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Scottish Fiddle Orchestra lyrics
Genre: Celtic
The Fiddler's Party (1993) 01. The Bluebell Polka [add]
02. The Military Two Step [add]
03. Canadian Barn Dance [add]
04. Strip the Willow [add]
05. Lomond Waltz [add]
06. The Dashing White Sergeant [add]
07. The Eva Three Step [add]
08. The Gay Gordons [add]
09. The Canadian Barn Dance [add]
10. Highland Schottische [add]
11. The Britannia Two Step [add]
12. St. Bernard's Waltz lyrics
13. The Boston Two Step [add]
14. The Gay Gordons [add]
15. Highland Schottische [add]
16. The Duke of Perth [add]
17. The Eightsome Reel [add]

Let Glasgow Flourish (1994) 01. Ceud Mile Failte [add]
02. The Flower of Portencross [add]
03. The White Cockade [add]
04. Wild Mountain Thyme [add]
05. The Jewel in the Crown - Jigs [add]
06. The Braes of Ballochmyle [add]
07. Andy Mackay's Farewell to Tayside Police [add]
08. The Hills of Galloway [add]
09. Auld Lang Syne [add]
10. Dashing White Sergeant [add]
11. Dance of the Basses [add]
12. Amigos Para Siempre [add]
13. Scotland the Brave [add]
14. Dark Lochnagar [add]
15. Bridge Port Reel [add]
16. Back Up and Push [add]
17. Swinging Reels [add]

Over the Water (1994) 01. Fiddlers of the Fore/Ma Big Kilmarnock Bunnet/Soor-Milk ... [add]
02. Mary O' Argyll [add]
03. Swinging Reels/Annie's Reel/Jackie Groat/Hamish's Tune/Jean ... [add]
04. Music O' the Spey [add]
05. Fiddler O' Dooney [add]
06. The Hen's Mairch Owner the Midden [add]
07. Irish Fantasia/Phil the Fluter's Ball/Irish Washerwoman [add]
08. Reel of the 51st Highland Division/Drunken Piper/Barren Rocks of ... [add]
09. Give Me Your Hand [add]
10. Jigs/Eamonn Gilmartin's Eclipse/Girl with Bewitching Eyes [add]
11. Music of Turlough Carolan [add]
12. Irish Reels/Bucks of Oranmore/Dinny O'Brien/Teetotaler/Maid Behind the [add]
13. Irish Favourites/Dear Old Donegal/If You're Irish/I'll Be of to ... [add]
14. Alastair McDonald [add]
15. Scots Wha Ha'e [add]
16. Danny Boy [add]
17. Prince of the Mists [Last Part] [add]
18. Auld Lang Syne [add]

The Northern Lights (1994) 01. Music of New and Old Caledonia Canadian Four-Step/Old Jed Hay/Alistair [add]
02. James Nicol Farewell My Love [add]
03. The Auld Rants Marquis of Huntley's Highland Fling/the Kilt Is My ... [add]
04. Heroes of Longhope [add]
05. The Hibiscus Two-Step [add]
06. Mary Sandeman Dumbarton's Drums/Farewell Tae Tarwathie [add]
07. Highland Schottische Orange & Blue/Loudon's Bonnie Woods/the Braes ... [add]
08. Magaret's Waltz Music of the Northern Lands [add]
09. Gardebylaten-Ganglat Music of the Northern Lands [add]
10. Finnish Polka/Headlands/Wideford Hull/Da Tushkar Music of the Northern [add]
11. James Nicol the Northern Lights [add]
12. Swinging Reels Jenny's Bawbee/Denise's Tune/Paddy O'Brien/Early in the [add]
13. Glee Club Dear Old Donegal/If You're Irish/I'll Be off to Tipperary In [add]
14. Irish Jigs Irish Washerwoman/Rakes of Kildare/Sorry to Part/the ... [add]
15. Ye Banks and Braes [add]
16. S.F.O. Folk Symphony Ottawa Valley Reel/Boil Them Cabbage ... [add]
17. Duet - Douglas/White the Orange Blossom Special [add]
18. Highland Cathedrale [add]

Prince of the Mists (1995) 01. Setting the Scene in Eriskay Erisky Love Lilt/The Yellow Haired ... [add]
02. Over the Water & Call to Arms Rise and Follow Charlie [add]
03. Glenfinnan/Raising of the Standard March of the Cameron Men/Pibroch of [add]
04. The March South a Highland Lad My Love Was Born [add]
05. Welcome to Edinburgh Charlie Is My Darlin' [add]
06. Proclamation of James as King the Bells of the Churches [add]
07. The Holyrood Ball This Is No' My Ain Hoose [add]
08. Battle of Prestonpans Hey Johnnie Cope [add]
09. March South into England to Derby & Retreat North Wi' a Hundred Pipers [add]
10. The Fall of the Carlisle Garrison Loch Lomond [add]
11. Arrival of the Argyll Militia & Revival of Highland Spir the Campbells [add]
12. Government Troops & Highland Army March North the Grenadier's ... [add]
13. Battle of Culloden Culloden Day [add]
14. Aftermath, Decimation of the Highland Army/Retreat Flowers O' the ... [add]
15. The Romantic Image & Concept of a Return to Claim the Crown Will You ... [add]
16. Am Muileann Usige Old Water Mill [add]
17. The Spirit of Strathisla Suite [add]
18. Whistling Rufus [add]
19. The Butterfly Polka/Primrose Polka [add]
20. The Northlands/Fire-Hose Reel [add]

