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Electric Frankenstein lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Time Is Now! (1995) 01. Teenage Shutdown [add]
02. The Time Is Now! [add]
03. Superstar [add]
04. Right on Target [add]
05. I Want More [add]
06. Demolition Joyride [add]
07. E.F. Theme [add]
08. Fast & Furious [add]
09. Rise and Crash [add]
10. We Are the Dangerous [add]
11. Too Much for You [add]
12. A Sweet Sickness [add]

Electric Frankenstein Conquers the World! (1996) 01. It's All Moving Faster [add]
02. Electrify Me [add]
03. Just Like Your Mom [add]
04. New Rage [add]
05. Deal with It [add]
06. Home of the Brave [add]
07. Monster Demolisher [add]
08. Face at the Edge of the Crowd [add]
09. Get Off My Back [add]
10. Coolest Little Monster [add]

Sick Songs (1997) 01. Action High [add]
02. I'll Be Standing (On My Own) [add]
03. Not With You [add]
04. Pure and Simple [add]
05. I Wish I Could [add]
06. Learn to Burn [add]
07. Back at You [add]
08. Clockwise [add]
09. Out There (F-Word) [add]

Fractured (1997) 01. Devil Dust [add]
02. Right Now [add]
03. Your Emotions (Dead Kennedys) [add]
04. Fractured [add]
05. Man's Ruin [add]
06. Borneo Jimmy [Dictators] [add]

Action High (1998) 01. Action High [add]
02. I'll Be Standing (On My Own) [add]
03. Not with U [add]
04. Pure & Simple [add]
05. Born Wild [add]
06. I Wish I Could [add]
07. Learn to Burn [add]
08. Back at You [add]
09. Clock-Wise [add]
10. Out There [add]
11. Frustration [add]

Live Loud and Angry (1998) 01. It's All Moving Faster [add]
02. Superstar [add]
03. Blackout [add]
04. Action High [add]
05. Rocket in My Veins [add]
06. Right Now [add]
07. Time Is Now [add]
08. Right on Target [add]
09. Neurotic Pleasures lyrics
10. Get off My Back [add]
11. Demolition Derby [add]
12. You're So Fake [add]
13. Devil Dust [add]
14. Teenage Shutdown [add]
15. E.F. Theme [add]

Spare Parts (1998) 01. Devil Dust [add]
02. Right Now [add]
03. Fractured [add]
04. Your Emotions [add]
05. Man's Ruin [add]
06. Borneo Jimmy [add]
07. Ef Stomp [instrumental] [add]
08. All Moving Faster [live] [add]
09. Rise & Crash [live] [add]
10. Superstar [live] [add]

I Was a Teenage Shutdown (1998) 01. Teenage Shutdown [add]
02. It's All Moving Faster [add]
03. Super Star [add]
04. Rise & Crash [add]
05. New Rage [add]
06. I Wish I Could [add]
07. E.F. Theme [add]
08. Right on Target [add]
09. Demolition Joyride [add]

How I Rose from the Dead [live] (1998) 01. Devil Dust [add]
02. Black Out [add]
03. Action High [add]
04. Rocket [add]
05. Right Now! [add]
06. Deal W' It [add]
07. Neurotic Pleasures lyrics
08. Time's Now [add]
09. Get off My Back [add]
10. E.F. Theme [add]

Rock 'N' Roll Monster (1998) 01. A Singer's Blood/Naked Heat [add]
02. Blackout [add]
03. Savage [add]
04. Imperial Void [add]
05. Used to Know [add]
06. Queen Wasp [add]
07. I Got Power [add]
08. Meat House [add]
09. Do the Nihil [add]
10. Out There [add]

Sod the Odds! (1999) 01. Shut Your Hole [add]
02. Lets Sin [add]
03. Rock 'N' Roll Is Dead [add]
04. Runnin' With the Boss Sound [add]
05. Porno Girl [add]
06. Monster Boots [add]
07. Welcome to My Town [add]
08. Bad Reputation [add]

How to Make a Monster (1999) 01. I Was a Modern Prometheus [add]
02. Cut from the Inside [add]
03. Speed Girl [add]
04. Use Me [add]
05. Friction [add]
06. Feel the Burn (Chronic) [add]
07. My World [add]
08. Don't Know How to Stop You [add]
09. Up from the Streets [add]
10. Pretty Deadly [add]
11. Something for the Pain [add]
12. I'm Not Your (Nothing) [add]
13. Phatty Boom Batty [add]

Annie's Grave (2001) 01. Already Dead [add]
02. Get Off [add]
03. Just Can't Kick [add]
04. Hate Machine [add]
05. Third Generatin Nation [add]
06. Graveyard Dragrace [add]
07. Takin' You Down [add]
08. Fistful of Rock [add]
09. Annie's Grave [add]
10. My Father's Son [add]
11. Backs Against the Wall [add]
12. The Perfect Crime [live] [add]

Touch Me I'm Electric (2001) 01. Already Dead [add]
02. Fistfull of Rock [add]
03. Hate Machine [add]
04. Third Generation Nation [add]
05. I Just Can't Kick [add]
06. Annies Grave [add]
07. My Fathers Son [add]
08. Not for Sale [add]
09. Get Off [add]
10. Graveyard Drag Race [add]
11. 1977 [add]
12. Takin' You Down [add]
13. Backs Against the Wall [add]
14. Don't Touch Me-I'm Electric [add]
15. We Are the Road Crew [add]

The Buzz of a 1000 Volts (2001) 01. The Mess [add]
02. Dead-On Beauty [add]
03. Resurrection City [add]
04. Prey for Me [add]
05. NY Knights [add]
06. Dead by Dawn [add]
07. Super Sonic Nation [add]
08. Bile Down on Me [add]
09. Death Dealer [add]
10. Can't Let Go [add]
11. Finished from the Start [add]
12. American Lies [add]
13. Cocaine Blues [*] [add]

Splitsville, Vol. 1 (2002) 01. Then I'm Gone [add]
02. Shit Fire [add]
03. Devil's Food [add]
04. Kid's Got It Comin' [add]
05. Teenage Shutdown [add]
06. Sweet Baby Ignorance [add]
07. Rip It Apart [add]
08. Good for Nothing [add]
09. Not This Time [add]
10. She's My Bitch [add]

Super Kool (2004) 01. Super Kool [add]
02. My Distraction [add]
03. Tear It Down [add]
04. Who's Watching You [add]
05. Injected [add]
06. You Can't Keep a Bad Man Down [add]
07. Satellite [add]
08. Never Say Die [add]

Doktor Frankendragster (2005) 01. Make No Mistake [add]
02. Dead on Beauty [add]
03. Hate Machine [add]
04. Not for Sale [add]
05. Mike Tyson (King of R'N'R) [add]
06. Rotten Bones [add]
07. 13th Floor Generation [add]
08. Judy Is a Punk [add]

Burn Bright, Burn Fast (2005) 01. Burn Bright, Burn Fast [add]
02. Everybody's Dead Again [add]
03. Fired Up for Action [add]
04. Gone to the Other Room [add]
05. Spit It Out! [add]
06. Just for You [add]
07. Hey! (Kiss Your Life Goodbye) [add]
08. New World Whore [add]
09. Life in Rewind [add]
10. Electric Misery [add]
11. Rock City Rocks [add]
12. Talk, Talk [add]
13. Moving Targets [add]
14. Candy-O [add]

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