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Jimmy Roselli lyrics
Genre: R&B
Core Spezzato (1962) 01. Core Spezzato [add]
02. I Te Vurria Vasa [add]
03. Famme Sunna [add]
04. Purtatele'sti Rrose [add]
05. Te Purtavo'na Rosa [add]
06. Senza Mamma Ennamurata [add]
07. Silenzio Cantatore [add]
08. 'e Rrose Parlano [add]

Core Napolitano (1964) 01. Core Napulitano [add]
02. Bella [add]
03. 'O Surdato 'Nnammurato [add]
04. Tre' Nnammurate [add]
05. Te Me Vaie [add]
06. Torna! [add]
07. Vierno [add]
08. I'te Voglio Bene Assaie [add]
09. Piscatore 'E Pusilleco [add]
10. Nun'a Penzo Proprio Cchiu (I Never Think of Her Anymore) [add]

More I See You (1964) 01. Day by Day [add]
02. I Fall in Love Too Easily [add]
03. I Can't Say the Words [add]
04. Rome Is a Song [add]
05. Let There Be Love [add]
06. You Stepped Out of a Dream [add]
07. Over the Rainbow [add]
08. All That Love Went to Waste [add]
09. Feelings [add]
10. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To [add]
11. Night and Day [add]
12. Say It Isn't So [add]
13. The More I See You [add]

Lullaby of Broadway (1965) 01. New York: My Port of Call [add]
02. Give My Regards to Broadway [add]
03. Chinatown, My Chinatown [add]
04. Lullaby of Broadway [add]
05. Manhattan [add]
06. How About You? [add]
07. The Brooklyn Bridge [add]
08. Violets for Your Furs [add]
09. Meet Me at Jilly's [add]
10. Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone) [add]
11. Autumn in New York [add]
12. The Sidewalks of New York : East Side, West Side [add]

Mala Femmena (1965) 01. Malafemmena lyrics
02. All the Time in the World [add]
03. I've Lost All My Love for You [add]
04. On a Slow Boat to China [add]
05. Passione [add]
06. The Sheik of Araby [add]
07. This Heart of Mine [add]
08. I Get the Blues When It Rains [add]
09. A Beggar in Love [add]
10. If Love Is Good to Me [add]
11. Statte Vicino Amme [add]
12. The Way You Look Tonight [add]

Let Me Sing and I'm Happy (1966) 01. Let Me Sing and I'm Happy [add]
02. Sonny Boy [add]
03. All by Myself [add]
04. Swanee [add]
05. Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye [add]
06. Back in Your Own Backyard [add]
07. April Showers [add]
08. Anniversary Song [add]
09. Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away) [add]
10. My Mammy [add]
11. Ma Blushin' Rosie (My Posie Sweet) [add]
12. After You've Gone [add]

The Christmas Album (1966) 01. Buon Natale [add]
02. The Christmas Song [add]
03. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town [add]
04. Silent Night [add]
05. Christmas [add]
06. Winter Wonderland [add]
07. White Christmas [add]
08. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]
09. I'll Be Home for Christmas [add]
10. The Night Before Christmas [add]

Saloon Songs, Vol. 2 (1967) 01. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone [add]
02. When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New [add]
03. Baby Face [add]
04. (The Lager Saga of) Al K. Hall [add]
05. Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue [add]
06. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling [add]
07. My Gal Sal [add]
08. Somebody Stole My Gal [add]
09. My Melancholy Baby [add]
10. Nobody's Sweetheart [add]
11. Maybe [add]
12. Yes Sir, That's My Baby [add]
13. Medley: Dear Old Girl [add]
14. I Don't Wanna Go Home [add]

Come into My Life (1974) 01. Mala Femmena [add]
02. Come into My Life [add]
03. Laugh It Off [add]
04. Right from the Heart [add]
05. Why Don't We Do This More Often? [add]
06. The Dancing Has Ended [add]
07. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head [add]
08. Broken Hearts Belong to Yesterday [add]
09. You Are Mine [add]
10. A Rage to Live [add]
11. Could This Be Me [add]
12. A Million Dreams Ago [add]

It's Been Swell (1975) 01. For You [add]
02. Everything Happens to Me [add]
03. Maybe It's Because [add]
04. My Ideal [add]
05. For All We Know [add]
06. My Funny Valentine [add]
07. That's the Beginning of the End [add]
08. There Will Never Be Another You [add]
09. It's Been Swell [add]
10. Night People [add]
11. You've Changed [add]
12. Try a Little Tenderness [add]

