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New Bomb Turks lyrics
Genre: Rock
Destroy-Oh-Boy! (1993) 01. Born Toulouse-Lautrec [add]
02. Tail Crush [add]
03. Up for a Downslide [add]
04. Tattooed Apathetic Boys [add]
05. Dragstrip Riot [add]
06. We Give a Rat's Ass [add]
07. Runnin' on Go [add]
08. Lone Gone Sister [add]
09. Mr. Suit [add]
10. Let's Dress up the Naked Truth [add]
11. Hapless Attempt [add]
12. I Want My Baby...Dead? [add]
13. Sucker Punch [add]
14. I'm Weak [add]
15. Tryin' to Get By [add]
16. Cryin' into the Beer of a Drunk Man [add]

Information Highway Revisited (1994) 01. Id Slips In [add]
02. Bullish On [add]
03. If I Only Could [add]
04. Brother Orson Welles [add]
05. T.A.S. [add]
06. Fingernail Chomp [add]
07. Dented 'N' Spent [add]
08. Girl Can Help It [add]
09. (Gotta Gotta) Sinking Feeling [add]
10. Grandpa Atomic [add]
11. Never Will [add]
12. Apocalyptic Dipstick [add]
13. Lyin' on Our Backs [add]
14. I Got You Bitter End [add]
15. Straight-On Chaser [add]

Scared Straight (1996) 01. Hammerless Nail [add]
02. Bachelor's High [add]
03. Professional Againster [add]
04. Cultural Elite Sign-Up Sheet [add]
05. Jukebox Lean [add]
06. Jeers of a Clown [add]
07. Look Alive Jive [add]
08. Staring Down the Gift Horse [add]
09. Shoot the Offshoot [add]
10. Drop What You're Doin' [add]
11. Telephone Numbrrr [add]
12. Wrest Your Hands [add]

At Rope's End (1998) 01. Scapegoat Soup lyrics
02. Snap Decision [add]
03. Ally Smile [add]
04. So Long Silver Lining [add]
05. Veronica Lake [add]
06. Defiled [add]
07. Bolan's Crash [add]
08. Raw Law [add]
09. Minimum Wages of Sin [add]
10. At Rope's End [add]
11. (The Cure For) The Common Cold Shoulder [add]
12. Aspirin Aspirations [add]
13. Streamline Yr Skull [add]

Nightmare Scenario (2000) 01. Point A to Point Blank [add]
02. Automatic Teller [add]
03. End of the Great Credibility Race [add]
04. Too Much [add]
05. Killer's Kiss [add]
06. Continetal Cats [add]
07. Spanish Fly by Night [add]
08. The Roof [add]
09. Your Beaten Heart [add]
10. Turning Tricks [add]
11. Wine & Deprssion [add]
12. Quarter to Four [add]
13. Untitled [*] [add]

The Big Combo (2001) 01. Stick It Out [add]
02. Feel It [add]
03. (Still) Never Will [add]
04. Slung Jury [add]
05. Bachelor's High [add]
06. Professional Againster [add]
07. Jivin' Sister Fanny [add]
08. Streamline Yr Skull [add]
09. Job [add]
10. Veronica Lake [add]
11. Don't Kimosabe Me [add]
12. Fuck It [add]
13. So Long Silver Lining [live] [add]
14. Hammerless Nail [live] [add]
15. Tail Crush [live] [add]
16. Eyes of Satan [add]

The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still (2002) 01. The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still [add]
02. Statue of Liberty [add]
03. Pretty Lightning [add]
04. Hassle St. [add]
05. Grifted [add]
06. Rat Feelings [add]
07. Leaving Town [add]
08. Sick Sermon [add]
09. Don't Bug Me, I'm Nutty [add]
10. Constance Keane [add]
11. Like Ghosts [add]
12. Ditch [add]
13. The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still (Reprise) [add]

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