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Dead Cat Bounce lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Lucky by Association (1998) 01. Pendulum Sketch [add]
02. Friar Tuck's Railroad Adventure [add]
03. Mentes Flexiveis [add]
04. Elegy (For Jeff Bubb) [add]
05. Ictus, Blues-Us [add]
06. The Null Set [add]
07. Goodbye Porkpie Hat [add]
08. Hot Peas & Butter [add]

Legends of the Nar (2001) 01. Groovseiwhatsie? [add]
02. Dead Cat Catillion [add]
03. Minnie's Lonesome [add]
04. Meltwater [add]
05. Gone Awry [add]
06. Ilha das Gaivotas [add]
07. Little Overture [add]
08. Romulus and Remus [add]
09. Adzes on the Atolls [add]
10. Disappearing [add]
11. B?lafrican [add]

Home Speaks to the Wandering (2004) 01. Hiram Hinckler's Shrunken Heads [add]
02. Sos Ankara [add]
03. Hepcat Revival [add]
04. Myopia Hunt Club [add]
05. Hear My Flow [add]
06. Cats: Is It Fish or Finite [add]
07. Dis You, Dear [add]
08. Angelic & Podlike [add]
09. I Once Was Vaccinated With a Phonograph Needle [add]
10. Department of Homeland Strategery [add]

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