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Warcloud lyrics
Genre: Rap
Nightmares That Surface from a Shallow Sleep (2006) 01. America lyrics
02. Island of Dr. Warcloud [add]
03. Ghost Pirates: Old Los Angeles [add]
04. Strawberry Cream Champaigne [add]
05. Something Is Going to Make Me Smack This Bitch [add]
06. The Beer Song [add]
07. Old Toy Room/A Pie in the Window [add]
08. Vicious Killer Beez [add]
09. The Renaissance [add]
10. In the Hall of the Warrior King [add]
11. Channel Warcloud [add]
12. Mad Axes lyrics
13. Mics, Turntables, Spray Cans & Records [add]
14. Falling Hammer [add]
15. Fever Dream [add]
16. Stay Wit' It [add]

Smugglin’ Booze in the Graveyard (2006) 01. Intro/Dark City Choozer: Grave Roller Coaster Tycoon [add]
02. Smuggling Booze in the Graveyard [add]
03. Trap Door [add]
04. Castle Freak of Bone Romania [add]
05. The Mighty King of Swords [add]
06. The Last Hovering Castle [add]
07. Battleship Starship Warcloud Shakespear Cliff [add]
08. 9 Days of Wine & Roses [add]
09. Shuffle Heavy Gun-Powder-Keg [add]
10. Lost Soldier of Wu-Tang [add]
11. Raw Head Spear [add]
12. Vampire Kung-Fu [add]
13. Sleepwalker Drive-In Theatre [add]
14. Mojo-Oodoov: The Dead Man & His Stepson [add]
15. On the High Side of the Sky [add]
16. Angry Men from the Graveyard [add]
17. Weapon Factory Outro: Gun-Low-Stance [add]
18. Bloodline [add]

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