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Dawud Wharnsby lyrics
Genre: Folk
Blue Walls and the Big Sky (1995) 01. White Moon [add]
02. Move to See (Prayer of a Derelict) [add]
03. Black Glass [add]
04. Window Song [add]
05. The Old Fool [add]
06. Assess Your Life [add]
07. Rex the Dog [add]
08. All These Pictures [add]
09. Upon My Shelf [add]
10. Education and the Working Man [add]
11. Blind Faith [add]
12. Wood and Nails [add]
13. Antisocialsong [add]
14. The Sweetest Afternoon [add]
15. Flying [add]
16. The Last Tea Song (Truth and the Silent Voice) [add]
17. Stuffed Animals Behind My Bed [add]
18. History and Handshake Kisses [add]

Vacuous Waxing (2005) 01. Dip in the Shallow End [add]
02. Everyday [add]
03. Midnight [add]
04. Argus Array [add]
05. Follow [add]
06. You Are the Only One [add]
07. Block [add]
08. The Poets [add]
09. Vacuous Waxing [add]
10. Love Strong [add]

A Different Drum (2005) 01. Kaartjes A.U.B. (Tickets, If You Please) [add]
02. Rhythm of Surrender [add]
03. Love Strong [add]
04. From Here to There (The Journey) [add]
05. The Letter [add]
06. Let Me Be [add]
07. The Veil lyrics
08. KW Shuffle [add]
09. Sing, Children of the World! lyrics
10. Prophet for Profit [add]
11. Dansez, Les Enfants du Monde! [add]

The Poets & The Prophet (2006) 01. You Are the Only One [add]
02. Everyday [add]
03. The Prophet [add]
04. Love Strong [add]
05. Midnight [add]
06. Block [add]
07. The Poets [add]
08. Vacuous Waxing [add]
09. Prophet for Profit [add]
10. Follow [add]

A Whisper of Peace (2006) 01. The Opening/Bismillah [add]
02. Azan/Qad Qamatis Salah [add]
03. Takbir (Days of Eid) [add]
04. A Whisper of Peace [add]
05. Al Khaliq [add]
06. Here We Come [add]
07. Animals Love Qur'an [add]
08. The Prophet [add]

Colours of Islam (2006) 01. Sing, Children of the World! lyrics
02. The Story of Ibrahim [add]
03. Alhamdulillah lyrics
04. Wings Against My Window [add]
05. We've Scanned the Sky (The Ramadan Song) [add]
06. Little Bird [add]
07. Allah Ta'la [add]
08. Colours of Islam [add]

Light Upon Light (2006) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Light Upon Light lyrics
03. Save the Babies [add]
04. False Freedom [add]
05. When the Leaves Begin 2 Fall [add]
06. Out of Sight, Out of Mind lyrics
07. Ya Allah [add]
08. Doomsday [add]
09. Realize [add]
10. Ya Ummati (Oh, My People) [add]
11. Light Upon Light (Reprise) [add]

Road to Madinah (2006) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Full of Humility [add]
03. The Beautiful Story [add]
04. Life Returns [add]
05. Theeverythingsong [add]
06. Madinah Tun Nabi [add]
07. The Veil lyrics
08. What Did I Do Today? [add]
09. Lullaby (Du'a Before Sleep) [add]
10. About Sound Vision [add]

Sunshine, Dust and the Messenger (2006) 01. Sound Vision Introduction [add]
02. Alternation of Night and Day [add]
03. Introduction: Can You Hear the Rhythm [add]
04. Rhythm of Surrender [add]
05. Sending Peace Upon the Messenger [add]
06. Sunshine, Dust and the Messenger [add]
07. Charity [add]
08. Give a Little [add]
09. The Messenger and Children [add]
10. The Blue Sky Is Blue (Like Blue Bubblegum) [add]
11. Duty to Parents [add]
12. Wisdom and Tea [add]
13. The Piling Up [add]
14. Why Are the Drums So Silent? [add]
15. About Sound Vision [add]

The Prophet's Hands (2006) 01. Introduction [add]
02. The People of the Boxes [add]
03. Afraid to Read [add]
04. The Crazy Spots I've Prayed [add]
05. Silent Sunlight [add]
06. Remember Allah [add]
07. Whisper of Peace (Reprise) [add]
08. Don't Talk About Muhammad [add]
09. The Prophet's Hands (With Yusuf Islam & Zain Bhikha) [add]
10. Conclusion [add]
11. About Sound Vision [add]

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