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Uri Kassyanik lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Portraits 1: Lead Mask of Genius (1993) 01. The Face of Archangel [add]
02. Portrait of Riga Girl, Of Drug [add]
03. Almost Romantic Profile [add]
04. Portrait of a Jewropean Father [add]
05. Portrait of an Unborn Soul [add]
06. Portrait of After Leap Year [add]
07. The Naked Model in Multi-Pose [add]
08. A Bust of Russian African Girl Full Face [add]
09. Portrait Clip of Ovulation [add]
10. Loving Portrait, Caricture of Jazz(ofrenic) [add]
11. A Small Figure of Little Nymph-Girl Netzke? [add]
12. A Goblin With Bared Hollywood Hero [add]
13. Portrait of Mood in C [add]
14. Portrait of Alive Death [add]
15. Lead Mask of Genius [add]
16. Self Portrait With March Background [add]

Portraits 2: Sinner's Virgin Soul (1993) 01. Winter Landscape in June [add]
02. Sinner's Virgin Soul [add]
03. S.P. Burg's Outline in the Window [add]
04. Portrait of Adagio [add]
05. Fresco of the Eighth Sphere [add]
06. September Self-Portait in Blue [add]
07. View of Volcano Ra-Ri-Lau at "X" O Clock [add]
08. Still-Life With Monday [add]
09. Hologram of a Luminous Voice [add]
10. The Amber-Coloured Shade of Inspiration [add]

Improphonies NN 68 (I, II), 28, 48 (1994) 01. 68 (1)/8.03.94 [add]
02. 68 (II)/8:03.94 [add]
03. 28/28.08.93 [add]
04. 48/21.12.93 [add]

Music of Tuesdays: One [live] (1994) 01. The Fifteenth Tuesday [add]
02. The Fifth Tuesday [add]
03. The Fifth Tuesday [add]

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