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Simon Fisher-Turner lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Live Blue Roma (The Archeology of Sound) (1995) 01. Chapter I: The Blue Mood [live] [add]
02. Chapter II: Open Your Eyes [live] [add]
03. Chapter III: The Further One Goes [live] [add]
04. Chapter IV: Mind How You Go [live] [add]
05. Chapter V: Black Floaters [live] [add]
06. Chapter VI: Charity [live] [add]
07. Chapter VII: Youths of the Sun [live] [add]
08. Chapter VIII: Pure Blue [live] [add]
09. Chapter IX: Interference [live] [add]
10. Chapter X: Flares and Dyes [live] [add]
11. Chapter XI: Kiss Me Again [live] [add]
12. Chapter XII: The Indigo Shores [live] [add]
13. Chapter XIII: Pearl Fishers [live] [add]

Nadja (1996) 01. The Dead Travel Fast [add]
02. Allergy to Sunlight [add]
03. No Comfort in the Bloody Shadows [add]
04. Isle of Spices [add]
05. Pixsmiles [add]
06. Stake in the Heart [add]
07. Lunch at Great Rissington [add]
08. Love, Death, Avoid It [add]
09. Orchestrated Gravel [add]

Loaded (1997) 01. Loaded [add]
02. I Quite Like to Dream [add]
03. Deep Water [add]
04. A Thin Thread [add]
05. It's in You [add]
06. The Scent of Rain Is in the Air [add]
07. Rhythmic Shudders [add]
08. Deux Filles [add]
09. In a Space [add]
10. Late Night Shopping [add]
11. A Twist of Fate [add]
12. Life's Little Surprises [add]

Shwarma (1997) 01. Jazz [add]
02. Classical Piano [add]
03. Young & Beautiful [add]
04. Lower [add]
05. Cut [add]
06. BM [add]
07. Dica/Whoa [add]
08. Low [add]
09. New Song [add]
10. Drum [add]
11. Sequel [add]
12. Gong/Echo [add]
13. Last Sky [add]
14. Ski [add]
15. Strung Out [add]
16. Endbang [add]

Revox (1998) 01. Scott [add]
02. I Just Woke Up Man, Is It Early? [add]
03. Miaw [add]
04. Blackouts [add]
05. Sappora Sky [add]
06. Popsong 93 [add]
07. Fall [add]
08. The Boxer [add]
09. Lunch at Great Rissington [add]
10. Recover [add]
11. Where Are We Going [add]
12. Iona [add]
13. Stuck Inside Lady [add]
14. Mr. Davidsons Tube [add]
15. Moist [add]

Still Moving Light (1999) 01. Still [add]
02. Peeling Away [add]
03. Fragment 21. [add]
04. 2 White [add]
05. Displace [add]
06. Swallow Line [add]
07. The Harder You Look, the More You See [add]
08. Recover [add]
09. Change of Speed [add]
10. Pathway of the Spine [add]

Travelcard (2000) 01. Hole Entry [add]
02. Phote [add]
03. Slope [add]
04. Twice Two [add]
05. Guitar Pule [add]
06. Filter [add]
07. Sleeper Drought [add]
08. Close [add]

Caravaggio 1610 [Original Soundtrack] (2005) 01. The Original Sound Sketches: The Hills of Abruzzi [add]
02. The Original Sound Sketches: The Dog Star [add]
03. The Original Sound Sketches: All Paths Lead to Rome [add]
04. The Original Sound Sketches: Fantasia. Childhood Memories [add]
05. The Original Sound Sketches: How Blue Sky Was [add]
06. The Original Sound Sketches: Light and Dark [add]
07. The Original Sound Sketches: Umber Wastes [add]
08. The Original Sound Sketches: Cafe of the Moors [add]
09. The Original Sound Sketches: Timeout and Mind [add]
10. The Original Sound Sketches: In the Still of the Night [add]
11. The Original Sound Sketches: Michele of the Shadows [add]
12. The Original Sound Sketches: The Waters of Forgetfulness [add]
13. The Original Sound Sketches: Running Running [add]
14. Toccatas, Book 2/Toccata [add]
15. The Original Sound Sketches: The Hourglass [add]
16. The Original Sound Sketches: I Love You More Than My Eyes [add]
17. The Easter Week Versions 05: The Abruzzi Humdrum [add]
18. The Easter Week Versions 05: Penniless in Pescara [add]
19. The Easter Week Versions 05: The Crosetto Flames [add]
20. The Easter Week Versions 05: Pagnaico Cardsharp Paradise [add]

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