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Eleni Karaindrou lyrics
Genre: Jazz
The Suspended Step of the Stork (1991) 01. Refugee's Theme [add]
02. Search [Refugee's Theme Variation A] [add]
03. The Suspended Step [add]
04. Train [Car Neighbourhood Variation A] [add]
05. Refugee's Theme [add]
06. River [Refugee's Theme] [add]
07. Refugee's Theme [Symphonic Variation No. 1] [add]
08. Train [Car Neighbourhood Variation B] [add]
09. Refugee's Theme [Symphonic Variation No. 2] [add]
10. Hassaposerviko [add]
11. Search [Refugee's Theme Variation B] [add]
12. Waltz of the Bride [add]
13. Finale [add]
14. River [Refugee's Theme] [add]

Music for Films (1991) 01. Farewell Theme [The Beekeeper] [add]
02. Elegy for Rosa [Rosabel Africa Dub] [add]
03. Fairytale [Happy Homecoming, Comrade] [add]
04. Parade [Happy Homecoming, Comrade] [add]
05. Return [Happy Homecoming, Comrade] [add]
06. Wandering in Alexandria [Wandering Heart] [add]
07. The Journey [Voyage to Cythera] [add]
08. Scream [The Beekeeper] [add]
09. Adagio [Landscape in the Mist] [add]
10. Fairytale [Happy Homecoming, Comrade] [add]
11. Parade [Happy Homecoming, Comrade] [add]
12. Elegy for Rosa [Rosabel Africa Dub] [add]
13. Rosa's Song [Rosabel Africa Dub] [add]
14. Improvisation on Farewell and Waltz Theme [The Beekeeper] [add]
15. Wandering in Alexandria [Wandering Heart] [add]
16. Song [Happy Homecoming, Comrade] [add]
17. Waltz and Farewell Teme [The Beekeeper] [add]

Ulysses' Gaze (1995) 01. Ulysses' Theme [add]
02. Litany [Variation I] [add]
03. Ulysses' Theme [Variation I] [add]
04. Woman's Theme [add]
05. Ulysses' Theme [Variation II] [add]
06. Ulysses' Theme [Variation III] [add]
07. The River [add]
08. Ulysses' Theme [add]
09. Ulysses'theme/Litany [add]
10. Ulysses' Gaze/Woman's Theme/Ulysses' Theme/Lento/Largo/Dance [add]
11. Byzantine Psal, [add]
12. Ulysses' Theme [Variation IV] [add]
13. Ulysses' Theme [Variation V] [add]
14. Ulysses' Theme [Variation VI] [add]
15. Ulysses' Theme/Lento/Largo [add]
16. Litany [Variation II] [add]
17. Ulysses' Theme [Variation VII] [add]

Rosa/Wandering (1998) 01. Titles [add]
02. Auberge [add]
03. Arrest [add]
04. Trio [Etude 1] [add]
05. Trio [Etude 2] [add]
06. Execution-Burnt Forest [add]
07. The Greek's Ballad [add]
08. Rosa's Death [add]
09. The Waters-Elegy of the End [add]
10. Rosa [add]
11. Titles [add]
12. Houses of Alexandria [add]
13. Ladies of Charity [add]
14. Tea Time [add]
15. Gordian Knot [add]
16. Athens' Ahes [add]
17. The Gaslight [add]
18. Pandora [add]
19. Little Waltz in the Country [add]
20. Arrest on the Playground [add]
21. Workers in Berlin [add]
22. The Desolate Hamam [add]
23. The Plain of Lavrion [add]
24. Finale [add]

Eternity and a Day (1999) 01. Hearing the Time [add]
02. By the Sea [add]
03. Eternity Theme [add]
04. Parting a [add]
05. Depart and Eternity Theme [add]
06. Borders [add]
07. Wedding Dance [add]
08. Parting B [add]
09. To a Dead Friend [add]
10. Eternity Theme Variation I [add]
11. Depart and Eternity Theme Variation I [add]
12. Bus (Pt. 1) [add]
13. Depart and Eternity Theme [Variation II] [add]
14. Bus (Pt. 2) [add]
15. Trio and Eternity Theme [add]
16. The Poet [add]
17. Depart and Eternity Theme [Variation III] [add]
18. Depart [add]

