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Genre: Rap
Losing Composure (2003) 01. Intro [add]
02. Beware [add]
03. Guerilla Maab 4 Life (Skit) [add]
04. Losing Composure [add]
05. Stressin Me [add]
06. Life on da Edge [add]
07. Days of My Life [add]
08. Doing My Thang [add]
09. Ain't No Turnin Back [add]
10. Still on da Southside [add]
11. Word of Pimpin (Skit) [add]
12. Pimpin [add]
13. Oh No [add]
14. Struglin [add]
15. Tell You a Story [add]
16. Wanna See Me Gone lyrics
17. A Letter [add]
18. How Could You [add]

Same Thing Different Day (2004) 01. Intro [add]
02. Assholes by Nature [add]
03. Screwed Up Click [add]
04. Don't Fake [add]
05. Stay Out My Way [add]
06. In the Ghetto [add]
07. Same Thing Different Day [add]
08. I've Been Hustlin' [add]
09. Had Enough [add]
10. Till the Day I Drop [add]
11. Sittin on Top of the World [add]
12. Oh No Reloaded [add]
13. Time After Time [add]
14. Let Me Live [add]
15. But What About Today [add]
16. On Your Own [add]
17. Don't Need Yall' [add]
18. Special [add]
19. Intro [add]
20. Asshole by Nature [add]
21. Stay Out My Way [add]
22. Don't Fake [add]
23. Screwed Up Click [add]
24. In the Ghetto [add]
25. Same Thing Different Day [add]
26. Till the Day I Drop [add]
27. Had Enough [add]
28. My Mamma [*] [add]
29. My Momma [Regular Speed] [add]
30. Let Me Live [add]
31. Time After Time [add]
32. Sittin' on Top of the World [add]
33. I've Been Hustlin' [add]
34. Ride On [*] [add]
35. Oh No Reloaded [add]
36. Don't Need Yall' [add]
37. But What About Today [add]
38. Special [add]
39. Days of My Life [*] [add]
40. On Your Own [add]
41. Ride On [*] [add]
42. Day in the Life [add]
43. Maabin' [add]

4.5 Plex (2006) 01. Intro We Back [Slab-Ed] [add]
02. The South [Slab-Ed] [add]
03. Plex [Slab-Ed] [add]
04. Today [Slab-Ed] [add]
05. In the Hood [Slab-Ed] [add]
06. Gotta Get It [Slab-Ed] [add]
07. In My Slab [Slab-Ed] [add]
08. We Been Fly [Slab-Ed] [add]
09. Droppin tha Tops [Slab-Ed] [add]
10. Breath [Slab-Ed] [add]
11. Lock Down [Slab-Ed] [add]
12. Im a Make It [Slab-Ed] [add]
13. Live My Life [Slab-Ed] [add]
14. More or Less [Slab-Ed] [add]
15. War [*] [add]
16. Damn You So Gangsta [*] [add]
17. No Evil [*] [add]
18. [Slab-Ed] [add]
19. [Slab-Ed] [add]
20. [Slab-Ed] [add]
21. [Slab-Ed] [add]
22. [Slab-Ed] [add]
23. [Slab-Ed] [add]
24. Intro We Back [Regular Mix] [add]
25. The South [Regular Mix] [add]
26. Plex [Regular Mix] [add]
27. Today [Regular Mix] [add]
28. In the Hood [Regular Mix] [add]
29. Gotta Get It [Regular Mix] [add]
30. In My Slab [Regular Mix] [add]
31. We Been Fly [Regular Mix] [add]
32. Droppin tha Tops [Regular Mix] [add]
33. Breath [Regular Mix] [add]
34. Lock Down [Regular Mix] [add]
35. Im a Make It [Regular Mix] [add]
36. Live My Life [Regular Mix] [add]
37. More or Less [Regular Mix] [add]
38. War [*] [add]
39. Damn You So Gangsta [*] [add]
40. No Evil [*] [add]
41. [Regular Mix] [add]
42. [Regular Mix] [add]
43. [Regular Mix] [add]
44. [Regular Mix] [add]
45. [Regular Mix] [add]
46. [Regular Mix] [add]
47. [Regular Mix] [add]
48. [Regular Mix] [add]
49. [Regular Mix] [add]

