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Altan lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Altan (1987) 01. The Highlandman/The Cliffs of Glencolumbkille/Old Cuffe Street [add]
02. An Seanchailleach Gallda/Dermot Byrne's [add]
03. T? Mo Chleamhnas a Dh?anamh [add]
04. The Cat That Ate the Candle/Over the Water to Bessie [add]
05. Ceol A'phiobaire [add]
06. Tommy Peoples'/Loch Altan/Danny Meehan's [add]
07. Rogha an Ghabha/Charlie O'Donnell's [add]
08. The Sunset [add]
09. Thug M? R?ide [add]
10. Humours of Whiskey/The Fairy Jig/Humours of Whiskey [add]
11. Jimmy Lyons'/Leslie's Reel [add]
12. Cit? Na Cumann [add]
13. Con Cassidy's Highland/Neilly O'Boyle's/Highland and Reel [add]

Horse with a Heart (1989) 01. The Curlew/McDermott's/Three Scones of Boxty/Unnamed Reel [add]
02. The Lass of Glenshee [add]
03. Con Cassidy's & Neil Gow's Highlands/Moll and Tiarna/Mcsweeney's Reel [add]
04. The Road to Durham [add]
05. An T-Oilean Ur [add]
06. An Grianan/Horse With a Heart [add]
07. A Bhean Udal Thail [add]
08. Welcome Home Grainne/Con McGinley's [add]
09. Tuirse Mo Chroi [add]
10. Come Ye by Atholl/Kitty O'Connor [add]
11. An Feoch?n [add]
12. Paddy's Trip to Scotland/Dinky's/The Shetland Fiddler [add]

The Red Crow (1990) 01. Yellow Tinker/Lady Montgomery/The Merry Harriers [add]
02. Con Cassidy's/Dusty Millar [add]
03. The Flower of Magherally [add]
04. Brenda Stubbert's/Breen's/The Red Box [add]
05. Inis Dh?n R?mha [add]
06. Jimmy Lyon's/The Teelin/The Red Crow/The Broken Bridge [add]
07. Moll Dubh A'ghleanna [add]
08. The Wedding Jig/Hiuda? Gallagher's March/James Byrne's/Mickey Doherty's [add]
09. Mallai Chroch Shli [add]
10. Tommy Bhetty's Waltz [add]
11. The Emyvale/R?l Gan Ainm/The Three Merry Sisters of Fate [add]

Harvest Storm (1992) 01. Pretty Peg/New Ships a Sailing/The Bird's Nest/The Man From Bundoran [add]
02. D?nal Agus M?rag [add]
03. King of the Pipers [add]
04. S?amus O'Shanahan's/Walking in Liffey Street [add]
05. Mo Choill [add]
06. The Snowy Path [add]
07. Drowsy Maggie/Rakish Paddy/Harvest Storm [add]
08. S? Do Mhaimeo ? [add]
09. McFarley's/Mill Na M?id? [add]
10. The Rosses Highlands [add]
11. A Nobleman's Wedding [add]
12. Bog An Lochain/Margree Reel/The Humours of Westport [add]
13. Dobbin's Flowery Vale [add]

Island Angel (1993) 01. Tommy Peoples/The Windmill/Fintan McManus's [add]
02. Brid ?g N? Mh?ille [add]
03. Fernanagh Highland/Donegal Highland/John Doherty's King George IV [add]
04. An Mhaighdean Mhara [add]
05. Andy de Jarlis/Ingonish/Mrs. McGee [add]
06. Humours of Andytown/Kylebrack Rambler/The Gladstone [add]
07. D?lam?n [add]
08. Mazurka [add]
09. The Jug of Punch [add]
10. Glory Reel/The Heathery Cruach [add]
11. An Cailin Gaelach [add]
12. Drumnagarry/Pirrie Wirrie/Big John's [add]
13. Aingeal an Oileain/Island Angel [add]

