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Jeffrey Gaines lyrics
Genre: Rock
Jeffrey Gaines Live (0000) 01. Falling Apart [add]
02. I Know a Man [add]
03. To Be Free [add]
04. Dark Love Song [add]
05. Love Disappears [add]
06. Hero in Me [add]
07. A Simple Prayer [add]
08. Headmasters of Mine [add]
09. Praise or Blame [add]
10. Everything [add]
11. Beyond the Beginning [add]
12. Without You [add]
13. A Change Is Gonna Come [add]
14. Always Be [add]

Jeffrey Gaines (1992) 01. Hero in Me [add]
02. Scares Me More [add]
03. Didn't Wanna Be Daddy [add]
04. Love Disappears [add]
05. Fear [add]
06. A Dark Love Song [add]
07. Why [add]
08. No, I Don't Think So [add]
09. Choices [add]
10. What It Is [add]
11. Sorry the Very Next Day [add]
12. Headmasters of Mine [add]

Somewhat Slightly Dazed (1994) 01. I Like You [add]
02. Sweet Janine [add]
03. I Know a Man [add]
04. Safety in Self [add]
05. You Believe in Me [add]
06. All the Will in the World [add]
07. Nursery Rhyme [add]
08. Elliot [add]
09. Talent for Surrender [add]
10. What Can I Do [add]
11. Just One Thing [add]
12. In Her Mind [add]
13. Wish It Away [add]

Galore (1998) 01. First Chapter's Last Page [add]
02. Right My Wrongs [add]
03. A Simple Prayer [add]
04. Step by Step [add]
05. Belle de Jour [add]
06. Everything [add]
07. Praise or Blame [add]
08. Toast and Tea [add]
09. Goodbye [add]
10. To Love Her Inside [add]
11. Anything New [add]
12. Alone [add]
13. Leave Her to Me [add]

Always Be (2001) 01. Always Be [add]
02. Shake It Off [add]
03. In Your Eyes [add]
04. I'll Have You [add]
05. Back to You [add]
06. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [add]
07. Fall You Fool [add]
08. Tomorrow Today [add]
09. Your Town [add]
10. Happy That [add]
11. Take Me Back [add]
12. In Your Eyes [live] [add]
13. Hero in Me [add]

Toward the Sun (2002) 01. Falling Apart [add]
02. Beyond the Beginning [add]
03. Over and Over [add]
04. To Be Free [add]
05. Without You [add]
06. In This Lifetime [add]
07. Life of the Living [add]
08. Love Me [add]
09. Our Lie [add]
10. Together [add]
11. Come Out Tonight [add]

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