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Elvis Costello lyrics
Genre: Rock
My Aim Is True (1977) 01. Welcome to the Working Week [add]
02. Miracle Man lyrics
03. No Dancing lyrics
04. Blame It on Cain [add]
05. Alison lyrics
06. Sneaky Feelings lyrics
07. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes lyrics
08. Less Than Zero lyrics
09. Mystery Dance lyrics
10. Pay It Back lyrics
11. I'm Not Angry lyrics
12. Waiting for the End of the World [add]
13. Watching the Detectives [add]

Live at the El Mocambo (1978) 01. Mystery Dance lyrics
02. Waiting for the End of the World [add]
03. Welcome to the Working Week [add]
04. Less Than Zero lyrics
05. The Beat lyrics
06. Lip Service lyrics
07. (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea [add]
08. Little Triggers lyrics
09. Radio, Radio [add]
10. Lipstick Vogue lyrics
11. Watching the Detectives [add]
12. Miracle Man/Band Introduction [add]
13. You Belong to Me [add]
14. Pump It Up lyrics

This Year's Model (1978) 01. No Action lyrics
02. This Year's Girl lyrics
03. The Beat lyrics
04. Pump It Up lyrics
05. Little Triggers lyrics
06. You Belong to Me [add]
07. Hand in Hand [add]
08. (I Don't Want to Go To) Chelsea [add]
09. Lip Service lyrics
10. Lip Service lyrics
11. Living in Paradise [add]
12. Living in Paradise [add]
13. Lipstick Vogue lyrics
14. Lipstick Vogue lyrics
15. Radio, Radio [add]
16. Night Rally lyrics
17. Radio, Radio [add]

Armed Forces (1979) 01. Busy Bodies lyrics
02. Sunday's Best lyrics
03. Moods for Moderns [add]
04. Chemistry Class lyrics
05. Two Little Hitlers lyrics
06. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding? [add]
07. Accidents Will Happen lyrics
08. Senior Service lyrics
09. Oliver's Army lyrics
10. Big Boys lyrics
11. Green Shirt lyrics
12. Party Girl lyrics
13. Goon Squad lyrics

Get Happy!! (1980) 01. Love for Tender [add]
02. Opportunity lyrics
03. The Imposter lyrics
04. Secondary Modern lyrics
05. King Horse lyrics
06. Possession lyrics
07. Men Called Uncle lyrics
08. Clowntime Is Over lyrics
09. New Amsterdam lyrics
10. High Fidelity lyrics
11. I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down [add]
12. Black and White World [add]
13. 5ive Gears in Reverse [add]
14. B Movie lyrics
15. Motel Matches lyrics
16. Human Touch lyrics
17. Beaten to the Punch [add]
18. Temptation lyrics
19. I Stand Accused lyrics
20. Riot Act lyrics

Almost Blue (1981) 01. Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Use to Do)? [add]
02. Sweet Dreams lyrics
03. Success lyrics
04. I'm Your Toy lyrics
05. Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down [add]
06. Brown to Blue [add]
07. Good Year for the Roses [add]
08. Sittin' and Thinkin' [add]
09. Colour of the Blues [add]
10. Too Far Gone lyrics
11. Honey Hush lyrics
12. How Much I Lied lyrics

Trust (1981) 01. Clubland lyrics
02. Lovers Walk lyrics
03. You'll Never Be a Man [add]
04. Pretty Words lyrics
05. Strict Time lyrics
06. Luxembourg lyrics
07. Watch Your Step lyrics
08. New Lace Sleeves lyrics
09. From a Whisper to a Scream [add]
10. Different Finger lyrics
11. White Knuckles lyrics
12. Shot with His Own Gun [add]
13. Fish 'N' Chip Paper [add]
14. Big Sister's Clothes lyrics

Imperial Bedroom (1982) 01. Beyond Belief [add]
02. Tears Before Bedtime lyrics
03. Shabby Doll lyrics
04. The Long Honeymoon lyrics
05. Man out of Time [add]
06. Almost Blue lyrics
07. ...and in Every Home [add]
08. The Loved Ones lyrics
09. Human Hands lyrics
10. Kid About It [add]
11. Little Savage lyrics
12. Boy with a Problem [add]
13. Pidgin English lyrics
14. You Little Fool lyrics
15. Town Cryer lyrics

Punch the Clock (1983) 01. Let Them All Talk lyrics
02. Everyday I Write the Book [add]
03. The Greatest Thing lyrics
04. The Element Within Her lyrics
05. Love Went Mad lyrics
06. Shipbuilding lyrics
07. TKO (Boxing Day) [add]
08. Charm School lyrics
09. The Invisible Man lyrics
10. Mouth Almighty lyrics
11. King of Thieves [add]
12. Pills and Soap [add]
13. The World and His Wife [add]

