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Genya Ravan lyrics
Genre: Rock
Genya Ravan with Baby (1972) 01. What Kind of Man Are You [add]
02. Sit Yourself Down [add]
03. I Hate Myself [add]
04. I'm in the Mood for Love [add]
05. Takuta Kalaba/Turn on Your Love Lights [add]
06. Lonely, Lonely [add]
07. Flying [add]
08. Every Little Bit Hurts [add]
09. Bird on the Wire [add]
10. I Can't Stand It [add]

They Love Me They Love Me Not (1973) 01. Gotta Tell Somebody ('Bout My Baby) [add]
02. When You Got Trouble [add]
03. You Got the Blues [add]
04. Under Control [add]
05. I'll Be With You [add]
06. Southern Celebration [add]
07. Missy (Mister) [add]
08. That Cryin' Rain [add]
09. Keep on Growing [add]
10. Don't Press Me [add]
11. Roll and Roll and Roll [add]
12. Swan Blues [add]

Goldie Zelkowitz (1974) 01. Easy Lady (My Oh My My Mama) [add]
02. Whipping Post [add]
03. Get It Back [add]
04. Hold On! I'm Comin' [add]
05. Little by Little [add]
06. Letter [add]
07. Breadline [add]
08. Walkin' [add]
09. I Need Your Lovin'/Peeping and Hiding [add]

Urban Desire (1978) 01. Jerry's Pigeons (Are Above Us All) [add]
02. The Knight Ain't Long Enough (I Know I'm Older-It Don't Mean I'm Colder) [add]
03. Do It Just for Me (Leads Me Around Like a Deaf Dumb Clown) [add]
04. Shot in the Heart (The Gun Is in the Other Hand) [add]
05. Aye Co'lorado (I Know You're a Hitter from the Owners of the City) [add]
06. Back in My Arms Again (All Advice Has Ever Gotten Me Was Long and ...) [add]
07. Cornered (I'm Like a Crazy Person Going Insane) [add]
08. The Sweetest One (He's Gotta Look Like Greta Garbo, Act Like Bridget ...) [add]
09. Darling, I Need You (Look in the Mirror, Broken White) [add]
10. Messin Around (When You Try This Girl for Size, It's No Deposite, ...) [add]
11. Shadow Boxing (On the Steps of Roseland and 52nd Street) [add]

...And I Mean It! (1979) 01. Pedal to the Metal (Oh Girls, It Was Spray Net City Then) [add]
02. I Won't Sleep on the Wet Spot No More (I Feel a Change and Rearrange) [add]
03. Steve... (Go All the Way With Me) [add]
04. Stubborn Kinda Girl (I Got News for You-I Made Plans for Two) [add]
05. It's Me (You're So Drunk on Your Own Perfume) [add]
06. Junkman (I'll Be Your Twilight Lover) [add]
07. Love Isn't Love (Baby Baby Let's Forget Small Talk) [add]
08. I'm Wired, Wired, Wired (Glitter Packed-Double Tracked) [add]
09. Roto Root Her (Buy Me an Ankle Bracelet) [add]
10. Night Owl (It's Owl Owl Over) [add]

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