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Walter Ehresman lyrics
Genre: Rock
Le Cafard (2003) 01. Ain't That Time [add]
02. Spin It [add]
03. Rain Down Like Dr. Phibes [add]
04. Now We're Through [add]
05. In My Master's House [add]
06. The Ballad of the Solo Collective [add]
07. The Poison Pill [add]
08. Club Moon [add]
09. I Must Be Doing Something Wrong (Or Something Right Backwards) [add]
10. Sleeping in a Box of Thunder [add]
11. A Soul Called Desolation [add]

The Feral Rugby Team Must Go! (2003) 01. Jesus, That Blimp Is Following Me! [add]
02. That's a Fleshy Reality [add]
03. Patient Zero (Ode to a Shrub) [add]
04. Jaleos, Aturuxo, Rev. Killjoy! [add]
05. Horsepower and Curiosity [add]
06. A Bet That Went South [add]
07. No Redemption [add]
08. For Sarah, To the West [add]
09. Fikriye, Dancing Alone [add]
10. The Wrong House [add]
11. Sharpened to Bits ['02 English Version] [add]
12. But You Broke a Rule [add]
13. Ladonia--For Thee I Fling [*] [add]

Handwedge from the Trap (2003) 01. Saying No to the Question Unasked [add]
02. Kismet? (Cante Hondo) [add]
03. I Know How the Anarchist Feels [add]
04. Asleep at the Switch of Life [add]
05. I've Been in This Line [add]
06. Shadow of a Love [add]
07. Khamsin [add]
08. Ain't No Use [add]
09. Things Never Done [add]
10. My Little Spleen No.1 (And They Don't Even Blink) [add]
11. My Little Spleen No. 2 (The Downward Spiral of Meaning) [add]

No Unifying Theme (2004) 01. When They Burn the Man [add]
02. Napoleon in the Desert (A Village Bites the Dust) [add]
03. Darwin's Jigsaw [add]
04. I've Done My Time in Texas [add]
05. Xenophobia [add]
06. The Weighty Apparatus [add]
07. Gjallerhorn Processional [add]
08. Sarah, Down the Aisle [add]
09. Only on Islands Like This [add]
10. Together, By Egeria [add]
11. She Rises from Nimis--The Queen's Anthem (A Symphony for Orchest [add]
12. Anthem for the Ladonian Ministry of Art and Jump [add]
13. Anthem for the Ladonian Sec. Of State [add]
14. Anthem for the Ladonian Minister to the Native American Tribes O [add]

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