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Black Sun Ensemble lyrics
Genre: Rock
Lambent Flame (1989) 01. Celestial Cornerstone [add]
02. Dada Is Gaga [add]
03. Sunset on the Sphinx [add]
04. Three Picks in a Bottle [add]
05. Leviathan Song [add]
06. Lilith [add]
07. The Burning Lamp [add]
08. Beneath the Sapphire Sky [add]
09. Blues for Rainer [add]

Tragic Magic (1990) 01. Celestial Cornerstone [live] [add]
02. Leviathon Song [live] [add]
03. Lillith [live] [add]
04. Da Da Is Ga Ga [live] [add]
05. Dangerous Pussy (Live] [add]
06. Arabian Nights [add]
07. Sands of Time [add]
08. Black Water Song [add]
09. Mayan Dance [add]
10. Emerald Eye [add]
11. Spanish Rain [add]
12. She's a Rainbow [add]

Elemental Forces (1991) 01. Remover [add]
02. Leviathan Song [add]
03. Mezcal Morning [add]
04. Cherokee Mist [add]
05. Colloquy [add]
06. Running from the Sun [add]
07. Riders of Rohan [add]
08. Sagrado Guzano [add]
09. Shifting Sands [add]
10. Zexyz [add]
11. Remnants of Ice [add]
12. Age [add]
13. Clouds Without Water [add]

Sky Pilot (2000) 01. Sky Pilot Suite/Dove of the Desert/Clear Yellow Days/Dada Is ... [add]
02. Staying Power [add]
03. Moby Worm [add]
04. Dove of the Desert [add]
05. Dangerous Pussy [add]
06. Cherokee Mist [add]
07. 667 [add]
08. Children Look Like Burnt Paper [add]
09. Blues for Rainer in C Minor [add]
10. It's Not the End of the World [add]
11. Baby Serpentine Love Sea [add]
12. Lord of the Fleus [add]
13. The Hanger [add]
14. Whirlpool Ocean [add]

Black Sun Ensemble (2001) 01. Ruby Eyes of China [Acoustic Folk Song] [add]
02. Heart of the Sky [A Christmas Song] [add]
03. A Chunk of Mandolin Love [A Mother's Day Song] [add]
04. Blue Thunder [Improvisation in the Key of A] [add]
05. Dove of the Desert [Blues in B Minor] [add]
06. Ice Breaker [Fuzztone Guitar] [add]
07. Golden Rays [Improvisation in C Scale] [add]
08. Emerald Eye [Acoustic Folk Song] [add]
09. Mandolin Winds [Chord Progressions With John on Hand Drums] [add]
10. Mayan Dance [Acoustic Guitar Solo] [add]
11. Emerald Eye 2 [Wacko Guitar Solo] [add]
12. Bleeding Heart [Blues for Hendrix] [add]

Hymn of the Master (2002) 01. Hymn of the Master [add]
02. Bloody Mary [add]
03. 669 [add]
04. Captain Wormwood [add]
05. Celestial Cornerstone [add]
06. The Beast [add]
07. Whirlpool Ocean [add]
08. 999 [add]
09. Love in the Heart of the Joyful [add]
10. Lamp Lady Vision [add]
11. Song for Precious [add]

Starlight (2003) 01. Jewel of the Seven Sars [add]
02. Loki's Monstrous Brood [add]
03. I Am I Was [add]
04. Arabic Satori [add]
05. Angel of Light [add]
06. The Lycian [add]
07. Tralaine [add]
08. Mascara Moon [add]
09. Sun Beam Angel [add]
10. Remedios Rising [add]
11. Starlight [add]

Bolt of Apollo (2006) 01. The Shining One [add]
02. Heart of the Master [add]
03. Parfedia's Nest [add]
04. The Mercurial Incense of Melquiades [add]
05. Scarlet Woman [add]
06. Long Days Journey into Tonight [add]
07. King of the Locust [add]
08. Baphomet's Curse [add]
09. Audio Valencia [add]
10. St. Cecilia [add]

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