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Matt Wates lyrics
Genre: Jazz
The Matt Wates Sextet (1998) 01. Boat Race [add]
02. Blues from the Royalty [add]
03. Waltz for Frankie [add]
04. Table for Two [add]
05. Serendipity [add]
06. Jerusalem [add]
07. Not Forgotten [add]
08. The Way You Look Tonight [add]

Smallbills Garage (1999) 01. African Dawn [add]
02. This Is All I Ask [add]
03. 606in' [add]
04. Smallbills Garage [add]
05. Chicxulub [add]
06. Scratchwood [add]
07. Surfin' the Net [add]
08. I'll Say That Again [add]
09. Hale-Bopp [add]
10. Ballad for Stan Getz [add]
11. Waiting for the Dudo [add]
12. I Could Be Wrong [add]
13. 20th Century [add]

Between the Lines (2002) 01. Funny, That [add]
02. Stargazer [add]
03. Be My Love [add]
04. Leap of Faith [add]
05. It Never Entered My Mind [add]
06. Dinner with Disraeli [add]
07. Lucky Socks [add]
08. Between the Lines [add]
09. Prime Mover [add]
10. Fool's Gold [add]
11. All Day Breakfast [add]

The Miller's Tale (2003) 01. Raindance [add]
02. The End of a Love Affair [add]
03. All or Nothing at All [add]
04. The Miller's Tale [add]
05. Getting There [add]
06. The Eleventh Man [add]
07. Storm Windows [add]
08. When We Grow Up [add]
09. Sea Breeze [add]
10. Until the Twelfth of Never [add]
11. Spring Tide [add]
12. We Kiss in a Shadow [add]
13. I'm in the Mood for Love [add]

Ghost Dance (2005) 01. So I'm Told [add]
02. Ghost Dance [add]
03. Girl Friday [add]
04. A Time for Love [add]
05. Children's Games [add]
06. You Taught My Heart to Sing [add]
07. Dear Green Place [add]
08. Prelude [add]
09. What Goes Around [add]
10. Moving On [add]
11. Para La Nina [add]
12. The Folks Who Live on the Hill [add]

Plum Lane (2006) 01. Guy's Song [add]
02. The Seer [add]
03. Santini Time [add]
04. For All That Will Be, Yes [add]
05. Blues for Hammurabi [add]
06. Stockholm Syndrome [add]
07. Talk the Talk [add]
08. View from the Bridge [add]
09. Little Lightning [add]
10. Finding Rockpools [add]
11. The Peacocks [add]
12. Plum Lane [add]
13. Bling Bling [add]

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