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Varathron lyrics
Genre: Rock
His Majesty in the Swamp (1993) 01. His Majesty at the Swamp lyrics
02. Son of the Moon (Act II) [add]
03. Unholy Funeral [add]
04. Lustful Father [add]
05. Nightly Kingdoms [add]
06. Flowers of My Youth [add]
07. The River of My Souls [add]
08. The Tressrising of Nyarlathothep (Act I) [add]

Black Arts Lead to Everylasting Sin (1994) 01. Lora of the Abyss [add]
02. The Feat of Ghouls [add]
03. Evil Prayers [add]
04. Lycanthropia [add]
05. De Magia Veterum [add]
06. The Cult of the Aragon [add]
07. The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep lyrics
08. La Reine Noir lyrics
09. Outro [add]
10. Aescent of a Prophetic Vision [add]
11. Genesis of Apocryphal Desires [add]

Genesis of Apocryphal Desire (1997) 01. Necranastasis lyrics
02. Dawn of Sordid Decay lyrics
03. The Great Seal of Graal [add]
04. La Reine Noir lyrics
05. Genesis of Apocryphal Desire lyrics
06. The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep lyrics
07. Seven Endless Horizones [add]
08. Journey Beyond [add]
09. The Mystic Papyrus [add]
10. Deep Beneath an Ancient Dominion lyrics

Crowsreign (2006) 01. Evil Gets an Upgrade [add]
02. There Is No God [add]
03. The Grim Palace [add]
04. Darkness Falling [add]
05. Creation of Satan [add]
06. The Sign of Eternal Curse [add]
07. A Vision of a Nameless Soul [add]
08. Emersing from the Immortals [add]
09. The King of Asine [add]
10. Spirit of the Tomb [add]
11. Angel of Revenge [add]

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