Sold Out (Carnegie Hall Concert) [live] (1976) 01. You Do Something to Me [add]
02. Medley: I Get a Kick Out of You/A Foggy Day [add]
03. Strangers in the Night [add]
04. Vesti la Giubba [add]
05. A Fool in Love [add]
06. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You [add]
07. I Only Have Eyes for You [add]
08. I'm Sitting on Top of the World [add]
09. Little Pal [add]

Saloon Songs, Vol. 1 (1981) 01. Carolina in the Morning [add]
02. Daddy, You've Been a Mother to Me [add]
03. Bye Bye Blues [add]
04. The Gang That Sang Heart of My Heart' [add]
05. Who's Sorry Now? [add]
06. Down by the Old Mill Stream [add]
07. I'm Sorry I Made You Cry [add]
08. Margie [add]
09. Daddy's Little Girl [add]
10. That Old Gang of Mine [add]
11. If I Had My Way [add]
12. The Ace in the Hole [add]
13. When I Lost You [add]
14. I Want a Girl (Just Like That Girl That Married Dear Old Dad) [add]

Daddy's Little Girl (1984) 01. Daddy's Little Girl [add]
02. You May Not Remember [add]
03. Little Pal [add]
04. Baby Face [add]
05. Don't Cry Little Girl, Don't Cry [add]
06. Sonny Boy [add]
07. My Melancholy Baby [add]
08. Yes Sir, That's My Baby [add]
09. Daddy, You've Been a Mother to Me [add]
10. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody [add]
11. Oh, You Million Dollar Doll [add]
12. The Lord's Prayer [add]

3 A.M. (1986) 01. Have a Good Time [add]
02. The Shadow of Your Smile [add]
03. It Might as Well Be Spring [add]
04. Imagination [add]
05. Fly Me to the Moon [add]
06. Lonely Is the Name [add]
07. Out in the Cold Again [add]
08. But Not for Me [add]
09. Love Letters [add]
10. Music, Maestro, Please! [add]
11. Let's Get Away from It All [add]
12. If I Had You [add]

Aggio Perduto O Suonno (1986) 01. I'te Voglio Bene Assaie [add]
02. Sultanto Pe' 'Na Vota [add]
03. Torna a Surriento [add]
04. Lusingame [add]
05. Che T'Aggia Di! [add]
06. Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell [add]
07. Tre' Nnammurate [add]
08. Bella [add]
09. 'e Rrose Parlano [add]
10. Aggio Perduto O'Suonna [add]

Italian Album (1988) 01. Tutta Pe' Mme! [add]
02. Innamorata [Sweetheart] [add]
03. Scapricciatiello [add]
04. Torna a Surriento [add]
05. Aggio Perduto'o Suonno [add]
06. Catena [add]
07. Lusingame [add]
08. 'Na Voce, 'Na Chitarra E'o Poco' E Luna [add]
09. Rusella 'E Maggio! [add]
10. 'O Paese d''o Sole [add]
11. Che T'Aggia Dl! [add]

Love & Naples (1989) 01. Malafemmena lyrics
02. Statte Vicino Amme [add]
03. Anema E Core [add]
04. Core Napulitano [add]
05. Famme Sunna (Parlani d'Amore Mariu) [add]
06. Aria 'E Pusilleco [add]
07. Pecche Si Femmena [add]
08. Simmo 'E Napule Paisa [add]
09. Bella [add]
10. Tre' Nnammurate [add]
11. Catena [add]
12. 'O Surdato 'Nnammurato [add]
13. Innamorata [Sweetheart] [add]
14. Scapricciatiello [add]
15. 'Na Voce, 'Na Chitarra E'o Poco 'E Luna [add]
16. Torna a Surriento [add]
17. Aggio Perduto O'Suonna [add]
18. Rusella 'E Maggio! [add]
19. Passione [add]
20. Lusingame [add]
21. Che T'Aggia Di! [add]

Notte Lucente (1989) 01. 'Nu Cuarto E Luna [add]
02. Dduje Paravise [add]
03. Tu Ca Nun Chiagne [add]
04. Comme Facette Mammeta? [add]
05. Santa Lucia Luntana [add]
06. 'a Serenata 'E Pulecenella [add]
07. Napule Ca Se Ne Va! [add]
08. Nun E' Peccato [add]
09. Notte Lucente [add]
10. Reginella [add]
11. Accarezzame [add]
12. Core 'Ngrato [add]

