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Genre: Jazz
The Darkest Corner, The Most Conspicuous (0000) 01. Opening [add]
02. So Very Doubled and Very Much Combined [add]
03. Transfixed [add]
04. A Tongue Does the Undoing [add]
05. Something Else [add]
06. Brennschluss [add]
07. The Darkest Corner, the Most Conspicuous [add]
08. No New Nest in Which to Settle [add]
09. Strung into the Appolonian Dream [add]
10. On False Guidance in Things Past [add]
11. Finish [add]

Double Double (0000) 01. Double Once [add]
02. Double Twice [add]
03. Double Thrice [add]
04. Double Force [add]
05. Double Fist [add]
06. Double Sexed [add]

Free Life, Singing (0000) 01. Untitled [add]
02. Untitled [add]
03. Untitled [add]
04. Untitled [add]
05. Untitled [add]

Thaw [live] (1992) 01. Soprano Sax Solo [add]
02. Trio I [add]
03. Trio I [add]
04. Trio I [add]
05. Alto Sax Solo [add]
06. Sextet [add]
07. Sextet [add]
08. Sextet [add]
09. Duo [add]
10. Trio II [add]
11. Trio II [add]
12. Trio I [add]

Places to Go (2000) 01. Heaven [add]
02. Elsewhere [add]
03. All Place Shall Be Nameless [add]
04. To the Napping Room [add]
05. To the Crook of an Elbow [add]
06. The Apple of an Eye [add]
07. The Figure of a Speech [add]
08. For Broke [add]
09. In a Circle [add]
10. Or Just Away [add]
11. Out [add]

Clang (2002) 01. Hard Won [add]
02. Clang 1 [add]
03. Bee in Your Boppet [add]
04. Prelude and Fluke [add]
05. A Quarter-Tone Past the Outstretched Muscle [add]
06. 2nd School in Vienna [add]
07. Metamorphosis of a Pun [add]
08. Clang 2 [add]

Signs of Life (2002) 01. Sign One [add]
02. Sign Two [add]
03. Sign Three [add]
04. Sign Four [add]
05. Sign Five [add]

Birds in the Hand (2003) 01. Birds in the Hand [add]
02. Plight of the Mocking Birds [add]
03. Magpie Pie [add]
04. When Pigs Fly [add]
05. Double-Fisted Cat-Napper [add]
06. Tweet-Tweet, Twitter-Twitter-Squawk [add]

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