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Maire Ni Chathasaigh lyrics
Genre: Celtic
The Living Wood (0000) 01. Caitlin Ni Aedha/The Sport of the Chase [add]
02. Laddy Dillon [add]
03. Fiddler's Dream/Whiskey Before Breakfast [add]
04. Fare Thee Well Lovely Mary [add]
05. Walsh's Hornpipe/The Peacock's Feather [add]
06. The Flax in Bloom/Lough Allen/MC Auliffe's [add]
07. Beating Around the Bush [add]
08. An Paistin Fionn/La Valse d'Hasperren [add]
09. Charlie Hunter's/Peggy's Leg/Fogarty Jig [add]
10. Cuach Mo Londubh Bui/The Virginia [add]
11. Maired's Mazurka [add]
12. Bob McQuinlann's/Sonny Brogan's [add]
13. Moynihan's Polkas [add]

The New Strung Harp (1985) 01. Charles O' Conor/Father Hanly [add]
02. O Ho Nighean, E Ho Nighean [add]
03. Madam Maxwell [add]
04. The Pullet/The Volunteer [add]
05. An Speic Seoigheach [add]
06. The Humours of Ballyloughlin [add]
07. Hindero Horo [add]
08. The Bantry Girls' Lament [add]
09. The Gander in the Pratie Hole/The Queen of the Rushes [add]
10. Carolan's Farewell to Music [add]
11. The Fisherman's Hornpipe/The Cuckoo's Nest [add]
12. The Boys of Malin/The Old Oak Tree [add]
13. Planxty Sudley [add]

Out of Court (1991) 01. Out of Court [add]
02. The Harper's Chair/The Cherry Blossom [add]
03. Will You Meet Me Tonight on the Shore? [add]
04. Frieze Britches [add]
05. Lady Gethin [add]
06. A Sore Point [add]
07. The Graf Spey [add]
08. Tuirne Mhaire [add]
09. The Eclipse/The Hurricane [add]
10. The Old Bridge [add]
11. The Wild Geese [add]
12. The Lakes of Champlain [add]
13. Stroll On! [add]

Live in the Highlands (1996) 01. Turkey in the Straw [add]
02. The Gander in the Pratie Hole/Donnybrook Boy/Queen of the Rushes [add]
03. Thugamar Fein an Samhradh Linn (We Brought the Summer In) [add]
04. The Unknown/Wellington's Reel [add]
05. Eleanor Plunkett [add]
06. The Acrobat/Bonnie Banchory/Millbrae [add]
07. Roisin Dubh [add]
08. The Humours of Ballyloughlin [add]
09. A Shaighdiuirin a Chroi/The Blackbird (Dear Soldier Of My Heart) [add]
10. Salt Creek [add]
11. Taimse Im' Chodladh [add]
12. A Sore Point [add]
13. Stroll On! [add]

The Carolan Album (1997) 01. Carolan's Draught [add]
02. John O'Connor [add]
03. Colonel John Irwin [add]
04. Hewlett [add]
05. Maire Dhall [add]
06. Lord Inchiquin [add]
07. Morgan Magan [add]
08. S? Bheag's S? Mh?r [add]
09. The Princess Royal [add]
10. John Drury [add]
11. Fanny Power [add]
12. Carolan's Concerto [add]
13. Maurice O'Connor [add]
14. Constantine Maguire [add]
15. Mr. O'Connor [add]
16. Robert Jordan [add]
17. Bridget Cruise [add]
18. Frank Palmer [add]
19. Grace Nugent [add]
20. George Brabazon [add]
21. Kean O'Hara [add]
22. Madam Judge [add]
23. Eleanor Plunkett [add]
24. Baptist Johnston [add]

Fire Wire (2007) 01. Pheasant Feathers [add]
02. The Triplet Hornpipe [add]
03. Bright Falls the Air [add]
04. Pe in Eirinn I [Whoe'er She Be] [add]
05. John Potts' Jig/O'callaghan's Jig [add]
06. Molly St George [add]
07. Big Sciota [add]
08. An Buachaillin Ban [The Fair-Haired Boy] [add]
09. The Lost Summer [add]
10. Bruach Na Carraige Baine [The Brink of the White Rock] [add]
11. Ginny's Waltz [add]
12. Slides [add]
13. Reel for a Water Diviner [add]

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