add]
09. Hole in the Ground [add]
10. Ready to Fly [add]
11. Moonlight on Snow [add]
12. Hold On [add]

Way Out Where (1993) 01. Mission of Love [add]
02. I Stare Out... [add]
03. This Valentine [add]
04. Blanket Over the Sky [add]
05. Cathedrals Under the Sea [add]
06. Aches in Whisper [add]
07. Way Out Where [add]
08. Lucky in My Dreams [add]
09. Black Wings [add]
10. Stay Gone [add]
11. Incarceration [add]
12. Dirge [add]

Over the Moon (1997) 01. Hanging By Strands [add]
02. Bonfire [add]
03. Sky-Blue Window [add]
04. Jailhouse 4:00 am [add]
05. Feather Fell [add]
06. Perfect Day [add]
07. When I Fall [add]
08. Uncle Big Jaw's Late Night Farewell [add]
09. Dunderhead [add]
10. Dawdling on the Bridge [add]
11. Writing on the Wall [add]
12. Reasons for Leaving [add]
13. Coming Back to You [add]

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