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The Figgs lyrics
Genre: Rock
Low-Fi at Society High (1994) 01. Step Back Let's Go Pop [add]
02. Favorite Shirt [add]
03. Wasted Pretty [add]
04. Bus [add]
05. Slow Down [add]
06. Chevy Nova [add]
07. Ginger [add]
08. Shut [add]
09. Cherry Blow Pop [add]
10. Jump Start [add]
11. Stood Up [add]
12. Asphalt [add]
13. Waltz for Bob [add]
14. Charlotte Pipe [add]
15. Tint [add]

Banda Macho (1996) 01. Blame It All Senseless [add]
02. Mold [add]
03. Bad Luck Sammie [add]
04. Supreme Fashion [add]
05. Hey! Mr. Moonman [add]
06. Girl, Kill Your Boyfriend [add]
07. Ftmu [add]
08. Slugwig [add]
09. Choker [add]
10. Reject [add]
11. Red Bank Queen [add]
12. This Copy's Mine [add]
13. Another View [add]
14. Dandruff (You've Got a Lot of Friends) [add]
15. Powder King [add]
16. Kiss of Baby [add]
17. Every Night [add]

The Figgs Couldn't Get High (1998) 01. Said Enough [add]
02. Wait on Your Shoulders [add]
03. Now! [add]
04. The Bar [add]
05. Cat [add]
06. A Fuse About to Blow [add]
07. Not Involved [add]
08. If That's What You Want [add]
09. The Noose Was Tight [add]
10. Like to Know [add]
11. Blinked My Eyes [add]
12. Always a Breakdown [add]

For EP Fans Only (2000) 01. Waiting for the Sun to Rise [add]
02. Excuse the Lame Excuse [add]
03. Please, One More Time [add]
04. Right on Their Case [add]
05. I Thought I Drank the Drink, But the Drink Drank Me [add]
06. When You Rest [add]
07. To Be Announced [add]

Sucking in Stereo (2000) 01. Opening Night [add]
02. The Daylight Snooring [add]
03. Reaction [add]
04. Somethings Wrong [add]
05. Racing Around [add]
06. Set the Stage [add]
07. The Wrong Chord [add]
08. Gonna Get Out [add]
09. Running in Place [add]
10. Dance Lesson [add]
11. Do the Bounce [add]
12. Cheap Cassettes [add]

Slow Charm (2002) 01. Intro #1 [add]
02. Back to Being [add]
03. Sit and Shake [add]
04. There Are Never Two Alike [add]
05. Soon [add]
06. Public Transportation [add]
07. Static [add]
08. Intro #2 [add]
09. Metal Detector [add]
10. Lose the Pain [add]
11. The Trench [add]
12. Protocol [add]
13. Slow Charm [add]
14. Are You Still Mine? [add]

Palais (2004) 01. Start Credits [add]
02. I Brought Kicks [add]
03. We'll Be Doing Time [add]
04. Simon Simone [add]
05. Taking Turns [add]
06. Look at Her (She's Walking Away) [add]
07. No One Here But You [add]
08. Everything You Had [add]
09. I Was Dreaming [add]
10. Something Happened [add]
11. Je T'Adore [add]
12. Termites [add]
13. Attack VCA [add]
14. Intermission [add]
15. Nothing But Fear [add]
16. Kill Me Now [add]
17. Bristol Sisters [add]
18. I Know Where You Are [add]
19. Please Hold On [add]
20. Longing for You [add]
21. Your Only Hope [add]
22. Come On Tonight [add]
23. Inside the Disco [add]
24. Embrace the Train [add]
25. End Credits [add]

Follow Jean Through the Sea (2006) 01. Breaking Through These Gates [add]
02. Regional Hits [add]
03. Dont Hurt Me Again [add]
04. Follow Jean Through the Sea [add]
05. City Loft Home [add]
06. Jumping Again [add]
07. Let Me Hold You [add]
08. Hobble Skirt [add]
09. I Won't Go to Miami [add]
10. Chasing After Words [add]

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