Ass**** by Nature (2006) 01. Intro [Regular Mix] [add]
02. In My City [Regular Mix] [add]
03. Still Watchin [Regular Mix] [add]
04. Get That (Skit) [Regular Mix] [add]
05. My Momma [Regular Mix] [add]
06. Fuck Wit Yall [add]
07. Gotta Be a G [Regular Mix] [add]
08. Gangsta [Regular Mix] [add]
09. Payback [Regular Mix] [add]
10. Get That (Skit) [Regular Mix] [add]
11. SK [Regular Mix] [add]
12. For tha Bootleggers (Skit) [Regular Mix] [add]
13. Miss My Dawg [Regular Mix] [add]
14. Within' Myself [Regular Mix] [add]
15. Ain't Shit Changed (Skit) [add]
16. Intro [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
17. In My City [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
18. Still Watchin [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
19. Get That (Skit) [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
20. My Momma [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
21. Fuck Wit Yall [add]
22. Gotta Be a G [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
23. Gangsta [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
24. Payback [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
25. Get That (Skit) [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
26. SK [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
27. For tha Bootleggers (Skit) [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
28. Miss My Dawg [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
29. Within' Myself [S.L.A.B.E.D.] [add]
30. Ain't Shit Changed (Skit) [add]

Drama (2006) 01. Goes On (Intro) [add]
02. Take the Thrown [add]
03. I'm an Asshole [add]
04. Another Phone Call [add]
05. Drama [add]
06. Da Real Silvaback Gorrilas [add]
07. Second of Fame [add]
08. Tha Truth in Atx [add]
09. What Can I Do [add]
10. Love No Bitch [add]
11. 2 Each Its Own [add]
12. Ghetto Pain [add]
13. ???? Upcoming Z-Ro [add]
14. ???? Upcoming S.I.A.B. [add]

Later Dayz (2006) 01. What It Is? [add]
02. Intro [add]
03. The Same Shit [add]
04. I Can Feel It [add]
05. Tha Phone Call [add]
06. The Other Side [add]
07. Just a Week Ago [add]
08. Matter of Time [add]
09. Southwest General [add]
10. In a Playa Zone [add]
11. Stay Fly [add]
12. Lil' Jared [add]
13. From the South [add]
14. A Word for the Ladies [add]
15. Representin [add]
16. Gangsta Shit [add]
17. All Hood [add]
18. Oh [Slow Loud & Bangin] [add]
19. All Alone [add]
20. G Call [add]
21. Bonus Shit [*] [add]
22. Souf Shit [add]
23. Tonight [add]
24. ???? [add]
25. Exclusive Snippet of Trae New Album [add]
26. Outro [add]

S.L.A.B., Vol. 1 (2006) 01. Miss My Nigga Screw [add]
02. Dine in H Town [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
03. Slab Bitch [add]
04. We Mashing Out [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
05. Movin Slow [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
06. Resurrection Resolution [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
07. Slab Shotz [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
08. Where We Gone Swang [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
09. We Gone Make It [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
10. Watch Yo Self [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
11. We to Real [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
12. I'm Reclinin' [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
13. Real Niggaz Roll Slab [add]
14. Miss My Nigga Screw [add]
15. Slab Bitch [add]
16. We Mashing Out [Regular Version] [add]
17. Movin Slow [Regular Version] [add]
18. Resurrection Resolution [Regular Version] [add]
19. Slab Shotz [Regular Version] [add]
20. Where We Gone Swang [Regular Version] [add]
21. We Gone Make It [Regular Version] [add]
22. Watch Yo Self [Regular Version] [add]
23. We to Real [Regular Version] [add]
24. I'm Reclinin' [Regular Version] [add]
25. Real Niggaz Roll Slab [add]
26. We Swang 4's [Regular Version] [add]
27. We Slow Loud Ang Bangin [Regular Version] [add]

