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The Tannahill Weavers lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Tannahill Weavers (1979) 01. Geese in the Bog/The Jig of Slurs [add]
02. Jock Stewart [add]
03. Tae the Weaver's Gin Ye Gang/The Blackberry Bush [add]
04. Farewell to Flunary/Heather Island [add]
05. Willie Cummings/The Red Speckled Hen/Dalena Mckay [add]
06. Merchant's Son/Dr. Ross's 50th Welcome the Argyllshire Gathering [add]
07. Ned of the Hill (Or Captain Carswell) /The Yewe Wi' the Crooked Horn/ [add]
08. The Gypsy Laddie [add]
09. Lady Mary Anne [add]

Tannahill Weavers 4 (1982) 01. Johnnie Cope/The Athol Highlanders [add]
02. Trooper and the Maid/The Sound of Sleat [add]
03. I Once Loved a Lass [add]
04. Paddy O'Rafferty/Sandy Duff [add]
05. Auld Lang Syne [add]
06. Captain Carswell/Susan Macleod/The Cabar Feidh [add]
07. Gaberlunzieman/Mrs. Macleod of Rassay [add]
08. The Terror Time [add]
09. The Birkin Tree lyrics
10. Lieutenant Maguire/Donald Maclean [add]

Passage (1984) 01. Roddie MacDonald's Favourite [add]
02. Jamie Raeburn's Farewell [add]
03. Harris and the Mare [add]
04. Duntroon/Trip to Alaska [add]
05. The Highland Laddie [add]
06. At the End of a Pointed Gun [add]
07. Lady Dysie [add]
08. The oach House Reel/Marie Christine/The Coach House Reel [add]
09. Phuktiphanno/John MacKenzie's Fancy [add]
10. Drink a Round [add]

Land of Light (1986) 01. Lucy Cassidy/The Bletherskate/The Smith of Chilliechassie [add]
02. The Scottish Settler's Lament [add]
03. Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban/Dunrobin Castle/The Wise Maid/Iain' [add]
04. The Rovin' Heilandman [add]
05. The Yellow-Haired Laddie/Dream Angus [add]
06. Land of Light [add]
07. The Queen Amang the Heather/Mairi Anne Macinnes [add]
08. Bustles and Bonnets [add]
09. The American Stranger [add]
10. Conon Bridge/Macbeth's Strathspey/Major David Manson/Mrs. Macpherson [add]

Dancing Feet (1987) 01. Turf Lodge/The Cape Breton Fiddlers' Welcome to the Shetland Isles [add]
02. Tranent Muir [add]
03. Isabeaux S'Y Prom?ne/Banais M?iread [add]
04. Fisher Row/Newmarket House [add]
05. Wild Mountain Thyme [add]
06. Maggie Lauder [add]
07. The Smokey Lum/Maggie's Pancakes/Dancing Feet/The Mason's Apron [add]
08. Mary Morrison [add]
09. The Campbleton Kiltie Ball/The Back of the Moon/Kelsae Brig/Put Me in ... [add]
10. The Final Trawl [add]

Cullen Bay (1990) 01. The Standard on the Braes O'Mar/The Haughs O' Cromdale [add]
02. The Fiddler/The Fiddler's Jig/Jenny Dang the Weaver/The Reel of Tulloch [add]
03. Joy of My Heart [add]
04. Aikendrum [add]
05. Samuel the Weaver/The Panda/Thunderhead/The Cannongate ... [add]
06. Kintail [add]
07. A Night Visitor's Song [add]
08. Cullen Bay/S'Ionadh Riud a Chunnaic Mi/Alick C. MacGregor [add]
09. Braw Burn the Bridges [add]

