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The Gits lyrics
Genre: Rock
Frenching the Bully [C/Z] (1992) 01. Absynthe [add]
02. Another Shot of Whiskey [add]
03. Insecurities [add]
04. Slaughter of Bruce [add]
05. Kings and Queens [add]
06. It All Dies Anyway [add]
07. While You're Twisting, I'm Still Breathing [add]
08. A [add]
09. Wingo Lamo [add]
10. Cut My Skin, It Makes Me Human [add]
11. Here's to Your Fuck [add]
12. Second Skin [add]

Enter: The Conquering Chicken (1994) 01. Bob (Cousin O.) [add]
02. Guilt Within Your Head [add]
03. Seaweed [add]
04. A Change Is Gonna Come [add]
05. Precious Blood [add]
06. Beauty of the Rose [add]
07. Drunks [add]
08. Italian Song [add]
09. Social Love I [add]
10. Social Love II [add]
11. Spear & Magic Helmet [add]
12. Drinking Song [add]
13. Sign of the Crab [add]

Kings & Queens (1996) 01. Eleven [add]
02. Cut My Skin, It Makes Me Human [add]
03. A [add]
04. Running [add]
05. Look Right Through Me [add]
06. It All Dies Anyway [add]
07. Monsters [add]
08. It Doesn't Matter [add]
09. Snivelling Little Rat Faced Git [add]
10. Still You Don't Know What Its Like [add]
11. Tempt Me [add]
12. Gitsrumental [Breaks] [add]
13. Kings and Queens [add]
14. Ain't Got No Right [add]
15. Loose [add]
16. Graveyard Blues [live] [add]

Seafish Louisville (2000) 01. Whirlwind [add]
02. Seaweed [add]
03. Absynthe [add]
04. Another Shot of Whiskey [add]
05. Insecurities [add]
06. Slaughter of Bruce [add]
07. Precious Blood [add]
08. While You're Twisting, I'm Still Breathing [add]
09. Social Love [add]
10. It Doesn't Matter [add]
11. Kings and Queens [add]
12. Wingo Lamo [add]
13. Here's to Your Fuck [add]
14. Second Skin [add]
15. Daily Bread [add]

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