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The Groovie Ghoulies lyrics
Genre: Rock
World Contact Day (1996) 01. Intro World Contact Day [add]
02. Hello Again [add]
03. Bring Her Back [add]
04. Running With Bigfoot [add]
05. Island of Pogo Pogo [add]
06. When the Kids Go Go Go Crazy [add]
07. Lonely Heart Blues [add]
08. Ghoulies Are Go! [add]
09. 50,000 Spaceships (Watching Over Me) [add]
10. Singing the Blues [add]
11. A New England [add]
12. Punk Pt. II [add]
13. Outro World Contact Day [add]

Appetite for Adrenochrome (1996) 01. Lost Generation [add]
02. Do the Bat [add]
03. Armageddon 2000 [add]
04. 2000 Man [add]
05. My Computer Said "Kill" [add]
06. King Kong [add]
07. No Blood [add]
08. Don't Go Out [add]
09. The Blob [add]
10. Dead End [add]
11. Blood Beach [add]
12. Lookout [add]
13. Ghoul Chant [add]

Born in the Basement (1996) 01. Blood Intro [add]
02. Hello Hello [add]
03. Levitation [add]
04. My Car [add]
05. The Beast With Five Hands [add]
06. A Message to Pretty [add]
07. Pumpkinhead [add]
08. Back to the Garage [add]
09. I Wanna Have Fun [add]
10. Born in the Basement [add]
11. Walk Out in the Rain [add]
12. Hell Time (Band of the Hand) [add]
13. I Ain't Talkin' to You [add]
14. Hypergenerate [add]

Re-Animation Festival [live] (1997) 01. Tunnel of Love [add]
02. Graveyard Girlfriend [add]
03. That's That [add]
04. School Is Out [add]
05. Chupacarbra [add]
06. Zombie Crush [add]
07. Graceland [add]
08. Maze Effect [add]
09. Evading the Greys [add]
10. Satisfy Me [add]
11. To Go Home [add]
12. If You Need Me [add]

Fun in the Dark (1999) 01. Carly Simon [add]
02. She Gets All the Girls [add]
03. Fun in the Dark [add]
04. (She's My) Vampire Girl [add]
05. Lonely Planet Boy [add]
06. Have Your Way With Me [add]
07. (She's Got A) Brain Scrambling Device [add]
08. Outbreak [add]
09. The Spell Is On [add]
10. Ivy Says [add]
11. Laugh at Me [add]
12. Let's Go to the Moon [add]
13. Don't Make Me Kill You Again [add]

Travels With My Amp (2000) 01. Boothill Express [add]
02. Bye Bye Brain [add]
03. The Highwayman [add]
04. Free Bird [add]
05. Hard Night's Day [add]
06. Hair of Gold (And Skin of Blue) [add]
07. (The Girl Is) An Unsolved Mystery [add]
08. Ghoulie Family [add]
09. Daughter of Frankenstein [add]
10. I'd Rather Be Alone (Than Be With You) [add]
11. Leprechaun Rock [add]
12. Criswell Predicts... [add]
13. Dancing Late at Night [add]
14. Happy Birthday Song [add]

Go! Stories (2002) 01. Let's Do It Again [add]
02. Messed Me Up [add]
03. School Is In [add]
04. Chupacabras [add]
05. (And) I Don't Want to Be Like That [add]
06. Rat Race [add]
07. Ghoulies Are Go! [add]
08. Stick It Out [add]
09. Doin' Fine [add]
10. Are You Passionate? [add]
11. 'Til Death Do Us Party [add]
12. Kick Ass [add]
13. Someone Is Always Not Happy [add]
14. The Bay Bridge Clup [add]

Monster Club (2003) 01. Deviltown [add]
02. The Lizard King [add]
03. Lookout, Here Comes Tomorrow [add]
04. The King Kong Stomp [add]
05. The Beast With Five Hands [add]
06. Don't Go Out in the Rain (You're Going to Melt) [add]
07. Blood Beach [add]
08. The Blob [add]
09. 50,000 Spaceships (Watching Over Me) [add]
10. Do the Bat [add]
11. Running With Bigfoot [add]
12. Pet Sematary [add]

99 Lives (2007) 01. Saying Goodbye Again [add]
02. Dig [add]
03. Devo [add]
04. 99 Lives [add]
05. (I've Got) Love to Give [add]
06. Back to the Garage [add]
07. I Wanna Have Fun [add]
08. Frida/Grand Central [add]
09. She Weaves a Tender Trap [add]
10. Nothing [add]
11. You'll Come Around [add]
12. Becoming a Ghost [add]
13. Wolf Girl [add]

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