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Richard Rodney Bennett lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Equus (1977) 01. Main Title Theme/Monologue: Richard Burton/The Hospital [add]
02. The Beach/Monologue: Richard Burton/The Pictures [add]
03. Monologue: Richard Burton [add]
04. The Stables [add]
05. The Field of Ha Ha/Dialogue: Richard Burton and Peeter Firth/The Ride [add]
06. Monologue: Richard Burton [add]
07. The Stabbing [add]
08. Epilogue/Monologue: Richard Burton [add]

Yanks (1979) 01. Main Title "Yanks" [add]
02. Love Theme - Matt and Jean [add]
03. Elmer's Tune [add]
04. John and Helen [add]
05. Matt and Jean on the Moors [add]
06. Montage, New Year's Eve [add]
07. String of Pearls [add]
08. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) [add]
09. I'll Be Seeing You [add]
10. Auld Lang Syne [add]
11. John Phones Helen [add]
12. Canal - Matt and Jean [add]
13. Matt and Jean - Love Scene [add]
14. Two O'Clock Jump [add]
15. Matt and Jean Return - Goodbye! [add]
16. Jean on Truck to Station [add]
17. Finale [add]
18. Boys on Train See Girls [add]
19. I'll Be Seeing You [add]
20. End Title Roller [add]

Far from the Madding Crowd [Sony] (1985) 01. Far from the Madding Crown [add]
02. Fanny and Troy [add]
03. Bushes and Briars [add]
04. Bathsheba and Troy [add]
05. Boldwood [add]
06. Tinkers Song [add]
07. Overture and Storm [add]
08. Bathsheba [add]
09. I Sowed the Seeds of Love [add]
10. Fanny Robin [add]
11. Coffin [add]
12. Bold Grenadier [add]
13. Far from the Madding Crown [add]

I Never Went Away (1990) 01. I Never Went Away [add]
02. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square [add]
03. It's Only a Paper Moon [add]
04. Let's Take the Long Way Home [add]
05. These Foolish Things [add]
06. Home Thoughts from Abroad [add]
07. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To [add]
08. I Thought About You [add]
09. The Folks Who Live on the Hill [add]
10. Autumn in New York [add]
11. Do You Miss New York? [add]
12. Paris Is My Old Kentucky Home [add]
13. If You Were the Only Girl in the World [add]
14. Bye Bye Blackbird [add]
15. Waiting at the End of the Road [add]

My Keyboard Friends (1990) 01. Suite for Skip and Sadie: Introduction [add]
02. Suite for Skip and Sadie: Good Morning [add]
03. Suite for Skip and Sadie: Sadie's Waltz [add]
04. Suite for Skip and Sadie: Skip's Dance [add]
05. Suite for Skip and Sadie: Good Night [add]
06. Partiridge Pie: Introduction [add]
07. Partridge Pie: A Partiridge Inb a Pear Tree [add]
08. Partiridge Pie: Two Turtledoves [add]
09. Partiridge Pie: Tree French Hens [add]
10. Partiridge Pie: Four Calling Birds [add]
11. Partiridge Pie: Five Golden Rings [add]
12. Partiridge Pie: Six Geese A-Laying [add]
13. Partiridge Pie: Seven Swans A-Swimming [add]
14. Partiridge Pie: Eight Maids A-Milking [add]
15. Partiridge Pie: Nine Drummers Drumming [add]
16. Partiridge Pie: Ten Pipeers Piping [add]
17. Partiridge Pie: Eleven Ladies Dancing [add]
18. Partiridge Pie: Twelve Lords A-Leaping [add]
19. Seven Days a Week: Introduction [add]
20. Seven Days a Week: Monday [add]
21. Seven Days a Week: Tuesday [add]
22. Seven Days a Week: Wednesday [add]
23. Seven Days a Week: Thursday [add]
24. Seven Days a Week: Friday [add]
25. Seven Days a Week: Saturday [add]
26. Seven Days a Week: Sunday [add]
27. Week of Birthdays: Introduction [add]
28. Week of Birthdays: Monday's Child [add]
29. Week of Birthdays: Tuesday's Child [add]
30. Week of Birthdays: Wednesday's Child [add]
31. Week of Birthdays: Thursday's Child [add]
32. Week of Birthdays: Friday's Child [add]
33. Week of Birthdays: Saturday's Child [add]
34. Week of Birthdays: Sunday's Child [add]
35. Duets for Children: Introduction [add]
36. Duets for Children: The Music Lesson [add]
37. Duets for Children: The Three Legged Race [add]
38. Duets for Children: The Silent Lake [add]
39. Duets for Children: Pony Trap [add]
40. Duets for Children: Ghosts [add]
41. Duets for Children: Hop Scotch [add]
42. Duets for Children: Swing Boats [add]
43. Duets for Children: Song at Dusk [add]
44. Duets for Children: Puppet's Dance [add]
45. Duets for Children: Trumpet Tune [add]

