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Chixdiggit! lyrics
Genre: Rock
Chixdiggit (1996) 01. Dolphins Love Kids [add]
02. Great Legs [add]
03. Where's Your Mom? [add]
04. Henry Rollins Is No Fun [add]
05. I Wanna Hump You [add]
06. Song for "R" [add]
07. Stacked Like That [add]
08. Hemp Hemp Hooray [add]
09. 323 [add]
10. Angriest Young Men (We're The) [add]
11. Toilet Seat's Coming Down [add]
12. Shadow Bangers from a Shadowy Duplex [add]
13. Van Horne [add]
14. I Drove the Coquihalla [add]
15. (I Feel Like) (Gerry) Cleevers (Stitch Marks on My Heart) [add]

Born on the First of July (1998) 01. Gettin' Air [add]
02. My Girl's Retro [add]
03. Sikome Beach [add]
04. Chupacabras [add]
05. Quit Your Job [add]
06. My Restaurant [add]
07. Julianne [add]
08. 20 Times [add]
09. Ohio [add]
10. Haven't Got Time For [add]
11. 2,000 Flushes [add]
12. Brunette Summer [add]

Best Hung Carrot in the Fridge (1999) 01. CD-ROM Track [Silent, 12 Min] [add]
02. Best Hung Carrot in the Fridge [add]
03. Grungebaby [add]
04. Faith [add]
05. I Should Have Played Football in High School [add]
06. Mila, Caroline and Me [add]
07. King of Kensington [add]
08. Church [add]
09. My Debutante [add]

From Scene to Shining Scene (2000) 01. My Dad Vs. P.M. [add]
02. Spanish Fever [add]
03. Thursday Night [add]
04. Melissa Louise [add]
05. Aromatherapy [add]
06. Folks Are Gone [add]
07. Moto Foxe [add]
08. Sweaty and Hairless [add]
09. Going to the Peelers? [add]
10. Summer Please [add]
11. Born to Toulouse [add]

Pink Razors (2005) 01. Welcome to the Daiso [add]
02. I Remember You [add]
03. Get Down [add]
04. You're Pretty Good [add]
05. Geocities Kitty [add]
06. J Crew [add]
07. Good Girls [add]
08. Earthquake [add]
09. Koo Stark [add]
10. C.G.I.T. [add]
11. Jimmy the Con [add]
12. Paints Her Toenails [add]
13. Nobody Understands Me [add]

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