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William Coulter lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Orison: Celtic & Contem (1988) 01. Arran Boat Song [add]
02. Pierre on the Mountain Playing the Hurdy Gurdy [add]
03. Morning Rain [add]
04. Dance of the Spirits of Water/Golden Goose [add]
05. Pastorale [add]
06. Water Kilpie/Maids of Mitchelston [add]
07. Butterfly [add]
08. Morgan Megan [add]
09. Bob's Room [add]

Simple Gifts (1990) 01. Simple Gifts/Lovely Love [add]
02. Square Check Tune/When Cheer Fills the Hearts of My Friends [add]
03. O Lord Protect Thy Chosen Flock/My Carnal Life I Will Lay Down [add]
04. Back Manner Tunes [add]
05. And Now My Dear Companions [add]
06. My Robe Is New/Mother Ann's Song [add]
07. Father James's Song/Treasures of the Gospel/I Will Bow and Be Simple [add]
08. Mother Ann's Song [add]
09. Come Dance and Sing/Quick Dance [add]
10. The Saviour's Universal Prayer/And Again Heavenly Father [add]
11. Hop up and Jump up/Simple Gifts (Reprise) [add]

Tree of Life (1993) 01. I Will Walk Witrh My Children/Welcome Gospel Kindred [add]
02. The Rolling Deep/Faithful Soldiers Travel On [add]
03. Mother Has Come With Her Beautiful Song/Love Oh Love [add]
04. I Want Gather Down/The Earthquake [add]
05. Voyage to Canaan/Bow Down O Zion [add]
06. Living Souls/Good Believer's Life [add]
07. Tree of Life [add]
08. Holy Order Tune/How Beautiful O Zion/Shaker March [add]
09. The Humble Heart/I'm on My Way to Zion [add]
10. Pleasant Walk/F.M.'s March/Star of Purity [add]
11. Love Is Little [add]
12. Welcome Gospel Kindred/I Will Walk With My Children (Reprise) [add]

Celtic Crossing (1995) 01. Ein?n? [add]
02. The Ground Plan/La Rotta [add]
03. Rose in the Heather/Tom Billy's Jig [add]
04. Marble Halls [add]
05. Return to Fingal [add]
06. Lagan Love/The Lark in the Morning [add]
07. Si Bheag, Si Mhor [add]
08. The Lads of Laois [add]
09. Beidh Aonach Am?rach/The Connachtman's Rambles [add]
10. Ay Linda Amiga [add]
11. Banish Misfortune/The Kesh Jig [add]
12. Mo Ghile Mear [add]
13. O'Carolan's Farewell to Music [add]

Music on the Mountain (1996) 01. O Little Children/By Freedom Invited [add]
02. Shuffling Song [add]
03. A Cup of Rejoicing/Primitive Dance Tune [add]
04. Like Pretty Birds/Come Life, Shaker Life [add]
05. Music on the Mountains [add]
06. 'Parting Glass' March [add]
07. Canterbury Solemn Song [add]
08. The Burning Day [add]
09. Heavy Cross/Mount Lebanon Solemn Song [add]
10. South Union Marches [add]
11. The Savior's Watchword [add]
12. Good Evening, My Friends/Mount Lebanon March [add]
13. The Ancients Song of Mourning [add]
14. Step Tune/Who Will Bow and Bend Like the Willow [add]
15. O Little Children (Reprise) [add]

Celtic Sessions (1997) 01. Cit? Na Gcumman [add]
02. Sliabh Russel/Come West Along the Road [add]
03. Barn Dance [add]
04. donegal Reel/Maids of MT. Kisco/The Youngest Daughter [add]
05. B?, A ?osa, Im Chro?-Se [add]
06. Drops of Brandy [add]
07. Joe Banes/Green Gowned Lass [add]
08. March of the King of Laois [add]
09. Fig for a Kiss/Sergeant Cahill's Favorite [add]
10. Boithrin Bui (The Yellow Road) [add]
11. Brian O'Lynn/Star of Munster [add]
12. Seacht Nd?l?s Na Maighdine Muire (The Seven Sorrows of Mary) [add]
13. Corn Rigs Are Bonnie [add]
14. Heroes of Saint-Valery [add]
15. Belfast Lasses/Moving Cloud [add]
16. Caralan's Cap/Hugh O'Donnell [add]
17. The Grey Funnel Line [add]

Crooked Road (1999) 01. Craigieburn Wood [add]
02. Frieze Britches/Donnybrook Fair [add]
03. Mn? Na H?ireann [add]
04. The Crooked Road to Lisdoonvarna [add]
05. St?r Mo Chro? [add]
06. Farewell to Erin/Another Reel [add]
07. Elanor Plunkett [add]
08. Planxty Wilder [add]
09. Though I Live Not Where I Love [add]
10. St. Patrick's Day/Over the Moor to Maggie [add]
11. Dog Leap Stairs [add]
12. Kingdom Come [add]
13. The Parting Glass [add]

Song for Our Ancestors: Groovemasters, Vol. 4 (2002) 01. Drops of Brandy [add]
02. How Great Is the Pleasure [add]
03. Mui?eira de Chantada/Saint-Sa?ns [add]
04. An Daingean [add]
05. Song for Our Ancestors [add]
06. Herzlich Tut Mich Verlangen [add]
07. Frieze Britches [add]
08. Flow Gently Sweet Afton [add]
09. Loch Lavan Castle/Le Funque Trunk [add]
10. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) [add]
11. Tibetan Prayer Song [add]
12. Keanae, Hi [add]

The Road Home (2004) 01. Bill Malley's Barndance [add]
02. After the Gold Rush [add]
03. Rain into Snow [add]
04. Jerom's Farewell to Gibraltar/Washington's March [add]
05. Amazing Grace [add]
06. Shrivasta [add]
07. Place of God (Largo Do Ouro) [add]
08. Pastorale [add]
09. The Crested Hens (Les Poules Hupp?es) [add]
10. The Painter and the Magician [add]
11. The Kerry Fling [add]
12. The Anatolian Fault [add]
13. Brave and Fearless/An Dros [add]
14. The Road Home [add]

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