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Luther Barnes lyrics
Genre: Gospel
He Cares (1985) 01. He Cares [add]
02. Soon We'll Be Done With This World [add]
03. If I Live to See One Hundred [add]
04. Revive Us Again [add]
05. He'll Never Leave [add]
06. My God Can Do Anything [add]
07. I'm Still Holding On lyrics
08. I Kept on Searching [add]
09. Without God [add]

See What the Lord Has Done (1987) 01. See What the Lord Has Done [add]
02. No Matter How High I Get [add]
03. Yes Jesus Loves Me [add]
04. One More Time [add]
05. Bring Back the Joy [add]
06. He's All I Need [add]
07. Tell the World About Our Lord [add]
08. You Were There in My Time of Need [add]

So Satisfied (1989) 01. So Satisfied [add]
02. He'll Come to My Rescue [add]
03. I'm Not the Same [add]
04. It's About Time [add]
05. I Can't Make It Without You [add]
06. In the Cross [add]
07. How Can You Walk on By [add]
08. I've Got Joy [add]

Invitation (1990) 01. He's Alright [add]
02. He Has Done Great Things [add]
03. You Must Open the Door [add]
04. When the Savior Reached Out for Me [add]
05. Trouble in My Way [add]
06. Just Put Some Love in Your Heart [add]
07. He's Alright (Reprise) [add]
08. Softly and Tenderly [add]
09. Lord, Give Us Time [add]

Oh My Lord (1990) 01. Oh My Lord [add]
02. Amazing Grace [add]
03. I'm Going on With the Lord [add]
04. That's What Living Is All About [add]
05. Can God Make a Difference [add]
06. When I Get Home [add]
07. Jesus Can Make a Way [add]
08. Guide Me [add]

When We All Get to Heaven (1990) 01. I Wanna Go to Heaven [add]
02. I Will Make It Through [add]
03. Hold Your Head Up High [add]
04. Ask What You Will [add]
05. Only Christ Within [add]
06. I Know a Place [add]
07. Song of Praise [add]
08. Anyway You Bless Me, Lord [add]
09. When We All Get to Heaven [add]

From the Soul (1990) 01. He Keeps Me Singing All the Time [add]
02. I Wanna Go Back With You to Glory [add]
03. Help Us Jesus [add]
04. I'm on a Mission for the King [add]
05. Oh Mighty God [add]
06. Precious Lord, Take My Hand [add]
07. Till He Comes [add]
08. It Won't Be Long [add]

Enjoying Jesus (1993) 01. Enjoying Jesus [add]
02. I Can Do Nothing [add]
03. Never Grow Old [add]
04. Why Can't We All Be Friends [add]
05. Stop by Here [add]
06. Praise Him [add]
07. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled [add]
08. Thank You for One More Day [add]
09. Just Keep Your Eyes on the Cross [add]

Nothing Can Be Better (1994) 01. What More Can I Do [add]
02. Nothing Can Be Better [add]
03. Old Revival Medley [add]
04. The Power of Your Love [add]
05. Don't Leave Us Now [add]
06. He's Worthy to Be Praised [add]
07. He Will Always Be There [add]
08. In Times Like These [add]

Live Celebration (1995) 01. Introduction/Lord, You've Been Good [add]
02. Come Ye Disconsolate/Jesus Will Carry You Through [add]
03. Stop by Here [add]
04. Praise Him [add]
05. Guide Me [add]
06. Just Keep Your Eyes on the Cross [add]
07. We're Almost Home [add]
08. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled [add]
09. Thank You for One More Day [add]
10. Never Grow Old [add]
11. I'm Going on With the Lord [add]
12. I Can't Walk This Highway by Myself [add]
13. I'm Still Holding On lyrics

Lord You've Been Good (1995) 01. Lord You've Been Good lyrics
02. Somebody Needs You Lord [add]
03. If I Had a Chance [add]
04. He'll Be There [add]
05. Togetherness [instrumental] [add]
06. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled [add]
07. Free at Last lyrics
08. God Is Not a Failing God [add]
09. Everybody Ought to Pray [add]
10. Jacob's Ladder [add]

Someone to Lean On (1996) 01. Someone to Lean On [add]
02. Can I Get a Witness [add]
03. Just a Matter of Time [add]
04. Don't Let It Be in Vain [add]
05. Just When [add]
06. My God Can Do Anything [add]
07. Give Him Your Burdens [add]
08. There's a Place for Me [add]
09. Gotta Have a Song [add]
10. Only Christ Within [add]

Heaven on My Mind (1996) 01. Heaven on My Mind [add]
02. All We Have Wasted [add]
03. Something Inside of Me [add]
04. I Know It Was Jesus [add]
05. Can You Say [add]
06. Stand by Me [add]
07. Waiting for Direction [add]
08. He Will Be There [add]
09. Till You Try Him [add]
10. Oh My Lord [add]
11. I'll Never Be Alone [add]
12. The Lord Will Make a Way [add]

God's Promise (1998) 01. God's Promise [add]
02. Here Am I Lord [add]
03. That Other Shore [Extended Version] [add]
04. Jesus and Me [add]
05. More Than I [add]
06. Jesus Cares [add]
07. Help Me Lift Jesus [add]
08. I'm Nothing Without You [add]
09. You Rescued Me [add]
10. True Love [add]

Wherever I Go (2000) 01. Wherever I Go [add]
02. A Little More Grace [add]
03. Lord I'm Here Waiting [add]
04. Leaning on Jesus lyrics
05. It's a Good Thing to Be Chosen [add]
06. Mr. Reliable [add]
07. All Day [add]
08. Sometimes I'm Burdened [add]
09. Be What You Are [add]
10. Be What You Are [Contemporary] [add]
11. We Must Be Ready [add]
12. Thank You for Mercy [add]
13. Keep on Trusting [add]

Come Fly With Me (2002) 01. Come Fly With Me [add]
02. Half a Man [add]
03. Lord We Magnify Your Name [add]
04. Satan Take Your Hands off of Me [add]
05. Oh How I Love Jesus [add]
06. Still Missing You [add]
07. If You Wait on the Lord [add]
08. I'll Obey [add]
09. Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus [add]
10. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow [add]
11. Thief in the Night [add]
12. Great Is Thy Faithfulness [add]

It's Your Time (2003) 01. It's Your Time [add]
02. Hallelujah Praise [add]
03. Jesus Saves [add]
04. Praise Song [add]
05. The Question [add]
06. Tribute to Dad (Medley) [add]
07. Hold On [add]
08. Don't Be Afraid [add]
09. Free Indeed [add]
10. Send Your Anointing [add]

Some How Some Way (2005) 01. Somehow Someway [add]
02. You Keep on Blessing Me [add]
03. We Lift Your Name Forevermore [add]
04. We Lift Your Name Forevermore (Reprise) [add]
05. Ask What You Will [add]
06. Spirit Fall Down [add]
07. Isaiah 25 [add]
08. Make Me a Blessing lyrics
09. He's Holy and Righteous [add]
10. There's Nobody Else Like Him [add]
11. You Just Hold On [add]
12. Free at Last lyrics
13. My Whole Life I Give to You [add]

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