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Lisa Germano lyrics
Genre: Rock
On the Way Down From the Moon Palace (1991) 01. On the Way Down from the Moon Palace [add]
02. Guessing Game (Or The Music Business) [add]
03. Blue Monday lyrics
04. Calling [add]
05. Hangin' With a Deadman [add]
06. Screaming Angels Dancing in Your Garden [add]
07. Riding My Bike [add]
08. Simply Tony [add]
09. Dig My Own Grave [add]
10. Cry Baby [add]
11. Bye Bye Little Doggie [add]
12. The Other One [add]
13. Dark Irie [add]

Happiness (1993) 01. Bad Attitude lyrics
02. Destroy the Flower [add]
03. Puppet [add]
04. Everyone's Victim [add]
05. Energy lyrics
06. Cowboy [add]
07. Happiness lyrics
08. The Earth [add]
09. Around the World [add]
10. Sycophant [add]
11. Miamo-Tutti [add]
12. The Dresses Song [add]
13. The Darkest Night of All [add]

Geek the Girl (1994) 01. My Secret Reason [add]
02. Trouble [add]
03. Geek the Girl [add]
04. Just Geek [add]
05. Cry Wolf [add]
06. A ...A Psychopath [add]
07. Sexy Little Girl Princess [add]
08. Phantom Love [add]
09. Cancer of Everything [add]
10. A Guy Like You [add]
11. ...of Love and Colors [add]
12. Stars [add]

Excerpts From a Love Circus (1996) 01. Baby on the Plane [add]
02. A Beautiful Schizophrenic "Where's Miamo-Tutti?" [By Dorothy] [add]
03. Bruises [add]
04. I Love a Snot [add]
05. Forget It, It's a Mystery [add]
06. Victoria's Secret "Just a Bad Dream" [By Miamo-Tutti] [add]
07. Small Heads [add]
08. We Suck [add]
09. Lovesick [add]
10. Singing to the Birds [add]
11. Messages from Sophia "There's More Kitties in the World Than Just ..." [add]
12. Big Big World [add]
13. Fun, Fun for Everyone [add]
14. Tom, Dick and Harry [add]
15. Messages from Sophia [instrumental] [add]

Slide (1998) 01. Way Below the Radio [add]
02. No Color Here [add]
03. Tomorrowing [add]
04. Electrified [add]
05. Slide [add]
06. If I Think of Love [add]
07. Crash [add]
08. Wood Floors [add]
09. Turning into Betty [add]
10. Guillotine [add]
11. Reptile [add]

Lullaby for Liquid Pig (2003) 01. Nobody's Playing [add]
02. Paper Doll [add]
03. Liquid Pig [add]
04. Pearls [add]
05. Candy [add]
06. Dream Glasses Off [add]
07. From a Shell [add]
08. It's Party Time [add]
09. All the Pretty Lies [add]
10. Lullaby for Liquid Pig [add]
11. Into the Night [add]
12. ....To Dream [add]

In the Maybe World (2006) 01. The Day [add]
02. Too Much Space [add]
03. Moon in Hell [add]
04. Golden Cities [add]
05. Into Oblivion [add]
06. In the Land of Fairies [add]
07. Wire [add]
08. In the Maybe World [add]
09. Red Thread [add]
10. A Seed [add]
11. Except for the Ghosts [add]
12. After Monday [add]

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