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The Blues Band lyrics
Genre: Blues
Official Bootleg Album (1980) 01. Talk to Me Baby [add]
02. Flatfoot Sam [add]
03. Two Bones and a Pick [add]
04. Someday Baby [add]
05. Boom Boom - Out Goes the Lights [add]
06. Come on In [add]
07. Death Letter [add]
08. Going Home [add]
09. I Don't Know [add]
10. Diddy Wah Diddy [add]

Ready (1980) 01. Twenty-Nine Ways [add]
02. I'm Ready [add]
03. Hallelujah, I Love Her So [add]
04. Sus Blues [add]
05. Noah Lewis Blues [add]
06. Treat Her Right [add]
07. Lonely Avenue [add]
08. Find Yourself Another Fool [add]
09. Hey Hey Little Girl [add]
10. Green Stuff [add]
11. Can't Hold On lyrics
12. The Cat [add]
13. That's All Right [add]
14. Nadine [add]

Itchy Feet (1981) 01. Talkin' Woman Blues [add]
02. Who's Right, Who's Wrong [add]
03. Rock & Roll Radio [add]
04. Itchy Feet [add]
05. Ultimatum Time [add]
06. So Lonely lyrics
07. Come On [add]
08. Turn Around [add]
09. I Can't Be Satisfied [add]
10. Got to Love You Baby [add]
11. Nothin' But the Blues [add]
12. Let Your Bucket Down [add]

Brand Loyalty (1982) 01. Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time [add]
02. Rolling Log [add]
03. I Want to Be Loved [add]
04. Might as Well Be [add]
05. What Do You Want [add]
06. Big Fine Girl [add]
07. Sure Feels Good [add]
08. Little Baby [add]
09. Grits Ain't Groceries [add]
10. Funny Money [add]
11. Take Me Home [add]
12. Oo-Oo-Ee [add]
13. So Bad [add]
14. Ain't It Tough [add]

Bye Bye Blues (1983) 01. Come on In [add]
02. Hey Hey Little Girl [add]
03. Death Letter Blues [add]
04. Grits Ain't Groceries [add]
05. Flatfoot Sam [add]
06. Don't You Lie to Me [add]
07. Can't Hold On lyrics
08. It Might as Well Be Me [add]
09. Nadine [add]
10. Big Boss Man [add]
11. Maggie's Farm [add]
12. Treat Her Right [add]

Homage (1996) 01. Let the Good Times Roll [add]
02. I Go Crazy [add]
03. Temperature/Fever [add]
04. Rolling & Tumbling [add]
05. C.C. Rider [add]
06. How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? [add]
07. Work Song [add]
08. Swamp Medley [add]
09. That Same Thing [add]
10. I Ain't Got You [add]
11. Fine Brown Fame [add]
12. I Can Tell [add]
13. You Shook Me [add]
14. Wang Dang Doodle [add]
15. Sweet Home Chicago [add]

Brassed Up (1999) 01. Swing Out Dave [add]
02. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
03. What You Wanted [add]
04. Losing You Put the Blues in Me [add]
05. Stubborn Kind of Fellow [add]
06. Take Me to the Red Line [add]
07. 2k Shuffle [add]
08. I'm Your Man [add]
09. Velocity and Love [add]
10. The Grass Is Greener [add]
11. People Get Ready [add]
12. Guitar Song [add]
13. Got to Be the Blues [add]
14. Creole Love Call [add]

Fat City (2000) 01. Fat City [add]
02. Longing for You Baby [add]
03. Help Me [add]
04. I Can't Tell It All [add]
05. Down to the River [add]
06. Country Blues No. 48 [add]
07. Cold Emotions, Frozen Hearts [add]
08. Killing Me by Degrees [add]
09. The Duisburg Blues [add]
10. So Lonely lyrics
11. Too Bad You're No Good [add]
12. Long Time Gone [add]

Wire Less (2000) 01. San Francisco Bay Blues [add]
02. T. Nicey Mama [add]
03. Sitting on Top of the World [add]
04. Room and Board [add]
05. D-Day Blues [add]
06. I Can't Stand the Rain [add]
07. Withering the Picks [add]
08. Sweet Temptation [add]
09. Stealin' Stealin' [add]
10. Stranger Blues [add]
11. Jitterbug Swing [add]
12. Told No Lies [add]
13. Alimony Blues [add]
14. Key to the Highway [add]
15. Frankie Jean [add]
16. I'm Not Ashamed to Sing the Blues [add]
17. They're Crazy About Me [add]
18. Too Young to Know [add]

