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Verne Langdon lyrics
Genre: Easy Listening
Forever in Time (2000) 01. Leitzel's Song [add]
02. Nights Like This [add]
03. Tears of Love [add]
04. Lest We Be Forget [add]
05. Closure [add]
06. Leitzel's Song (Reprise) [add]
07. Forever, In Time [add]
08. Once Upon a Very Special Time [add]
09. Leitzel & Cadona [add]
10. Leitzel's Song: Finis [add]

Key of Sea (2000) 01. Waves of Dawn [add]
02. Gulls' Flight [add]
03. Montecito Magic [add]
04. Moontides [add]
05. Brianna's Dance [add]
06. Monterey Bay [add]
07. India Calls [add]
08. Sunset Sea [add]

Candlelight (2001) 01. Candlelight [add]
02. By a Winding Stair [add]
03. Crystal Gazing [add]
04. Sandalwood [add]
05. Always You [add]
06. Remembering My Dreams [add]
07. The Farthest Star [Aubrey's Song] [add]
08. Setting Sail [add]
09. Requiem [add]
10. Gently in Love [add]
11. Forever's Bells [add]
12. Afternoons in Velvet Rooms [add]

Out of Love (2004) 01. 'Cause of You [add]
02. Forever and Forever [add]
03. Couple of the Year [add]
04. Black Gardenias [add]
05. Old Folks [add]
06. Out of Love [add]
07. Carnival of Souls [add]
08. Very Precious Time [add]
09. Of Mice and Men [add]
10. Bring Back Yesterday [add]
11. I Remember [add]
12. Out of My Heart [add]

Fairies in the Moonlight (2006) 01. Fairies in the Moonlight [add]
02. Fifi the Fairy [add]
03. Baby Bear Suite [add]
04. Dew Drops on Spider Webs [add]
05. Black Gardenias [add]
06. New Wee One [add]
07. Fairy Bree [add]
08. Little Lamb [add]
09. Nosies - Toesies [add]
10. The Fairy King [add]
11. Into the Woods [add]
12. Fairy Ring [add]
13. Mushroom Magic Garden [add]

Music for Magicians (2006) 01. Opening Fanfare [add]
02. Dante's Inferno [add]
03. Hypnotique [add]
04. Pandora's Music Box (Dream Theme) [add]
05. Dance of the Skeletons [add]
06. Thurston's Marvels [add]
07. Schwebethema for Princessin Irene [add]
08. Spirit Symphony [add]
09. Carnival of Souls [add]
10. Closing Fanfare [add]

Love Is All (2007) 01. Nights Like This [add]
02. To Sleep Perchance to Dream [add]
03. Love Is All [add]
04. Waiting Games [add]
05. Lovers & Other Strangers [add]
06. Kill the Rain [add]
07. Once Upon a Very Special Time [add]
08. Buried Treasure [add]
09. Carousel Dreams [add]
10. Just a Memory [add]

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