Saloon Songs, Vol. 3 (1989) 01. I'm Nobody's Baby [add]
02. Somebody Else It Taking My Place [add]
03. It's Only a Shanty in Old Shanty Town [add]
04. Makin' Whoopee [add]
05. When You Wore a Tulip (And I Wore a Big Red Rose) [add]
06. Come Back to Brooklyn [add]
07. Oh, You Million Dollar Doll [add]
08. It Had to Be You [add]
09. Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey [add]
10. A Hundred Years from Today [add]
11. Hello, Dolly! [add]
12. Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) [add]

They Used to Call Her Mary Now (1989) 01. They Used to Call Her Mary (Now They Call Her Ma) [add]
02. I Wish You Love [add]
03. I Lost All My Love for You [add]
04. It's Been a Long, Long Time [add]
05. Heartaches [add]
06. Sleepy Time Gal [add]
07. It Doesn't Hurt to Say You're Sorry [add]
08. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself a Letter) [add]
09. I'll Never Let You Cry Over Me [add]
10. East of the Sun [add]
11. It Takes But a Moment to Fall in Love [add]
12. I'm Gonna Change Everything [add]

Jimmy Roselli (1990) 01. Angelina [add]
02. Broken Hearts Belong to Yesterday [add]
03. You Made Me Love You [add]
04. I'm Coming Home, Los Angeles [add]
05. A Rage to Live [add]
06. Time After Time [add]
07. Addio Amor [add]
08. There's No Forgetting You [add]
09. Welcome to My World [add]
10. Who Can Say? [add]
11. Senza Mamma E Nnamurata [add]
12. Core Napulitano [add]
13. Famme Sunna (Parlami d'Amore, Mariu) [add]
14. 'Na Voce, 'Na Chitarra E'o Poco 'E Luna [add]
15. Core Spezzato [add]
16. I'te Vurria Vasa! [add]
17. Purtatele 'Sti Rrose [add]
18. 'O Surdato 'Nnammurato [add]
19. I'te Voglio Bene Assaie [add]
20. T Ne Vaie [add]

Love, Love, Love (1990) 01. Questions and Answers [add]
02. I Won't Cry Anymore [add]
03. Love Is Here to Stay [add]
04. This Is All I Ask [add]
05. What a Diff'rence a Day Made [add]
06. My Way [add]
07. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? [add]
08. For Once in My Life [add]
09. Roses in the Rain [add]
10. Why Did You Leave Me? [add]
11. It's Impossible [add]
12. Just a Gigolo [add]

Rock-A-Bye Your Baby (1990) 01. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody [add]
02. Somewhere Along the Way [add]
03. Little Pal [add]
04. Ida [add]
05. Cry [add]
06. Because You're Mine [add]
07. I Surrender, Dear [add]
08. You Make Me Feel So Young [add]
09. My Mother's Eyes [add]
10. I Apologize [add]
11. Sweet Lorraine [add]
12. That's My Desire [add]
13. Prisoner of Love [add]

Sweet Sounds of Success (1990) 01. My Heart Cries for You [add]
02. You'll Never Know [add]
03. You Always Hurt the One You Love [add]
04. Maybe You'll Be There [add]
05. There! I've Said It Again [add]
06. I Can't Begin to Tell You [add]
07. Only You [add]
08. Autumn Leaves [add]
09. Mam'selle [add]
10. Why Don't You Believe Me? [add]

There Must Be a Way (1990) 01. There Must Be a Way [add]
02. There Goes My Everything [add]
03. Oh! What It Seemed to Be [add]
04. You Wanted Someone to Play With (I Wanted Someone to Love) [add]
05. Get Out of My Heart [add]
06. All the Time [add]
07. I Don't Want to Walk Without You [add]
08. Chapel in the Moonlight [add]
09. Walkin' My Baby Back Home [add]
10. Moments to Remember [add]

What Is a Song (1991) 01. What Is a Song [add]
02. Careless [add]
03. My Heart Tells Me [add]
04. I Guess I Expected Too Much [add]
05. How Did She Look? [add]
06. Mean to Me [add]
07. Smile, Smiles [medley] [add]
08. Trust in Me [add]
09. Solitude [add]
10. Here's That Rainy Day [add]
11. Breaking My Heart to Keep Away from You [add]
12. That Old Feeling [add]

When Your Old Wedding Ring Was (1993) 01. When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New [add]
02. There Goes My Heart [add]
03. Always [add]
04. Ain't She Sweet [add]
05. You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby/Oh You Beautiful Doll Medley [add]
06. By the Light of the Silvery Moon [add]
07. A Little Bit of Heaven [add]
08. Pal of My Cradle Days [add]
09. Baby Your Mother (Like She Babied You) [add]
10. Cuddle up a Little Closer [add]
11. Am I Blue [add]
12. The Greatest Mistake of My Life [add]

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