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The Chills lyrics
Genre: Rock
Brave Words (1987) 01. Push [add]
02. Rain [add]
03. Speak for Yourself [add]
04. Look for the Good in Others and They'll See the Good in You [add]
05. Wet Blanket [add]
06. Ghosts [add]
07. House With 100 Rooms [add]
08. Party in My Heart [add]
09. Living in the Jungle [add]
10. Dan Destiny and the Silver Dawn [add]
11. Night of Chill Blue [add]
12. 16 Heart-Throbs [add]
13. Brave Words [add]
14. Dark Carnival [add]
15. Creep [add]

Submarine Bells (1990) 01. Heavenly Pop Hit [add]
02. Tied Up in Chain [add]
03. The Oncoming Day [add]
04. Part Past Part Fiction [add]
05. Singing in My Sleep [add]
06. I Soar [add]
07. Dead Web [add]
08. Familiarity Breeds Contempt [add]
09. Don't Be - Memory [add]
10. Effloresce and Deliquesce [add]
11. Sweet Times [add]
12. Submarine Bells [add]

Soft Bomb (1992) 01. The Male Monster from the Id [add]
02. Background Affair [add]
03. Ocean Ocean [add]
04. Soft Bomb [add]
05. There Is No Harm in Trying [add]
06. Strange Case [add]
07. Soft Bomb II [add]
08. So Long [add]
09. Song for Randy Newman etc. [add]
10. Sleeping Giants [add]
11. Double Summer [add]
12. Sanctuary [add]
13. Halo Fading [add]
14. There Is No Point in Trying [add]
15. The Entertainer [add]
16. Water Wolves [add]
17. Soft Bomb III [add]

Sunburnt (1996) 01. As Far as I Can See [add]
02. Premonition [add]
03. Surrounded [add]
04. Come Home [add]
05. Sunburnt [add]
06. The Big Assessment [add]
07. Swimming in the Rain [add]
08. Dreams Are Free [add]
09. You Can Understand Me [add]
10. Lost in Future Ruins [add]
11. New Millennium [add]
12. Walk on the Beach [add]
13. Secret Garden [add]

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