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Wendy Woo lyrics
Genre: Folk
Angels in the Crowd (2003) 01. Unshaken [add]
02. Vanished [add]
03. A Little More [add]
04. Keep on Movin' [add]
05. Lies [add]
06. You Don't Understand [add]
07. Outta Mind [add]
08. Just Fine [add]
09. Bird in a Cage [add]
10. Angels in the Crowd [add]
11. Unshaken (Reprise) [add]

Gonna Wear Red (2003) 01. Why? [add]
02. Breathe [add]
03. Most of Yesterday (The Cat in the Drawer Song) [add]
04. Gonna Wear Red [add]
05. Excessive Moderation [add]
06. Down and Dirty [add]
07. Procrastination [add]
08. Footprints in the Rain [add]
09. Bridge Above the Water [add]
10. Late Night Sunrise [add]
11. Suprise Me [add]
12. Man Made Lines [add]

Wide Awake and Dreaming (2003) 01. Memory to Me Now [add]
02. Wide Awake and Dreaming [add]
03. Ghost [add]
04. Painting Your Picture [add]
05. Sundrops [add]
06. Sweet Words and Symphonies [add]
07. Fade to Gray [add]
08. Out of the Rain [add]
09. Want Me to Be [add]
10. One Stroke Past Midnight [add]
11. Past Lives Passed [add]

Walking the Skyline (2004) 01. Walking the Skyline [add]
02. Angels Laughing [add]
03. One Way Street [add]
04. Gravity [add]
05. Use Me [add]
06. Urban Oasis [add]
07. Set in Stone [add]
08. Hold On [add]
09. Down and Dirty [add]
10. Blackbird [add]
11. View of the Sky [add]

Angels Laughing (2005) 01. Birthday Candles [add]
02. Angels Laughing [add]
03. View of the Sky [add]
04. Stir It Up (Detail in the Moon) [add]
05. Addicted to You [add]
06. Walking the Skyline [add]
07. Most of Yesterday (The Cat in the Drawer Song) [add]
08. Gonna Wear Red (Before It Gets Better) [add]
09. Unshaken [add]
10. Lies [add]
11. A Little More [add]
12. Sundrops [add]
13. Afraid of the Dark [add]
14. This Guitar [add]
15. Late Night Sunrise [add]
16. Surprise Me [add]

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