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Diane Cluck lyrics
Genre: Rock
Oh Vanille/Ova Nil (2005) 01. All I Bring You Is Love [add]
02. 1/2 a Million Miles from Home [add]
03. Telepathic Desert [add]
04. Easy to Be Around [add]
05. The Turnaround Road [add]
06. Sandy Ree [add]
07. Bones & Born Again [add]
08. Petite Roses [add]
09. Hold Together (Let Go If You Will) [add]
10. Yr Million Sweetness [add]
11. Wild Deer at Dawn [add]

Countless Times (2005) 01. How Long? [add]
02. Mundane & Its Mystery [add]
03. Sylvania [add]
04. A Phoenix & Doves [add]
05. Love Me If Ye Do [add]
06. Just as I Should Be [add]
07. United. The Way You Were. [add]
08. Wasn't I Glad! [add]
09. Mystery Over Mind [add]
10. My Teacher Died/Countless Times [add]
11. My Teacher Died [add]

Macy's Day Bird/Black with Green Leaves (2006) 01. Save Me [add]
02. God Made It Rain [add]
03. Heat from Every Corner [add]
04. Hover Not [add]
05. Macy's Day Bird [add]
06. A Beast in a Barn [add]
07. Yatzee Dice [add]
08. I Liked You as Soon as I Saw You [add]
09. Battlefield Nurse [add]
10. Impatient Sun [add]
11. Crash Through the Half-Light [add]
12. Casting About [add]
13. Pathway to Eden [add]
14. I'm Yr Here-I-Am [add]
15. Focus on Their Eyes [add]
16. The Party Tonight [add]

Monarcana (2006) 01. Snake [add]
02. Beatless Wonder [add]
03. Real Good Time [add]
04. Countless Times [add]
05. Countless Times [add]
06. Lucifer [add]
07. Ribbon-Cuting Ceremony [add]
08. Diamonds [add]
09. Gardenovena [add]
10. Leave Me Alone [add]
11. My Virtue's Gone (Hooray Hooray) [add]
12. Reverly [add]
13. Dilapidalliance [add]
14. Reveller [add]
15. Modern Day [add]
16. Parlor Trick [add]
17. Pray Headaches Away [add]
18. Honed. Hemmed In [add]
19. Nothing But God [add]
20. If You See Sunlight [add]
21. 2001-2004 [add]

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