Blackwater (1996) 01. Johnny Boyle's/King of the Pipers [add]
02. Dark Haired Lass/Biddy from Muckross/Sean Maguire's [add]
03. Stor a Stor a Ghra [add]
04. Strathspey/Con Mcginley's/The Newfoundland Reel [add]
05. I Am Awake [add]
06. An Gasur Mor/Bunker Hill/Dogs Among the Bushes [add]
07. Molly Na Gcuach Ni Chuillean?in [add]
08. Jenny Picking Cockles/Farewell to Leitrim/John Doherty's [add]
09. AR Bhruach Na Carbaige Baine [add]
10. The Dance of the Honey Bees [add]
11. Blackwaterside [add]
12. A Tune for Frankie [add]

Runaway Sunday (1997) 01. Suil Ghorm [add]
02. John Doherty's Reels [add]
03. Caide Sin Don T? Sin? [add]
04. Germans [add]
05. Clan Ranald/J.B.'s Reel/Paddy Mac's Reel/Kitty Sheain's [add]
06. I Wish My Love Was a Red Red Rose [add]
07. Mazurka [add]
08. Australian Waters [add]
09. A Moment in Time [add]
10. Ciaran's Capers [add]
11. Citi Ni Eadhra [add]
12. Cer's Denial [add]
13. Nntain Ghlas Ghaoth Dobhair [add]
14. Time Has Passed [add]

Another Sky (2000) 01. Beidh Aonach Am?rach (There's a Fair Tomorrow) [add]
02. Green Grow the Rashes, O [add]
03. The King of Meenasillagh/Lamey's/The High Fiddle Reel [add]
04. Island Girl [add]
05. Eoghainin O Ragadian [add]
06. Ten Thousand Miles [add]
07. Gusty's Frolicks/The Pretty Young Girls of Carrick/Con's Slip ... [add]
08. Girl from the North Country [add]
09. The Verdant Braces of Screen [add]
10. The Dispute at the Crossroads/Columba Ward's/Siuns Reel (Ciaran Tourish) [add]
11. Tiocfaidh an Samhradh (Summer Will Come) [add]
12. The Ookpik Waltz [add]
13. The Waves of Gola [add]

The Blue Idol (2002) 01. Daily Growing [Song] [add]
02. Uncle Rat [Song] [add]
03. Roaring Water [Jig] [add]
04. The Pretty Young Girl [Song] [add]
05. The Blue Idol/The Butchers March [add]
06. The Gatehouse Maid/The Ashplant/The Trip to Cullenstown [add]
07. Cuach Mo Lon Dubh Bu? [Song] [add]
08. Mother's Delight/Ormond Sound/Mike Hoban's Reel [add]
09. The Low Highland/Moneymusk/Duncan Davidson Highlands/The Wild Irishman ... [add]
10. The Sea-Apprentice Boy [Song] [add]
11. Sl?inte Theilinn (A Health to Teelin) [Air] [add]
12. An Cail?n Deas ?g [Song] [add]
13. Comb Your Hair and Curl It/Gweebarra Bridge [add]

Local Ground (2005) 01. ?irigh 's Cuir Ort Do Chuid ?adaigh (Arise Now and Dress Yourself) [add]
02. Tommy Peoples/The Road to Cashel/The Repeal of the Union/Richie's Reel [add]
03. Is the Big Man Within?/Tilly Finn's Reel [add]
04. Adieu, My Lovely Nancy [add]
05. B? Mh?n Na Toitean/Con McGinley's Highland/Seanamhach Tube Station [add]
06. Amhr?n Pheadair Bhreathnaigh [add]
07. The Roseville [add]
08. As I Roved Out [add]
09. Sport [add]
10. The Humours of Castlefin/Nia's Dance/An D?id?n [add]
11. The Wind and Rain [add]
12. The Silver Slipper [add]
13. D?n Do Sh?il (Close Your Eyes) [add]

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