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Day Glo Abortions lyrics
Genre: Rock
Here Today Guano Tomorrow (1988) 01. Fuck My Shit Stinks [add]
02. Fuck Satan to Death [add]
03. Dragons [add]
04. Hide the Hamster [add]
05. The Spawn of Yog Sothoth [add]
06. Shred Central [add]
07. Grugged and Driving [add]
08. Here Today, Guano Tomorrow [add]
09. Kill Johnny Stiff [add]

Two Dogs Fucking (1991) 01. Ben Gets Off [add]
02. My Erection [add]
03. Dream Date of the 90's [add]
04. I Do the Best That I Can [add]
05. Two Dogs Fucking [add]
06. Courage in a Can [add]
07. Shit Happens [add]
08. Spoken Word [add]
09. Punker Bitches [add]
10. Almost Cut My Hair [add]
11. After This Beer [add]
12. Bunchofuckingoofs [add]
13. W.A.S.P. [add]
14. Sit on My Face and Bleed [add]
15. Isn't This Disgusting [add]

Little Man in the Canoe (1996) 01. Homophobic Sexist Cokeheads [add]
02. Casting Couch [add]
03. Big Michel [add]
04. Man Bites Dog [add]
05. Little Man in the Canoe [add]
06. You Are So Boring [add]
07. Cash Bash [add]
08. Skatan's Skids [add]
09. Nikki Dial [add]
10. Open Sore [add]
11. Brick Shithouse Bouncers [add]
12. Feeder Brigade [add]
13. Spuds Visitation [add]
14. Nuclear Supremacy [add]

Corporate Whores (1996) 01. Wasted Not Worried [add]
02. Chalk One Up [add]
03. Urinal Disk Sandwich [add]
04. Dysfunctional Family [add]
05. Whiney's Poster [add]
06. Sperm's Point of View [add]
07. Jerry's Retards [add]
08. Corporate Whores [add]
09. Welfare Nation [add]
10. Stroke All Day [add]
11. Sea of Shit [add]
12. Double D Diddlers [add]
13. Holding in My Hoop [add]
14. F.O.B. [add]
15. Swallow the Pill [add]

Feed Us a Fetus (1998) 01. Stupid Songs [add]
02. Argh Fuck Kill/Die Sinner Die [add]
03. Bedtime Story [add]
04. My Girl5. [add]
05. Dogfarts [add]
06. Inside My Head [add]
07. Wake up America [add]
08. Proud to Be a Canadian [add]
09. Stupid World [add]
10. Ronald McRaygun [add]
11. Kill the Hosers [add]
12. Religious Bumfucks [add]
13. 1967 [add]
14. I Killed Mommy [add]
15. I'm My Own God [add]
16. Used to Be in Love [add]
17. Suicide [add]
18. The Idiot [add]
19. Germ Attack [add]
20. Scared of People-Black Sabbath [add]
21. Black Sabbath [add]
22. I Want to Be East Indian [add]

Death Race 2000 (1999) 01. After All These Beers [add]
02. My Mother Was a Man [add]
03. Oh Wendy O [add]
04. Drink Beer Smoke Pot [add]
05. Just Can't Say No to Drugs [add]
06. Executioner Song [add]
07. One Cheque from the Street [add]
08. Marijuanathon [add]
09. Land of the Midnight Sun [add]
10. Ben Hoffman's Nose [add]
11. Squeegee Night in Canada [add]
12. Drunk on Power [add]
13. Anal Chinook [add]
14. Stupid Drunkin Fuckin Cunt [add]
15. Euthanasia Day [add]
16. Big Ass Truck [add]
17. Death Race 2000 [add]

Stupid World Stupid Songs (2001) 01. Stupid Songs [add]
02. Dream Date of the 90's [add]
03. Stupid World [add]
04. Hide the Hamster [add]
05. Inside My Head [add]
06. Wasted Not Worried [add]
07. I Killed Mommy [add]
08. Here Today, Guano Tomorrow [add]
09. Skatan's Skids [add]
10. I'm My Own God [add]
11. Punker Bitches [add]
12. Pround to Be a Canadian [add]
13. Drugged and Driving [add]
14. Homophobic Sexist Cokeheads [add]
15. Scared of People-Black Sabbath [add]
16. Nikki Dial [add]
17. Fuck My Shit Stinks [add]
18. F.O.B. [add]
19. Courage in a Can [add]
20. Feeder Brigade [add]
21. Stroke All Day [add]
22. It's This Disgusting [add]
23. Germ Attack [add]

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