Special Occasions: Richard Rodney Bennett Plays the Ballet Music of Cole Porter, Harold (1993) 01. Civil War Ballet [add]
02. Hero Ballet [add]
03. Within the Quota [add]
04. Ghost Town [add]

Harold Arlen Tunes (1994) 01. Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home [add]
02. It's Only a Paper Moon [add]
03. Moanin' in the Mornin'/Down With Love [add]
04. Promise Me Not to Love Me [add]
05. Fun to Be Fooled [add]
06. A Sleepin' Bee [add]
07. Come Rain or Come Shine [add]
08. In Your Own Quiet Way [add]
09. As Long as I Live [add]
10. When the Sun Comes Out [add]
11. It's a Woman's Prerogative [add]
12. Goose Never Be a Peacock [add]
13. Ain't It the Truth [add]
14. I Wonder What Became of Me [add]
15. Buds Won't Bud [add]
16. It Was Written in the Stars [add]
17. So Long, Big Time [add]
18. My Shining Hour [add]

Thriller Rag (2000) 01. Thriller Rag [add]
02. My Babe's a Long Way from Here [add]
03. Bogalusa Strut [add]
04. Over the Waves [add]
05. I Get the Blues When It Rains [add]
06. Dippermouth Blues [add]
07. Barefoot Boy [add]
08. My Memphis Baby [add]
09. Just a Closer Walk [add]
10. When I Leave the World Behind [add]
11. See See Rider [add]
12. Down Among the Sheltering Palms [add]
13. Panama Rag [add]

Murder on the Orient Express (2003) 01. Overture and Kidnapping [add]
02. Stamboul Ferry [add]
03. The Orient Express [add]
04. The Body/Remembering Daisy [add]
05. Entr'acte [add]
06. Princess Dragomiroff [add]
07. The Knife [add]
08. Prelude to Murder [add]
09. The Murder [add]
10. Finale [add]

Way Ahead of the Game (2003) 01. Whistling Away the Dark [add]
02. Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home [add]
03. Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks [add]
04. I'm Way Ahead of the Game [add]
05. Harlem Butterfly [add]
06. Laura [add]
07. I Wanna Be a Dancin' Man [add]
08. I Remember You [add]
09. Goody! Goody! [add]
10. Come Rain or Come Shine [add]
11. Skylark [add]
12. One for My Baby (And One More for the Road) [add]
13. Let's Take the Long Way Home [add]
14. I Wonder What Became of Me [add]

That Certain Feeling: Richard Rodney Bennett Plays Gershwin (2006) 01. Nobody Else But Me [add]
02. Up with the Lark [add]
03. The Folks Who Live on the Hill [add]
04. Little Jazz Bird [add]
05. Bess, Oh Where's My Bess? [add]
06. Someone to Watch Over Me [add]
07. A Sleepin' Bee [add]
08. I Had Myself a True Love [add]
09. My Romance [add]
10. Nobody's Heart [add]
11. I Didn't Know What Time It Was [add]
12. Wait Till You See Her [add]
13. Miss Otis Regrets [add]
14. What Is This Thing Called Love? [add]
15. After You [add]
16. No. 1 in B Flat [add]
17. No. 2 in C Sharp Minor [add]
18. No. 3 in E Flat Minor [add]
19. Promenade [add]
20. Merry Andrew [add]
21. Jasbo Brown Blues [add]
22. Impromptu in Two Keys [add]
23. Two Waltzes in C [add]
24. Three-Quarter Blues [add]
25. Rialto Ripples [add]
26. Swanee [add]
27. Nobody [add]
28. Do It Again [add]
29. I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise [add]
30. Fascinating Rhythm [add]
31. Oh, Lady Be Good! [add]
32. The Man I Love [add]
33. Somebody Love Me [add]
34. That Certain Feeling [add]
35. Sweet and Low-Down [add]
36. Clap Yo' Hands [add]
37. Do, Do, Do [add]
38. My One and Only [add]
39. 'S Wonderful [add]
40. Strike Up the Band [add]
41. Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away) [add]
42. Who Cares? [add]
43. I Got Rhythm [add]
44. Till the Clouds Roll By/Look for the Silver Lining [add]
45. Up the Lark [add]
46. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]
47. The Way You Look Tonight [add]
48. Don't Ever Leave Me [add]
49. I'm Old Fashioned [add]
50. All the Things You Are [add]

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