S.L.A.B., Vol. 2 (2006) 01. Show You How It Go [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
02. When We Pull Out [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
03. We Ain't Trippin [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
04. It's That S.L.A.B. [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
05. Spittin' Fire [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
06. Puttin It Down for H-Town [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
07. Puttin' It in Yo Face [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
08. U Don't Want No Plex [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
09. Ain't Nothing Changing [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
10. Life of a Thug Nigga [add]
11. Keep It Gangsta [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
12. Haters Better Duck [S.L.A.B. Ed Version] [add]
13. Show You How It Go [add]
14. When We Pull Out [add]
15. We Ain't Trippin [add]
16. It's That S.L.A.B. [add]
17. Spittin' Fire [add]
18. Puttin It Down for H-Town [add]
19. Puttin It in Yo Face [add]
20. U Don't Want No Plex [add]
21. Ain't Nothing Changing [add]
22. Life of a Thug Nigga [add]
23. Keep It Gangsta [add]
24. Haters Better Duck [add]
25. Slab in Yo Grill [add]
26. Can You Fuck with Us [add]

S.L.A.B., Vol. 3 (2006) 01. Slabs on the Rise [add]
02. Ready 4 War [add]
03. Screw [add]
04. 5 Minutes of Flow [add]
05. Banging Up the Block [add]
06. Gossip Flow [add]
07. Gimmie the Mic [add]
08. Does It Betta [add]
09. Take Ova [add]
10. Put Yo Bets on Me [add]
11. Standing Strong [add]
12. Skillz [add]
13. Intro (Skit) [add]
14. Slabs on the Rise [add]
15. (Skit) [add]
16. Zro (Skit) [add]
17. Rady 4 War [add]
18. Kiotti (Skit) [add]
19. Screw [add]
20. Terry Skimmins (Skit) [add]
21. 5 Minutes of Flow [add]
22. T Head (Skit) [add]
23. Banging Up the Block [add]
24. Lil Jared (Skit) [add]
25. Gossip Flow [add]
26. J-Mo (Skit) [add]
27. Mamma, Pimp Skinny (Skit) [add]
28. Gimmie the Mic [add]
29. Dyno (Skit) [add]
30. Does It Betta [add]
31. Pharoah of Street Military (Skit) [add]
32. Take Ova [add]
33. Kendro (Skit) [add]
34. Put Yo Bets on Me [add]
35. Billy Cook (Skit) [add]
36. Standing Strong [add]
37. Skillz [add]
38. Straight from the Streets [add]
39. Trae (Skit) [add]

S.L.A.B.: Slow Loud and Bangin', Vol. 4 (2006) 01. D-Bo [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
02. Pimpin [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
03. Ride on Our Enemies [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
04. Slow Loud and Bangin [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
05. Charlie Berry [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
06. All I Have [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
07. What I Represent [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
08. Trae [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
09. In a Slab [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
10. Niggas in the Game [add]
11. Better Way [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
12. Got Mine [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
13. Wreckin [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
14. We Represent H-Town [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
15. Remix [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
16. What You Gone Do [S.L.A.B. -Ed] [add]
17. D-Bo [Regular Version] [add]
18. Redd [Regular Version] [add]
19. Pimpin [Regular Version] [add]
20. Lil Jared [Regular Version] [add]
21. Ride on Our Enemies [Regular Version] [add]
22. Trae & Chris [Regular Version] [add]
23. Slow Loud and Bangin [Regular Version] [add]
24. Charlie Berry [Regular Version] [add]
25. All I Have [Regular Version] [add]
26. What I Represent [Regular Version] [add]
27. Trae [Regular Version] [add]
28. In a Slab [Regular Version] [add]
29. Niggas in Da Game [add]
30. Better Way [Regular Version] [add]
31. Got Mine [Regular Version] [add]
32. Wreckin' [Regular Version] [add]
33. We Represent H-Town [Regular Version] [add]
34. Remix [Regular Version] [add]
35. Trae and Yukmouth [Regular Version] [add]
36. What You Gone Do [Regular Version] [add]
37. Trae [Regular Version] [add]
38. D-Bo [Regular Version] [add]
39. What You Niggas Know [add]

