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Windwood lyrics
Genre: New Age
Drums Along the Wasatch (2005) 01. Drums Along the Wasatch [add]
02. Tan My Hide [add]
03. Keep It Simple [add]
04. Here to There [add]
05. A Taste of Steel [add]
06. The Song of the Greenwitch [add]
07. A Light Rain [add]
08. The Natives Are Restless [add]
09. On a Roll [add]
10. Duet for One [add]
11. Destinations Along the Way [add]
12. Up Around the Bend [add]
13. Shake It Up [add]
14. Riki Tiki Timbre [add]
15. On the Side [add]
16. Duelin' Congas [add]
17. Probing the Edge [add]
18. Circle of Stone [add]
19. Inner Sanctum [add]
20. New Pipe Groove [add]
21. Forbidden Grove [add]
22. Night Journey [add]
23. The Circle Song [add]

Range of Motion: Echoes of the Past (2005) 01. A New Drum [add]
02. Slidin' [add]
03. Drums of War [add]
04. Errors in the Datastream [add]
05. The Drum Republic [add]
06. Skippin' Stones [add]
07. The Lark and the Dove (In the Underworld) [add]
08. Elemental [add]
09. Monkeyshines (George's Song) [add]
10. Jungle Waltz [add]
11. Dancing in the Sanctuary [add]
12. Get to the Point [add]
13. Joyful Spirit [add]
14. The Drum Federation [add]
15. Sunrise [add]
16. Sticks & Stones [add]
17. Along the Way [add]
18. Ignition [add]
19. Journey Through the Heat [add]
20. If Beside a Silent Lake [add]
21. Rain & Thunder [add]
22. Playful [add]
23. Kronos [add]
24. Luna's Song [add]
25. Driven [add]
26. Pagan Women [add]
27. Dancing Lights [add]
28. Just Playin' Thru [add]

A Journey Through Light & Shadow (2006) 01. The Hunt [add]
02. Forest Chase [add]
03. Dance of the Sidhe [add]
04. The Plot Thickens [add]
05. The Wandering Trickster [add]
06. John Barleycorn [add]
07. The Road Less Traveled [add]
08. In the Valley of the Winds [add]
09. Ancient Ruins [add]
10. The Faerie and the Fox [add]
11. Dust on the Horizon [add]
12. Twilight Firelight [add]
13. The Firedancers [add]
14. Watching Her Dance [add]
15. What Fire Burns Within My Blood [add]
16. Sorcery and Seduction [add]
17. A Mask [add]
18. A Journey Through Light and Shadow [add]
19. The Inn at the Crossroad [add]
20. Solace [add]

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