Goodbye Cruel World (1984) 01. The Only Flame in Town [add]
02. Home Truth lyrics
03. Room with No Number [add]
04. Inch by Inch [add]
05. Worthless Thing lyrics
06. Love Field lyrics
07. I Wanna Be Loved lyrics
08. The Comedians lyrics
09. Joe Porterhouse lyrics
10. Sour Milk-Cow Blues lyrics
11. The Great Unknown lyrics
12. The Deportees Club lyrics
13. Peace in Our Time [add]

Blood & Chocolate (1986) 01. Uncomplicated lyrics
02. I Hope You're Happy Now lyrics
03. Tokyo Storm Warning lyrics
04. Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head lyrics
05. I Want You lyrics
06. Honey, Are You Straight or Are You Blind? [add]
07. Blue Chair lyrics
08. Battered Old Bird lyrics
09. Crimes of Paris [add]
10. Poor Napoleon lyrics
11. Next Time Round lyrics

King of America (1986) 01. Brilliant Mistake lyrics
02. Lovable lyrics
03. Our Little Angel lyrics
04. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood lyrics
05. Glitter Gulch lyrics
06. Indoor Fireworks lyrics
07. Little Palaces lyrics
08. I'll Wear It Proudly lyrics
09. American Without Tears lyrics
10. Eisenhower Blues [add]
11. Poisoned Rose lyrics
12. The Big Light lyrics
13. Jack of All Parades [add]
14. Suit of Lights [add]
15. Sleep of the Just [add]

Spike (1989) 01. ...This Town... [add]
02. Let Him Dangle lyrics
03. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror lyrics
04. Veronica lyrics
05. God's Comic lyrics
06. Chewing Gum lyrics
07. Tramp the Dirt Down [add]
08. Stalin Malone lyrics
09. Satellite lyrics
10. Pads, Paws and Claws [add]
11. Baby Plays Around lyrics
12. Miss Macbeth lyrics
13. Any King's Shilling lyrics
14. Coal-Train Robberies [add]
15. Last Boat Leaving lyrics

Mighty Like a Rose (1991) 01. The Other Side of Summer [add]
02. Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over) lyrics
03. How to Be Dumb [add]
04. All Grown Up lyrics
05. Invasion Hit Parade lyrics
06. Harpies Bizarre lyrics
07. After the Fall [add]
08. Georgie and Her Rival [add]
09. So Like Candy lyrics
10. Interlude: Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 2 [add]
11. Playboy to a Man [add]
12. Sweet Pear lyrics
13. Broken lyrics
14. Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4 [add]

The Juliet Letters (1993) 01. Deliver Us [add]
02. For Other Eyes lyrics
03. Swine lyrics
04. Expert Rites lyrics
05. Dead Letter [add]
06. I Almost Had a Weakness [add]
07. Why? lyrics
08. Who Do You Think You Are? lyrics
09. Taking My Life in Your Hands [add]
10. This Offer Is Unrepeatable lyrics
11. Dear Sweet Filthy World lyrics
12. The Letter Home lyrics
13. Jacksons, Monk and Rowe [add]
14. This Sad Burlesque lyrics
15. Romeo's Seance lyrics
16. I Thought I'd Write to Juliet [add]
17. Last Post [add]
18. The First to Leave [add]
19. Damnation's Cellar lyrics
20. The Birds Will Still Be Singing lyrics

G.B.H. (1994) 01. G.B.H. Opening Titles: The Life and Times of Michael Murray [add]
02. It Wasn't Me [add]
03. Men of Alloy [add]
04. Lambs to the Slaughter [add]
05. Bubbles [add]
06. The 'Goldilocks' Theme [add]
07. Perfume - The Odour of Money [add]
08. Barbara Douglas: Assassin [add]
09. Pursuit Suite [add]
10. The Prufrock Quartet; the Roaring Boy [add]
11. "...So I Used Five! " [add]
12. Love from a Cold Land [add]
13. In a Cemetery Garden [add]
14. "Smack 'Im" [add]
15. Woodlands - Oh Joy! [add]
16. "It's Cold up There" [add]
17. Going Home Service [add]
18. Grave Music [add]
19. The Puppet Masters' Work [add]
20. "He's So Easy" [add]
21. Another Time, Another Place [add]
22. Closing Titles [add]