The Legendary (1997) 01. Saint Andrew's Cross/East Neuk O'Fife/Mount Stuart House/Niel ... [add]
02. The Keel Row [add]
03. The Apothecary [add]
04. Rosebud of Allanvale [add]
05. For These Are My Mountains [add]
06. Traditional Reels: Breakdown/Lass O'Gowrie/Babes In The Wood/This ... [add]
07. The Scented Fairy Bower [add]
08. Irish Jigs: The Dancing Priest/Irish Washerwoman [add]
09. March of the Clans [add]
10. The Duke of Perth/Lady McKenzie of Coull/Reel of Stumpie/The Rose ... [add]
11. A Man's a Man for A' That [add]
12. Shufflin' Samuel [add]
13. The 'Runt' of the Litter [add]
14. My Ain Folk [add]
15. The Shetlander [add]
16. Willafjord/Saandieburn Reel/Variations on Willafjord [add]
17. Jigs & Reels: Kenmure's On An' Awa/Top Of Ben Lomond/Bonnie Dundee/Jig [add]

At the Royal Albert Hall (1997) 01. Elizabeth's Royal Albert Hall (Far Frae Hame) [add]
02. The Orkney Two Step [add]
03. Scotland Yet [add]
04. Polkas: The Butterfly Polka/The Primrose Polka [add]
05. Jigs from the Gow Collection: Miss Grace Hay's Delight/Drummond ... [add]
06. Massacre of Glencoe [add]
07. Old Wooly Jumper/Birthday Girl/Dancing In The Rain/Flying Fiddles [add]
08. The Musical Flea [add]
09. The Glee Club (Robert Wilson Favourites)/O' My Jock Mackay/A Gordon For Me [add]
10. Irish Fantasia: Lark In The Clear Air/Phil The Fluter's Ball/The Irish [add]
11. Western Isles Medley: Westering Home/Skye Boat Song/Marie's Wedding [add]
12. Crookit Bawbee [add]
13. Eightsome Reel: Mrs McLeod Of Raasay/Fairy Dance/De'il Amang/The ... [add]
14. Auld Lang Syne [add]

Fiddler's Dance (2000) 01. Grand March/Welcome to the Ball [add]
02. Circassian Circle/First Dance [add]
03. Military Two-Step [add]
04. The "Orcadian" Strip the Willow [add]
05. Old Time Waltz [add]
06. Save the Children [add]
07. Highland Scottische [add]
08. Drops of Brandy [add]
09. La Va (La Varsoviana) [add]
10. Gay Gordons [add]
11. Highland Barn Dance [add]
12. Lamb Skinnet [add]
13. Circle Waltz [add]
14. Virginia Reel [add]
15. Eva Three-Step [add]
16. Polka Mazurka [add]
17. Boston Two-Step [add]
18. Polka [add]
19. La Russe [add]
20. Swing Waltz (Ladies Choice) [add]
21. Dashing White Sargeant/Final Fling [add]

Serenity (2004) 01. Colin L. O'Riordan [add]
02. Spirit of the Water [add]
03. Flower of the Portencross [add]
04. Wild Rose of the Mountain [add]
05. Caller Herrin' [add]
06. Lament for the Death of the Reverend Archie Beaton [add]
07. Ashokan Farewell [add]
08. The Duchess Tree [add]
09. The Pearl [add]
10. Gentle Annie [add]
11. The Heroes of Longhope [add]
12. Forres Cradle Song [add]
13. The Old Water Mill [add]
14. Blind Mary [add]
15. Auld Lang Syne [add]

Highland Cathedral (2007) 01. The Drummers [add]
02. The Horticulturist [add]
03. Takashi's Dawn [add]
04. 'Dancie' Shuttleworth [add]
05. Echoes in the Glen [add]
06. Miss Bennet's Jig [add]
07. Mrs Hepburn Belches [add]
08. Death of a Queen [add]
09. Lord Elgin's Welcome [add]
10. Fr. Eamonn Gilmartin [add]
11. Jake's Jig Set [add]
12. Dancing in the Streets [add]
13. Highland Cathedral [add]
14. Farewell to Scotland [add]

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