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Grandmothers lyrics
Genre: Rock
Who Could Imagine? (1995) 01. Big Culo [add]
02. Who Are the Brain Police? [add]
03. Lamont's Lament [add]
04. Willy the Pimp/Neon Meat Dream of an Octafish [add]
05. Return of the Son Big Culo [add]
06. The Welfare Agency's Security Trick [add]
07. Tenor Sax Is So Sexy [add]
08. Lonley Lonely Nights [add]
09. Mom & Dad [add]
10. Hommage to Tinguley [add]
11. Holiday in Berlin [add]
12. Aybe Sea [add]
13. Who Do You Think You Arf? [add]
14. Silicone Hump [add]
15. Mystic Hysterics [add]
16. Garlic Soup in an Eastern Place [add]
17. Trapezoid [add]
18. Help I'm a Rock [add]
19. Lamont's Lament (Reprise) [add]
20. Who Are the Brain Police? (Finale) [add]

Dreams on Long Play (1995) 01. Do It in the Name of Love [add]
02. Waiting [add]
03. Walk Like a Weasel [add]
04. Not My Problem [add]
05. Trail of Tears [add]
06. I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up [add]
07. Who Did You Love [add]
08. Manila Gorilla [add]
09. Who Dicked Who Over [add]
10. The Great White Buffalo [add]

Eating the Astoria [live] (2000) 01. .....We Are the Grandmothers [add]
02. Peaches en Regalia [add]
03. MJ Intro [add]
04. Teen-A Peek-A [add]
05. The Big Chaos [add]
06. Call Any Vegetable [add]
07. Invocation and Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin [add]
08. Sleeping in a Jar [add]
09. Whoo Uh?? [add]
10. Lady Queen Bee [add]
11. Love of My Life [add]
12. Hungry Freaks, Daddy [add]
13. The Great White Buffalo [add]
14. Big Leg Emma [add]
15. Brown Shoes Don't Make It [add]
16. Junk Food [add]
17. Mr. Green Genes [add]
18. Uncle Meat [add]
19. Oh No [add]
20. The Orange County Lumber Truck/Trail of Tears [add]

The Eternal Question [live] (2001) 01. Lady Queen Bee [add]
02. Take Out the Garbage [add]
03. Burn You With Cold [add]
04. The Son of Orange County Lumber Truck [add]
05. Cutester Patrol [add]
06. The Eternal Question [add]
07. Who Are the Brain Police? [add]
08. Horny Toads [add]
09. Killer Surf [add]
10. Lonesome Cowboy Burt [add]
11. Moon Unit [add]

Boulder Theatre (USA) [live] (2002) 01. The Big Chaos [add]
02. Call Any Vegetable [add]
03. Sleeping in a Jar [add]
04. The Eternal Question [add]
05. Flower Punk [add]
06. Who Are the Brain Police [add]
07. Holiday in Berlin [add]
08. Money [add]
09. Steve Rules [add]
10. Lady Queen Bee [add]
11. Hungry Freaks Daddy [add]
12. The Great White Buffalo [add]
13. New Age Mumo Jumbo [add]
14. Road Ladies [add]
15. Mother People [add]
16. The Indian of the Group [add]
17. Junk Food/Mr. Green Genes [add]
18. King Kong [add]
19. Bands Intro [add]
20. Big Leg Emma [add]
21. Brown Shoes Don't Make It [add]
22. Immaculate Deception [add]
23. Uncle Meat [add]
24. Oh No [add]
25. Orange Country Lumber Truck [add]
26. Trail of Tears [add]
27. Lonesome Cowboy Burt [add]
28. Willie the Pimp [add]

A Grandmothers Night at the Gewandhaus (2003) 01. Hungry Freaks, Daddy [add]
02. Lonely Little Girl [add]
03. Take Your Clothes Off [add]
04. What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? [add]
05. Oh No [add]
06. The Orange Country Lumber Truck [add]
07. Trouble Coming Every Day [add]
08. Amsterdam [add]
09. Peace for All [add]
10. Lamonts Lament [add]
11. Immaculate Deception [add]
12. Montana [add]
13. Village of the Sun [add]
14. Echidna's Arf [add]
15. Mother People [add]

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