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Earl Wild lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Earl Wild Plays His Transcriptions of Gershwin (1989) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Jasbo Brown Blues [add]
03. Summertime [add]
04. Oh, I Can't Sit Down [add]
05. My Man's Gone Now [add]
06. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' [add]
07. The Buzzard Song [add]
08. It Ain't Necessarily So [add]
09. Bess, You Is My Woman Now [add]
10. I Loves You, Porgy/Bess, You Is My Woman [add]
11. There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York [add]
12. Oh, Lawd, I'm on My Way! [add]
13. Theme [add]
14. Barcarolle [add]
15. Brazilian Dance [add]
16. Tango [add]
17. I Got Rhythm [add]
18. Oh, Lady Be Good [add]
19. Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away) [add]
20. Embraceable You [add]
21. Somebody Loves Me [add]
22. Fascinating Rhythm [add]
23. The Man I Love [add]

Plays Medtner (1990) 01. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.1, Theme, The Merm [add]
02. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.2, Meditation [add]
03. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.3, Caprice [add]
04. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.4, The Feathered O [add]
05. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.5, Charms [add]
06. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.6, Fancies [add]
07. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.7, In the Stream [add]
08. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.8, The Tumult of T [add]
09. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.9, In the Woods [add]
10. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.10, A Wood-Goblin [add]
11. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.11, Elves [add]
12. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.12, Gnomes [add]
13. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.13, Incantation [add]
14. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.14, The Threat [add]
15. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.15, The Mermaid's [add]
16. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.16, Bad Weather [add]
17. Second Improvisation, Op.47: No.17, Conclusion [add]
18. Sonate-Idylle, Op.56: Movement 1 [add]
19. Sonate-Idylle, Op.56: Movement 2 [add]
20. Vergessene Weisen, Op. 39 Meditazione [add]
21. Vergessene Weisen, Op. 39 Romanza [add]
22. Vergessene Weisen, Op. 39 Primavera [add]
23. Vergessene Weisen, Op. 39 Canzona Matinata [add]
24. Vergessene Weisen, Op. 39 Sonata Tragica [add]

Doo-Dah Variations/Concerto in F (1993) 01. Doo-Dah Variations [add]
02. Concerto in F: Allegro [add]
03. Concerto in F: Adagio; Andante con Moto [add]
04. Concerto in F: Allegro Agitato [add]

Wild About Gershwin (1997) 01. Bess, You Is My Woman Now [add]
02. The Buzzard Song [add]
03. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' [add]
04. I Loves You, Porgy [add]
05. It Ain't Necessarily So [add]
06. Jasbo Brown Blues [add]
07. My Man's Gone Now [add]
08. I Can't Sit Down [add]
09. Oh Lord, I'm on My Way [add]
10. Summertime [add]
11. There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York [add]
12. Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away) [add]
13. Somebody Loves Me [add]
14. Oh, Lady Be Good [add]
15. The Man I Love [add]
16. Fascinating Rhythm [add]
17. Embraceable You [add]
18. I Got Rhythm [add]

Virtuosity of Earl Wild (1999) 01. Grand Galop Chromatique [add]
02. Hungarian Rhapsody No.2: Hungarian Rhapsody No 02 [add]
03. Swan Lake: Act II: Pas de Quatre [add]
04. Capriccio in F Minor, Op.28, No.6: No.6, Capriccio in F Minor [add]
05. Mephisto Waltz No.1 [add]
06. Hungarian Rhapsody No.4: Hungarian Rhapsody No 04 [add]
07. Etincelles, Op.36, No.6: No.6, Etincelles [add]
08. Scherzo À la Russe, Op.1, No.1: No.1, Scherzo À la Russe [add]
09. Hungarian Rhapsody No.12: Hungarian Rhapsody No 12 [add]
10. Marches Militaires (3) For Piano 4-Hands, Op 51/D: No.1 [add]
11. Polonaise No. 2 in E Major (Busoni Coda): Polonaise No 02 in E ... [add]
12. Scherzo in F Sharp Major, Op.16, No.2 [add]
13. Frühlingsnacht [add]
14. Etude No. 3 "La Campanella": Etude No 03 "La Campanella" [add]
15. Etude No. 2 "La Capricciosa": Etude No 02 "La Capricciosa" [add]
16. Etude No. 5 "La Chasse": Etude No 05 "La Chasse" [add]
17. Polonaise for Piano No 6 in a Flat Major (Héroiq [add]
18. Transcendental Etude No. 10 in F Minor: Transcendental Etude No 10 ... [add]
19. Spinning Song, Op.67, No.4 [add]
20. Etude in F Minor "La Leggierezza" [add]
21. Transcendental Etude No. 2 in a Minor: Transcendental Etude No 02 in a [add]
22. Spinning Song, From Wagner's "The Flying Dutchman" [add]
23. Rigoletto Paraphrase [add]
24. Valse Oubliée No.1 [add]
25. Gnomenreigen: Gnomenreigen [add]
26. Transcendental Etude No. 7 "Eroica": Transcendental Etude No 07 ... [add]
27. Waldesrauschen: Waldesrauschen [add]
28. Capriccio in B Minor, Op.2, No.4: No.4, Capriccio in B Minor [add]

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