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The Brian Jonestown Massacre lyrics
Genre: Rock
Methodrone (1995) 01. Evergreen [add]
02. Wisdom [add]
03. Crushed [add]
04. That Girl Suicide [add]
05. Wasted [add]
06. Everyone Says [add]
07. Short Wave [add]
08. She Made Me [add]
09. Hyperventilation [add]
10. Records [add]
11. I Love You [add]
12. End of the Day [add]
13. Outback [add]
14. She's Gone [add]

Take It from the Man! (1996) 01. Vacuum Boots [add]
02. Who? [add]
03. Oh Lord [add]
04. Caress [add]
05. (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six [add]
06. Straight up and Down [add]
07. Monster [add]
08. Take It from the Man [add]
09. B.S.A. [add]
10. Mary Please [add]
11. Monkey Puzzle [add]
12. Fucker [add]
13. Dawn [add]
14. Cabin Fever [add]
15. In My Life [add]
16. The Be Song [add]
17. My Man Syd [add]
18. Straight up and Down [add]

Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request (1996) 01. All Around You (Intro) [add]
02. Cold to the Touch [add]
03. Donovan Said [add]
04. In India You [add]
05. No Come Down [add]
06. (Around You) Everywhere [add]
07. Jesus [add]
08. Before You [add]
09. Miss June '75 [add]
10. Anenome [add]
11. Baby [Prepraise] [add]
12. Feelers [add]
13. Bad Baby [add]
14. Cause, I Lover [add]
15. (Baby) Love of My Life [add]
16. Slowdown (Fuck Tomorrow) [add]
17. Here It Comes [add]
18. All Around You (Outro) [add]

Thank God for Mental Illness (1996) 01. Spanish Bee [add]
02. It Girl [add]
03. 13 [add]
04. Ballad of Jim Jones [add]
05. Those Memories [add]
06. Stars [add]
07. Free and Easy, Take 2 [add]
08. Down [add]
09. 'Cause I Love Her [add]
10. Too Crazy to Care [add]
11. Talk-Action=Shit [add]
12. True Love [add]
13. Sound of Confusion [add]

Give It Back (1997) 01. Super-Sonic [add]
02. This Is Why You Love Me [add]
03. Satellite [add]
04. Malela [add]
05. Salaam [add]
06. Whoever You Are [add]
07. Sue [add]
08. (You Better Love Me) Before I Am Gone [add]
09. Not If You Were the Last Dandy on Earth [add]
10. #1 Hit Jam [add]
11. Servo [add]
12. The Devil May Care (Mom & Dad Don't) [add]
13. Their Satanic Second Request [add]

Strung Out in Heaven (1998) 01. Going to Hell [add]
02. Let's Pretend It's Summer [add]
03. Wasting Away [add]
04. Jennifer [add]
05. Got My Eye on You [add]
06. Nothing to Lose [add]
07. Love [add]
08. Maybe Tomorrow [add]
09. Spun [add]
10. I've Been Waiting [add]
11. Dawn [add]
12. Lantern [add]
13. Wisdom [add]

Bravery Repetition and Noise (2001) 01. Just for Today [add]
02. Telegram [add]
03. Stolen [add]
04. Open Heart Surgery [add]
05. Nevertheless [add]
06. Sailor [add]
07. You Have Been Disconnected [add]
08. Leave Nothing for Sancho [add]
09. Let Me Stand Next to Your Flower [add]
10. If I Love You? [add]
11. (I Love You) Always [add]
12. If I Love You? [New European Gold Standard Secret Babylonian Broth] [add]

And This Is Our Music (2003) 01. The Wrong Way [add]
02. Introesque [add]
03. Starcleaner [add]
04. Here to Go [add]
05. When Jokers Attack [add]
06. Prozac vs. Heroin [add]
07. Geezers [add]
08. Maryanne [add]
09. You Look Great When I'm Fucked Up [add]
10. Here It Comes [add]
11. What Did You Say? [add]
12. Prozac vs. Heroin Revisited [add]
13. A New Low in Getting High [add]
14. Somethings Go Without Saying [add]
15. Tschusse [add]
16. The Pregnancy Test [add]
17. The Right Way [add]

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