Greenstuff: Live at the BBC 1982 (2002) 01. Hey Hey Little Girl [add]
02. Greenstuff [add]
03. I Wanna Be Loved [add]
04. Back Door Man [add]
05. Death Letter [add]
06. Flatfoot Sam [add]
07. I Can't Be Satisfied [add]
08. So Bad [add]
09. Rolling Log [add]
10. Twenty-Nine Ways to My Baby's Door [add]
11. Going Home [add]
12. I Can't Hold on Much Longer lyrics
13. Boom Boom [add]
14. Treat Her Right [add]
15. Maggie's Farm [add]

Stepping Out (2002) 01. Half the Man [Twice the Fool] [add]
02. On the Street [add]
03. I Am the Blues [add]
04. Last Chance to Dance [add]
05. Bus to Nowhere [add]
06. I'll Be Home Again Tonight [add]
07. Mr Estes Said [add]
08. Wait a Minute [add]
09. The Other Side [add]
10. These Shoes [add]
11. Stepping out on Main [add]
12. Resting on Jesus [add]

Back for More (2002) 01. Normal Service [add]
02. Victim of Love [add]
03. Not Me [add]
04. Blue Collar [add]
05. Can't Get My Ass in Gear [add]
06. The Great Crash [add]
07. When It Itches I Scratch [add]
08. Don't Buy the Potion [add]
09. Bad Boy [add]
10. Down in the Bottom [add]
11. Leaving [add]

Live In Poland (2002) 01. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
02. Let the Good Times Roll [add]
03. That Same Thing [add]
04. That's It, I Quit [add]
05. Grits Ain't Groceries [add]
06. The Bad Boy [add]
07. Hallelujah I Love Her So [add]
08. No More Doggin' [add]
09. Mean Old World [add]
10. 29 Ways/Bo Diddley/5-4-3-2-1 [add]
11. Don't Know Which Way to Go [add]
12. Greenstuff [add]

Live (2002) 01. Come on In [add]
02. Hey Hey Little Girl [add]
03. Death Letter [add]
04. Grits Ain't Groceries [add]
05. Flatfoot Sam [add]
06. Don't Lie to Me [add]
07. Can't Hold on Much Longer [add]
08. It Might as Well Be Me [add]
09. Nadine [add]
10. Big Boss Man [add]
11. Maggie's Farm [add]
12. Treat Her Right [add]
13. Find Yourself Another Fool [add]
14. Big Fine Girl [add]
15. Someday Baby [add]
16. Rolling Log [add]
17. Greenstuff [add]
18. Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights) [add]

Scratchin' on My Screen (2003) 01. Mean Old Frisco [add]
02. Crossroads Blues [add]
03. Drop Down Mama [add]
04. Still a Fool [add]
05. Jesus on the Mainline [add]
06. Don't Sell It Don't Give It Away [add]
07. Alberta [add]
08. Can't Be Satisfied [add]
09. Georgia on My Mind [add]
10. New Stockyard Blues [add]
11. Don't Let Them Grind You Down [add]
12. I'm Your Man [add]
13. Sus Blues [add]
14. I'm Your King Bee [add]
15. Lonely Avenue [add]
16. Captain Spalding's Rag [add]

Thank You Brother Ray (2004) 01. Sticks and Stones [add]
02. I Don't Need No Doctor [add]
03. Busted [add]
04. Hard Times [add]
05. Hallelujah I Love Her So [add]
06. They're Crazy 'Bout Me [live] [add]
07. I'm Movin' On [add]
08. Lonely Avenue [add]
09. Tell Me What You Want Me to Do [add]
10. Leave My Woman Alone [add]
11. Georgia on My Mind [live] [add]
12. Making Whoopee [add]
13. Losing Hand [add]
14. Let the Good Times Roll [add]
15. Thank You, Brother Ray! [add]

Be My Guest (2004) 01. The Cat [add]
02. Big Fine Girl [add]
03. Hey Hey Little Girl [add]
04. Oo-Oo-Ee [add]
05. Don't Lie to Me [add]
06. Big Boss Man [add]
07. Bad Penny Blues [add]
08. When I Itches I Scratch [add]
09. Bad Boy [add]
10. Can't Get My Ass in Gear [add]
11. Normal Service [add]
12. Leaving [add]
13. Longing for You Baby [add]
14. Fat City [add]
15. Let the Good Times Roll [add]
16. CC Rider [add]
17. Swing Out Dave [add]
18. What You Wanted [add]
19. Half the Man (Twice the Fool) [add]
20. Resting on Jesus [add]

These Kind of Blues (2005) 01. Tobacco Road [add]
02. Doing All Right [add]
03. Time After Time [add]
04. Stealing [add]
05. That's It, I Quit [add]
06. Bad Penny Blues [add]
07. Let the Four Winds Blow [add]
08. Bad Luck [add]
09. Hardworking Man [add]
10. These Kind of Blues [add]
11. Smokestack Lightning [add]
12. Ten Good Reasons [*] [add]
13. You've Got to Choose [*] [add]
14. Let Me Sleep on It [*] [add]

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