Mermaid Song (1992) 01. Greenwood Side/Highland Laddie/Pattie [add]
02. Logie O' Buchan [add]
03. Elspeth Campbell/Kenny Gilles of Portnalong, Skye/Malcolm Johnstone/Th [add]
04. The Cuillins of Rhum [add]
05. The Mermaid's Song/The Herra Boys/Captain Horn/The Fourth Floor [add]
06. Are Ye Sleeping Maggie?/The Noose and the Ghillie [add]
07. A Bruxa/Unknown [add]
08. Come Under My Plaidie [add]
09. Welcome Royal Cherlie/Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle [add]
10. Flashmarket Close/Macarther/Colonel Fraser/The Swallow's Tale [add]
11. The Ass in the Graveyard [add]

Capernaum (1994) 01. The Blackbird Set: Blackley of Hillsdale/The Blackbird/The Hankie Dance [add]
02. Capernaum [add]
03. The Plooboy Laddies/John Murray of Lochee [add]
04. The Unicorn Set: The Unicorn/Trip to Pakistan/An Andro [add]
05. The Braes O' Balquhidder [add]
06. The Hieland Sodger [add]
07. The Carls O' Dysart [add]
08. The Log Splitter Set: Caradale Bay/The Log ... [add]
09. The Sound of Taransay [add]
10. The Brewer Laddie/Cathkin Braes [add]
11. The Bergen [add]
12. Gray Bob's Set: Gray Bob/Cutty's Wedding/Loch Carron/Gray Bob [add]
13. Captain Ward/The Streaker [add]
14. Hame [add]

Leaving St. Kilda (1996) 01. Good Drying Set [add]
02. Hieland Harry [add]
03. The Rigs o' Rye [add]
04. The Athol Gathering [add]
05. St. Kilda Set [add]
06. The Shearin's No for You [add]
07. The Three Healths [add]
08. Crann Tara Set [add]
09. The Wars o' Germany [add]
10. Islay Charms Set [add]
11. Last May a Braw Wooer [add]
12. Fareweel You Silver Darlin's [add]

Epona (1998) 01. Interceltic Set: Dominic McGowan/Neil Anns A' Bhata/Tha Toll Air ... [add]
02. When the Ky Come Hame/Munlochy Bridge [add]
03. Lord Drummond [add]
04. The Braes O'Glennifer [add]
05. The Great Ships [add]
06. Carronside Set: Carronside/Miss Grace Hays/Miss Sarah MacFayden [add]
07. Rich Man's Silver [add]
08. McGregor of Rora Set: McGregor of Rora/Port an ... [add]
09. Craigieburn Wood [add]
10. Loch Tayside Set: Superscot/Am Breamatain Tobhain Dubh/Charms of ... [add]
11. Westlin' Winds [add]
12. Robin Tamson's Smiddy/Highland Kitty [add]

Alchemy (2000) 01. Medley Title: Coradavon Lodge/ Thailer a Bhe Me Sherridh Is Feader ... [add]
02. It Was All for Our Rightful King [add]
03. Medley Title: One for the Road Set/ Bob Thompson/ One for the Road [add]
04. The Gallant Shearers [add]
05. The Breton Connection [add]
06. Ower the Moor Amang the Heather [add]
07. For Aye [add]
08. Title Medley: The Silver Whistle Set/ An Fhideag Airgid/ Johnstown ... [add]
09. Malley Leigh [add]
10. Hebridean Dream [add]
11. Helen of Kirkconnell/ Les Wilson's Welcome to Lewis [add]
12. Medley Title: The Wagtail Set/ Archibald Campbell of Kilberry/ The ... [add]

Arnish Light (2003) 01. The Arnish Light Set: The Arnish Light/Twisted Fingers/Fear ... [add]
02. Cam Ye by Athol [add]
03. Romy Therese/Tune for Mary [add]
04. The Ewie Wi' the Crookit Horn [add]
05. The Bell Rock Set: The Bell Rock/The Fittie Boatman/Bessie Brown [add]
06. Lassie Wi the Lintwhite Locks [add]
07. Ower the Hills and Faur Awa' [add]
08. Luskentyre Sands [add]
09. The Rose Amang the Thorn [add]
10. Glen Where the Deer Is: Cluny's Reel/Doctor of Coll's Reel/Lord ... [add]
11. Up in the Mornin's No' for Me [add]
12. Fair Gallowa' [add]

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