Trojan Women (2002) 01. Trojan Women/Voices (Constantinople Lyra, Ney, Harp) [add]
02. Trojan Women/Lament I (Constantinople Lyra, Ney) [add]
03. Trojan Women/Desolate Land I (Laouto, Constantinople Lyra, Harp, ...) [add]
04. Trojan Women/Lament II (Kanonaki) [add]
05. Trojan Women/Hecuba's Lament (Constantinople Lyra) [add]
06. Trojan Women/Parodos (The Land I Call Home) (Harp, Ney, Kanonaki, ...) [add]
07. Trojan Women/Parodos (Home of My Forefathers) (Harp, Kanonaki, ...) [add]
08. Trojan Women/Parodos (I Wish I'm Given There) (Harp, Kanonaki, ...) [add]
09. Trojan Women/Cassandra's Theme (Constantinople Lyra, Ney, Harp) [add]
10. Trojan Women/Cassandra's Trance (Bendir, Laouto, Ney Kanonaki, ...) [add]
11. Trojan Women/First Stasimon (An Ode of Tears) (Laouto, Harp, ...) [add]
12. Trojan Women/First Stasimon (For the Phrygian Land a Vast ...) [add]
13. Trojan Women/Andromache's Theme (Laouto, Constantinople Lyra, ...) [add]
14. Trojan Women/Andromache's Lament (Kanonaki) [add]
15. Trojan Women/Terra Deserta (Santouri, Daouli, Kanonaki, Ney, ...) [add]
16. Trojan Women/Astyanax' Theme (Suling, Harp, Lyra) [add]
17. Trojan Women/Hecuba's Theme I (Harp, Constantinople Lyra, Ney, ...) [add]
18. Trojan Women/Hecuba's Theme II (Harp, Constantinople Lyra, Ney, ...) [add]
19. Trojan Women/Second Stasimon (Telamon, You Came to Conquer Our ...) [add]
20. Trojan Women/Second Stasimon (The City That Gave Birth to You Was ...) [add]
21. Trojan Women/An Ode of Tears (Constantinople, Kanonaki, Ney) [add]
22. Trojan Women/Desolate Land II (Laouto, Constantinople Lyra, Harp, Ney, [add]
23. Trojan Women/Lament III (Constantinople Lyra, Ney) [add]
24. Trojan Women/Third Stasimon (In Vain the Sacrifices) (Laouto, ...) [add]
25. Trojan Women/Third Stasimon (My Beloved, Your Soul Is Wandering) ... [add]
26. Trojan Women/Hecuba's Theme (Harp, Constantinople Lyra, Ney, Kanonaki) [add]
27. Trojan Women/Lament for Astyanax (Oh Bitter Lament, My Bitter Boy) ... [add]
28. Trojan Women/Exodos (Santouri, Daouli, Kanonaki, Ney, ...) [add]
29. Trojan Women/Exodos (Accursed Town) (Ney, Harp, Constantinople ...) [add]
30. Trojan Women/Astyanax' Memory (Suling, Harp, Constantinople Lyra) [add]

Weeping Meadow (2004) 01. The Weeping Meadow [add]
02. Theme of the Uprooting I [add]
03. Waiting I [add]
04. Memories [add]
05. The Tree [add]
06. Young Man's Theme I [add]
07. The Weeping Meadow I [add]
08. Theme of the Uprooting II [add]
09. Waiting II [add]
10. Theme of the Uprooting [add]
11. Prayer [add]
12. The Tree [add]
13. On the Road [add]
14. Young Man's Theme [add]
15. Theme of the Uprooting III [add]
16. The Weeping Meadow II [add]

Elegy of the Uprooting [live] (2006) 01. The Weeping Meadow: Prayer [add]
02. The Suspended Step of the Stork: Refugee's Theme [add]
03. The Weeping Meadow: The Weeping Meadow [add]
04. Ulysses' Gaze: Dance [add]
05. Trojan Women, First Stasimon: An Ode of Tears [add]
06. Trojan Women, First Stasimon: For the Phrygian Land a Vast Mourning [add]
07. Eternity and a Day: By the Sea [add]
08. Eternity and a Day: Depart and Eternity Theme [add]
09. Rosa/Rosa's Aria [add]
10. The Weeping Meadow/Memories [add]
11. Trojan Women, Second Stasimon: Hecuba's Lament/Hecuba's Theme II [add]
12. Trojan Women, Second Stasimon: Telamon, You Came to Conquer Our Town [add]
13. Trojan Women, Second Stasimon: The City That Gave Birth to You Was Cons [add]
14. Trojan Women, Second Stasimon: An Ode of Tears [add]
15. The Weeping Meadow: Theme of the Uprooting I [add]
16. The Weeping Meadow: The Weeping Meadow II [add]
17. Voyage to Cythera: Voyage [add]
18. Voyage to Cythera: Voyage to Cythera [add]
19. The Weeping Meadow: On the Road [add]
20. Happy Homecoming, Comrade: Parade [add]
21. Happy Homecoming, Comrade: Return [add]
22. Trojan Women, Parodos: Andromache's Theme [add]
23. Trojan Women, Parodos: The Land I Call Home [add]
24. Trojan Women, Parodos: Home of My Forefathers [add]
25. Trojan Women, Parodos: I Wish I'm Given There [add]
26. The Suspended Step of the Stork: Refugee's Theme [add]
27. The Seagull: The Seagull [add]
28. The Seagull: Song of the Lake [add]
29. Landscape in the Mist: Adagio -- Father's Theme [add]
30. Trojan Women, Third Stasimon: In Vain the Sacrifices [add]
31. Trojan Women, Third Stasimon: My Beloved, Your Soul Is Wandering [add]
32. The Price of Love: Decision [add]
33. The Beekeeper: Farewell Theme [add]
34. The Weeping Meadow: Theme of the Lake [add]
35. Trojan Women, Exoduos: Hecuba's Theme II [add]
36. Trojan Women, Exoduos: Lament for Astyanax [add]
37. Trojan Women, Exoduos: Exodos [add]
38. The Weeping Meadow: The Weeping Meadow [add]

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