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Genre: Gospel
Commander Sozo & The Charge of The Light Brigade (1985) 01. Activate [add]
02. Competition [add]
03. Temporary Things [add]
04. Apathy Alert [add]
05. Charge of the Light Brigade [add]
06. Destined to Win [add]
07. No More Goodbyes [add]
08. Jesus Is Coming [add]
09. Rise Up [add]
10. Casual Christian [add]

Communication (1986) 01. Are You Ready? [add]
02. Rejoice [add]
03. It's a Shame [add]
04. Alleluia, Christ Is Coming [add]
05. Everyday a Celebration [add]
06. Blessed Messiah [add]
07. Perfect Reflection [add]
08. He Has Risen [add]
09. Six, Six, Six [add]
10. Man of His Word [add]
11. Dear Friend [add]

Feels Good to Be Forgiven (1988) 01. Heaven's 9*1*1 [add]
02. Stayin' on the High Road [add]
03. Feels Good to Be Forgiven [add]
04. Pickin' up the Pieces [add]
05. Turn on Heaven's Power [add]
06. Goodbye Mr. Heartache [add]
07. Thank You [add]
08. I Believe [add]
09. Faith Like a Rock [add]
10. I Ain't Gonna Lose [add]
11. I Wanna Praise You [add]
12. Yes Indeed [add]

The Pledge (1989) 01. Boycott Hell [add]
02. Aliens and Strangers [add]
03. I'm Accepted [add]
04. Hand in Hand [add]
05. The Pledge [add]
06. Life in the New Age [add]
07. Let's Get Upset [add]
08. Who Will [add]
09. Right on Track [add]
10. If God Is for Us (Who Can Be Against Us) [add]

Go to the Top (1991) 01. I Believe [add]
02. Go to the Top (At the Top Reprise) [add]
03. Against the Night [add]
04. Ultimate Ruler [add]
05. Soul Mender [add]
06. Family Reunion [add]
07. Still at Work [add]
08. Stand, Fight, Win [add]
09. Victory (March On Prelude) [add]
10. March On [add]
11. The Rest of My Life [add]

Heat. It. Up. (1993) 01. Voices [add]
02. God Good, Devil Bad [add]
03. Selective Amnesia [add]
04. Never Look Back [add]
05. Heat. It. Up. [add]
06. It's My Business [add]
07. Dare 2b Different [add]
08. Talk to Me [add]
09. Armed and Dangerous [add]
10. I Use the J Word [add]
11. Soldiers of the Cross [add]
12. Divine Embrace [add]
13. Fight Back [add]

To Extremes (1994) 01. Stressed [add]
02. People Got to Be Free [add]
03. Hangin' by a Scarlet Thread [add]
04. Rebel for God [add]
05. Judgment Day [add]
06. Hyper-Faith [add]
07. To Extremes [add]
08. Carry the Cross [add]
09. Dangerous Place [add]
10. Reclaim America [add]

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