Brutal Youth (1994) 01. Pony St. [add]
02. Kinder Murder lyrics
03. 13 Steps Lead Down lyrics
04. This Is Hell lyrics
05. Clown Strike lyrics
06. You Tripped at Every Step [add]
07. Still Too Soon to Know [add]
08. 20% Amnesia [add]
09. Sulky Girl lyrics
10. London's Brilliant Parade lyrics
11. My Science Fiction Twin lyrics
12. Rocking Horse Road lyrics
13. Just About Glad lyrics
14. All the Rage [add]
15. Favourite Hour lyrics

Deep Dead Blue, Live at Meltdown (1995) 01. Weird Nightmare lyrics
02. Love Field lyrics
03. Shamed into Love [add]
04. Gigi lyrics
05. Poor Napoleon lyrics
06. Baby Plays Around lyrics
07. Deep Dead Blue lyrics

Kojak Variety (1995) 01. Strange lyrics
02. Hidden Charms lyrics
03. Remove This Doubt lyrics
04. I Threw It All Away lyrics
05. Leave My Kitten Alone lyrics
06. Everybody's Crying Mercy lyrics
07. I've Been Wrong Before lyrics
08. Bama Lama Bama Loo lyrics
09. Must You Throw Dirt in My Face [add]
10. Pouring Water on a Drowning Man [add]
11. The Very Thought of You lyrics
12. Payday lyrics
13. Please Stay lyrics
14. Running Out of Fools [add]
15. Days lyrics

Jake's Progress (Original Music from the Channel Four Series) (1996) 01. Jake's Progress Opening Sequence [add]
02. Map of Africa [add]
03. Julie's Pregnant Pause [add]
04. Monica's Fortune Telling [add]
05. Cisco Kid [add]
06. Graveyard Waltz [add]
07. Housewarning [add]
08. Moving In [add]
09. Howling at the Moon [add]
10. Unhappy Home Service [add]
11. Ursine Variations [add]
12. Mrs. Rampton Reminisces [add]
13. A Friend in Need [add]
14. Death of Alex/Closing Titles [add]
15. Remembering Alex [add]
16. Leaving Home [add]
17. Eliot's Heartbreak and Flashback [add]
18. Kate's Abuse [add]
19. Grave Dance [add]
20. Banquo [add]
21. Fall from Grace [add]
22. Play With Me, Mummy [add]

All This Useless Beauty (1996) 01. The Other End (Of the Telescope) [add]
02. Little Atoms lyrics
03. All This Useless Beauty lyrics
04. Complicated Shadows lyrics
05. Why Can't a Man Stand Alone? [add]
06. Distorted Angel lyrics
07. Shallow Grave lyrics
08. Poor Fractured Atlas lyrics
09. Starting to Come to Me [add]
10. You Bowed Down lyrics
11. It's Time lyrics
12. I Want to Vanish lyrics

Terror & Magnificence (1997) 01. Illyria [instrumental] [add]
02. O Mistress Mine [From Mistress Mine] [add]
03. Come Away, Death [From Mistress Mine] [add]
04. When That I Was and a Little Tiny Boy [Mistress Mine] [add]
05. Terror and Magnificence [add]
06. Since First I Saw Your Face [From the Three Ravens] [add]
07. Three Ravens [From the Three Ravens] [add]
08. How Should I My True Love Know? [From the Three Ravens] [add]
09. Hunting the Hare [add]
10. Rosie-Blood (Sederunt) [add]

Painted from Memory (1998) 01. In the Darkest Place [add]
02. Toledo lyrics
03. I Still Have That Other Girl lyrics
04. This House Is Empty Now lyrics
05. Tears at the Birthday Party [add]
06. Such Unlikely Lovers lyrics
07. My Thief lyrics
08. The Long Division lyrics
09. Painted from Memory [add]
10. The Sweetest Punch lyrics
11. What's Her Name Today? [add]
12. God Give Me Strength lyrics

The Sweetest Punch: The Songs of Costello and Bacharach (1999) 01. The Sweetest Punch lyrics
02. Toledo lyrics
03. Such Unlikely Lovers lyrics
04. This House Is Empty Now lyrics
05. Painted from Memory [add]
06. What's Her Name Today? [add]
07. In the Darkest Place [add]
08. Vamp Dolice [add]
09. My Thief lyrics
10. I Still Have That Other Girl lyrics
11. Painted from Memory (Reprise) [add]
12. The Long Division lyrics
13. Tears at the Birthday Party [add]
14. I Still Have That Other Girl (Reprise) [add]
15. God Give Me Strength lyrics

When I Was Cruel (2002) 01. 45 lyrics
02. Spooky Girlfriend lyrics
03. Tear off Your Own Head (It's a Doll Revolution) [add]
04. When I Was Cruel No. 2 lyrics
05. Soul for Hire [add]
06. 15 Petals lyrics
07. Tart lyrics
08. Dust 2... [add]
09. Dissolve lyrics
10. Alibi lyrics
11. ...Dust [add]
12. Daddy Can I Turn This? [add]
13. My Little Blue Window lyrics
14. Episode of Blonde [add]
15. Radio Silence lyrics

