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Paul Weller lyrics
Genre: Rock
Paul Weller (1992) 01. Uh-Huh Oh Yeh [add]
02. I Didn't Mean to Hurt You [add]
03. Bull-Rush [add]
04. Round and Round [add]
05. Remember How We Started lyrics
06. Above the Clouds [add]
07. Clues lyrics
08. Into Tomorrow lyrics
09. Amongst Butterflies lyrics
10. The Strange Museum [add]
11. Bitterness Rising lyrics
12. Kosmos lyrics

Wild Wood (1993) 01. Sunflower lyrics
02. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man) [add]
03. Wild Wood lyrics
04. Instrumental, Pt. 1 [add]
05. All the Pictures on the Wall [add]
06. Has My Fire Really Gone Out? [add]
07. Country [add]
08. Instrumental Two [add]
09. 5th Season lyrics
10. The Weaver [add]
11. Instrumental One, Pt. 2 [add]
12. Foot of the Mountain [add]
13. Shadow of the Sun [add]
14. Holy Man (Reprise) [add]
15. Moon on Your Pyjamas [add]
16. Hung Up lyrics

Live Wood (1994) 01. Bull Rush/Magic Bus [add]
02. This Is No Time lyrics
03. All the Pictures of the Wall [add]
04. Remember How We Started/Dominoes [add]
05. Above the Clouds [add]
06. Wild Wood lyrics
07. Shadow of the Sun [add]
08. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)/War [add]
09. 5th Season lyrics
10. Into Tomorrow lyrics
11. Foot of the Mountain [add]
12. Sunflower lyrics
13. Has My Fire Really Gone Out? [add]

Stanley Road (1995) 01. The Changingman [add]
02. Porcelain Gods [add]
03. I Walk on Gilded Splinters [add]
04. You Do Something to Me [add]
05. Woodcutter's Son [add]
06. Time Passes lyrics
07. Stanley Road lyrics
08. Broken Stones [add]
09. Out of the Sinking [add]
10. Pink on White Walls [add]
11. Whirlpool's End [add]
12. Wings of Speed [add]

Heavy Soul (1997) 01. Heavy Soul, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Peacock Suit [add]
03. Up in Suzes' Room [add]
04. Brushed [add]
05. Driving Nowhere [add]
06. I Should Have Been There to Inspire You [add]
07. Heavy Soul, Pt. 2 [add]
08. Friday Street [add]
09. Science [add]
10. Golden Sands [add]
11. As You Lean into the Light [add]
12. Mermaids [add]

Heliocentric (2000) 01. He's the Keeper [add]
02. Frightened [add]
03. Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea [add]
04. Back in the Fire [add]
05. A Whale's Tale [add]
06. Dust and Rocks [add]
07. There's No Drinking After You're Dead [add]
08. With Time & Temperance [add]
09. Picking up Sticks [add]
10. Love-Less [add]

Days of Speed [live] (2001) 01. Brand New Start lyrics
02. The Loved [add]
03. Out of the Sinking [add]
04. Clues lyrics
05. English Rose [add]
06. Above the Clouds [add]
07. You Do Something to Me [add]
08. Amongst Butterflies lyrics
09. Science [add]
10. Back in the Fire [add]
11. Down in the Seine [add]
12. That's Entertainment [add]
13. Love-Less [add]
14. There's No Drinking After You're Dead [add]
15. Everything Has a Price to Pay [add]
16. Wild Wood lyrics
17. Headstart for Happiness [add]
18. Town Called Malice [add]

Illumination (2002) 01. Going Places lyrics
02. A Bullet for Eveyone [add]
03. Leafy Mysteries lyrics
04. It's Written in the Stars [add]
05. Who Brings Joy lyrics
06. Now the Night Is Here [add]
07. Spring (At Last) [add]
08. One X One lyrics
09. Bag Man lyrics
10. All Good Books lyrics
11. Call Me No. 5 [add]
12. Standing Out in the Universe [add]
13. Illumination lyrics

Studio 150 (2004) 01. If I Could Only Be Sure [add]
02. Wishing on a Star [add]
03. Don't Make Promises [add]
04. The Bottle [add]
05. Black Is the Colour [add]
06. Close to You [add]
07. Early Morning Rain [add]
08. One Way Road [add]
09. Hercules [add]
10. Thinking of You [add]
11. All Along the Watchtower [add]
12. Birds [add]

As Is Now (2005) 01. Blink and You'll Miss It [add]
02. Paper Smile lyrics
03. Come On/Let's Go [add]
04. Here's the Good News [add]
05. The Start of Forever [add]
06. Pan lyrics
07. All on a Misty Morning [add]
08. From the Floor Boards Up [add]
09. I Wanna Make It Alright [add]
10. Savages lyrics
11. Fly Little Bird [add]
12. Roll Along Summer [add]
13. Bring Back the Funk, Pts. 1 & 2 [add]
14. The Pebble and the Boy [add]

Catch-Flame! [live] (2006) 01. The Weaver [add]
02. Out of the Sinking [add]
03. Blink and You'll Miss It [add]
04. Paper Smile lyrics
05. Peacock Suit [add]
06. From the Floorboards Up [add]
07. The Changing Man lyrics
08. Savages lyrics
09. Going Places lyrics
10. Up in Suze's Room [add]
11. Porcelain Gods/I Walk on Gilded Splinters [add]
12. In the Crowd [add]
13. Come On/Let's Go [add]
14. Foot of the Mountain [add]
15. You Do Something to Me [add]
16. Wishing on a Star [add]
17. Wild Wood lyrics
18. The Pebble & The Boy [add]
19. That's Entertainment [add]
20. Broken Stones [add]
21. Long Hot Summer [add]
22. Shout to the Top [add]
23. A Town Called Malice [add]

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