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Jeff Lawrence [Guitar] lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Scars (1997) 01. Scars Intro [add]
02. Alpha-Omega [add]
03. All Is Well [add]
04. Aces and Eights [add]
05. Southern Dreams [add]
06. Song [add]
07. Caymem Por la Noche [add]
08. Carolina Meltdown [add]
09. Hidden Meanings [add]
10. Ferryman King [add]
11. Wasatch Front [add]
12. Lewd Blue [add]
13. Dance in the Sky [add]
14. Harmonic Prophecy [add]
15. Secrects [add]
16. Scars Exit [add]

Lost in a Song (2004) 01. Lost in a Song [add]
02. One Day [add]
03. Yesterdays Gone [add]
04. Private Hell [add]
05. Comet Blues [add]
06. Prophecy(inst.) [add]
07. Dance in the Sky(inst) [add]
08. Wouldt It Be Nice [add]
09. A Little Sanctuary [add]

More Scars (2004) 01. Biblical Times [add]
02. Field Day [add]
03. The Tree Walks [add]
04. Echo [add]
05. Macabre [add]
06. My Breakdown [add]
07. Too Early [add]
08. Bewildered [add]
09. Spirit Destruction [add]
10. Sightline [add]

Southern Songs (2004) 01. Dying from Making a Living [add]
02. Doc(intro) [add]
03. American by Birth [add]
04. What's It Gonna Take ? [add]
05. Dance with Fire [add]
06. Fooling Yourself [add]
07. Edge of Love [add]
08. Little Boy [add]
09. Southern Dreams [add]
10. Escape Tonight [add]
11. Cold Dark Lonely Room [add]
12. Missed You [add]
13. Leaving You Behind [add]
14. Season of the Rain [add]
15. Turn to God [add]

Progress? (2004) 01. Painted My Soul [add]
02. Crops of Shame [add]
03. Human Wreckage [add]
04. Long, Long Road [add]
05. Until Eternity Sleeps [add]
06. Love Will Remain [add]
07. Southern Man Western Town [add]

And Friends (2004) 01. Enchantress [add]
02. She-Devil [add]
03. Don't Let Me In [add]
04. Only Road I Know [add]
05. Lost at Love [add]
06. Envy the Sane(live) [add]

Heart of the Son (2004) 01. Heart of the Son [add]
02. Expendable Keepsakes [add]
03. Ghost Train [add]
04. Dust and Scratches [add]
05. Autobiography of No One [add]
06. Yellow Light [add]
07. Outer Darkness [add]
08. Haunted Melody [add]
09. Lost for Words [add]
10. 2059 A.D. [add]
11. Heart of the Sun [add]
12. Bron y Aur [add]

3-4-1 (2004) 01. Secrets Opus 1 [add]
02. Medieval Feast [add]
03. Alpha-Omega [add]
04. The Ferryman King [add]
05. Jericho Standing [add]
06. Monarchs Waltz [add]
07. The Courtship of a Fair Maiden [add]

Live in Park City with Special Guest Keith Harris (2005) 01. Omega [add]
02. Poetry in Motion [add]
03. Southern Dreams [add]
04. Wasatch Front [add]
05. Lost for Words [add]
06. Prelude Music [add]
07. Hidden Meanings [add]
08. Angels in Autumn [add]
09. The Ferryman King [add]
10. Cayman por La Noche [add]
11. Church Wine [add]
12. White Tragic Woman [add]

Live at the Buckboard (2005) 01. Dying from Making a Living [add]
02. Fooling Yourself [add]
03. Milk Cow Blues [add]
04. Southern Dreams [add]
05. Little Boy [add]
06. Can't You See [add]
07. Whats It Gonna Take [add]

Lazarus (2005) 01. Intro-Obstacles of Faith [add]
02. Weemah [add]
03. No Home [add]
04. Sealed [add]
05. G.I.T. Theme [add]
06. Guitarmouth [add]
07. Small Still Voice [add]
08. Floodgates [add]
09. Son of Sam [add]
10. Obstacles of Faith Reprise [add]

The Faceless Man (The Acoustic Tracks 1994-2006) (2006) 01. The Annointing (Previously Unreleased) [add]
02. The Ferryman King (From Scars 1994) [add]
03. Biblical Times (From More Scars 2004) [add]
04. Yellow Light (From Heart of the Son 2005) [add]
05. Field Day (From More Scars) [add]
06. Poetry in Motion (From Live in PC 2003) [add]
07. The Song (From Scars) [add]
08. Angels in Autumn (From Live in PC) [add]
09. Church Wine (From Live in PC) [add]
10. White Tragic Woman (From Live in PC) [add]
11. Wasatch Front (From Scars) [add]
12. Alpha-Omega (From Scars) [add]
13. Haunted Melody (From Heart of the Son) [add]
14. All Is Well (From Scars) [add]
15. Still Small Voice (From Lazarus 2005) [add]
16. Lost for Words (From Heart of Son) [add]
17. Aces and Eights (From Scars) [add]
18. Ghost Train (From Heart of Son) [add]
19. Hidden Meanings (From Scars) [add]
20. Dance in the Sky (From Scars) [add]
21. Harmonic Prophecy (From Scars) [add]
22. Secrets (From Scars) [add]
23. Expendable Keepsakes (From Heart of Son) [add]
24. Dust and Scratches (From Heart of Son) [add]
25. Wasatch Front (With Orchestration) Previosly Unreleased [add]
26. All Is Well (With Orchestration) Unreleased [add]
27. Cayman por La Noche' (From Scars) [add]
28. Autobiography of No One (From Heart of Son) [add]
29. Bron'y'aur (From Heart of Son) [add]
30. Southern Dreams (From Scars) [add]
31. Josetta' (Previously Unreleased) [add]
32. Losfer Wurds (From Live in PC) [add]
33. All Is Well -Live with Orchestra (Previously Unreleased) [add]
34. Wasatch Front-Live with Orchestra(unreleased) [add]

Harmony and Chaos (2006) 01. Intro [add]
02. Harmony in Chaos [add]
03. 2059 A.D. [add]
04. Outer Darkness [add]
05. Exit [add]

Emily (2007) 01. The Betrayel [add]
02. Bad Feeling [add]
03. One Night a Day [add]
04. Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight [add]
05. Stillborn [add]
06. Oh Father [add]
07. One Step Up [add]
08. Hurt [add]
09. Loved Like That [add]
10. If I Should Fall Behind [add]
11. Sweet Jesus [add]
12. River to the Sea [add]
13. Close Your Eyes [add]

Expiriments in Open Tunings (2007) 01. Anytime [add]
02. Drift [add]
03. Be [add]
04. Stained Glass Life [add]
05. Remember Again [add]
06. Castles Unseen [add]
07. Walking [add]
08. The Shadow People [add]
09. Ware Shoals [add]

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