North (2003) 01. You Left Me in the Dark [add]
02. Someone Took the Words Away [add]
03. When Did I Stop Dreaming? lyrics
04. You Turned to Me [add]
05. Fallen lyrics
06. When It Sings lyrics
07. Still lyrics
08. Let Me Tell You About Her lyrics
09. Can You Be True? lyrics
10. When Green Eyes Turn Blue lyrics
11. I'm in the Mood Again [add]

Il Sogno (2004) 01. Il Sogno: Prelude [add]
02. Il Sogno: Overture [add]
03. Il Sogno: Puck 1 [add]
04. Il Sogno, Act One: The Court [add]
05. Il Sogno, Act One: The State of Affairs [add]
06. Il Sogno, Act One: Hermia and Lysander [add]
07. Il Sogno, Act One: The Jealousy of Helena [add]
08. Il Sogno, Act One: Worker's Playtime [add]
09. Il Sogno, Act Two: Oberon and Titania [add]
10. Il Sogno, Act Two: The Conspiracy of Oberon and Puck [add]
11. Il Sogno, Act Two: Slumber [add]
12. Il Sogno, Act Two: Puck 2 [add]
13. Il Sogno, Act Two: The Identity Parade [add]
14. Il Sogno, Act Two: The Face of Bottom [add]
15. Il Sogno, Act Two: The Spark of Love [add]
16. Il Sogno, Act Two: Tormentress [add]
17. Il Sogno, Act Two: Oberon Humbled [add]
18. Il Sogno, Act Two: Twisted - Entangled - Transform and Exchange [add]
19. Il Sogno, Act Two: The Fairy and the Ass [add]
20. Il Sogno, Act Two: Sleep [add]
21. Il Sogno, Act Two: Bottom Awakes [add]
22. Il Sogno, Act Two: Lovers Arise [add]
23. Il Sogno, Act Three: The Play [add]
24. Il Sogno, Act Three: The Wedding [add]

The Delivery Man (2004) 01. Button My Lip [add]
02. Country Darkness lyrics
03. There's a Story in Your Voice [add]
04. Either Side of the Same Town [add]
05. Bedlam lyrics
06. The Delivery Man [add]
07. Monkey to Man lyrics
08. Nothing Clings Like Ivy lyrics
09. The Name of This Thing Is Not Love [add]
10. Heart Shaped Bruise lyrics
11. She's Pulling Out the Pin [add]
12. Needle Time lyrics
13. The Judgement lyrics
14. The Scarlet Tide lyrics
15. Bedlam [multimedia track] [add]
16. The Monkey [add]
17. Country Darkness lyrics
18. Needle Time lyrics
19. The Scarlet Tide lyrics
20. In Another Room [add]
21. The Delivery Man [add]
22. The Dark End of the Street [add]

My Flame Burns Blue [live] (2006) 01. Hora Decubitus [add]
02. Favourite Hour lyrics
03. That's How You Got Killed Before [add]
04. Upon a Veil of Midnight Blue [add]
05. Clubland lyrics
06. Almost Blue lyrics
07. Speak Darkly, My Angel [add]
08. Almost Ideal Eyes lyrics
09. Can You Be True? lyrics
10. Put Away Forbidden Playthings [add]
11. Episode of Blonde [add]
12. My Flame Burns Blue (Blood Count) [add]
13. Watching the Detectives [add]
14. God Give Me Strength lyrics
15. Prelude [add]
16. Overture [add]
17. Puck One [add]
18. The Court [add]
19. Workers' Playtime [add]
20. Oberon and Titania [add]
21. The Conspiracy of Oberon and Puck [add]
22. Puck Two [add]
23. The Identity Parade [add]
24. The Face of Bottom [add]
25. The Spark of Love [add]
26. Tormentress [add]
27. Oberon Humbled [add]
28. Twisted - Entangled - Transform and Exchange [add]
29. The Fairy and the Ass [add]
30. Sleep [add]
31. The Play [add]
32. The Wedding [add]

The River in Reverse (2006) 01. On Your Way Down [add]
02. Nearer to You [add]
03. Tears, Tears and More Tears [add]
04. The Sharpest Thorn [add]
05. Who's Gonna Help a Brother Get Further? [add]
06. The River in Reverse [add]
07. Freedom for the Stallion [add]
08. Broken Promise Land [add]
09. Ascension Day [add]
10. International Echo [add]
11. All These Things [add]
12. Wonder Woman [add]
13. Six-Fingered Man [add]

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