S.L.A.B.E.D.: Losing Composure/B46 (2006) 01. Still on Da Southside [add]
02. Guerilla Maab 4 Life (Skit) [add]
03. Losing Composure [add]
04. Pimpin [add]
05. Oh No [add]
06. Beware [add]
07. Life on Da Edge [add]
08. Doing My Thang [add]
09. Days of My Life [add]
10. Wanna See Me Gone lyrics
11. Aint No Turnin Back [add]
12. Stressin Me [add]
13. A Letter [add]

S.L.A.B.E.D.: Year of the Underdawgs (2006) 01. Year of the Undadawgs [add]
02. Streets Got Ya [add]
03. Put Yo Hood Up [add]
04. Keep Watchin Me [add]
05. Ain't No Ni**a Like Me [add]
06. Life as Thugz [add]
07. On Dubz [add]
08. Every One of Ya'll [add]
09. Guerilla Pimpin [add]
10. Leave the Game [add]
11. Hatin My Song [add]
12. Shorty Bounce It [add]
13. F.A.N. (Fake A** N**as) [add]
14. Keep You Jammin [add]
15. Who Dat [add]
16. Neva Gone Change [add]
17. All You Hoes [add]
18. Young Line Leader [add]
19. Southside Story [add]
20. Dirty Southside [add]
21. Grind Fulltime [add]
22. Im Known to Get Fly [add]
23. Everybody Gone Know [add]
24. Work Somethin [add]

Screenz On (2006) 01. We Gon Roll [add]
02. N Da Wind [add]
03. Be Allright [add]
04. Balling Is a Habbit [add]
05. Chicken Fried Steak [add]
06. White Man's World [add]
07. Ching Ching [add]
08. I'm Real [add]
09. Growing Pains [add]
10. Soldier [add]
11. By Myself [add]
12. If I Can Go [add]
13. If U Don't Know [add]

Restless (2006) 01. Intro [add]
02. Real Talk [add]
03. In the Hood [add]
04. Screw Done Already Warned Me [add]
05. So Gangsta [add]
06. Restless [add]
07. The Rain [add]
08. Dedicated to You [add]
09. The Truth [add]
10. Swang [add]
11. Quit Calling Me [add]
12. Cadillac [add]
13. No Help [add]
14. Song Cry [add]
15. Matter of Time [add]
16. Coming Around the Corner [add]
17. Who Da Truth Is [add]
18. Pop Trunk Wave [add]

A.B.N. (2006) 01. Intro [add]
02. In My City [add]
03. Still Watchin' [add]
04. Get That (Skit) [add]
05. My Momma [add]
06. F**k Wit Yall [add]
07. Gotta Be a G [add]
08. Gangsta [add]
09. Payback [add]
10. Get That (Skit) [add]
11. SK [add]
12. For tha Bootleggers (Skit) [add]
13. Miss My Dawg [add]
14. Within Myself [add]
15. Ain't S**t Changed (Skit) [add]

Same Thing Different Day S.L.A.B. [Ed], Pt.1 (2006) 01. Intro (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
02. A**hole by Nature (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
03. Stay out My Way (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
04. Don't Fake (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
05. Screwed Up Click (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
06. In the Ghetto (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
07. Same Thing Different Day (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
08. Till the Day I Drop (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
09. Had Enough (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
10. My Momma (Bonus) (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
11. My Momma (Regular Speed) [add]

A.B.N.: S.L.A.B. [Ed] (2006) 01. Intro (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
02. In My City (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
03. Still Watchin' (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
04. Get That (Skit) (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
05. My Momma (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
06. F**k Wit Yall (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
07. Gotta Be a G (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
08. Gangsta (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
09. Payback (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
10. Get That (Skit) (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
11. SK (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
12. For the Bootleggers (Skit) (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
13. Miss My Dawg (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
14. Within Myself (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
15. Ain't S**t Changed (Skit) (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]

Same Thing Different Day S.L.A.B. [Ed], Pt.2 (2006) 01. Let Me Live (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
02. Time After Time (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
03. Sittin' on Top of the World (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
04. I've Been Hustlin' (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
05. Ride On (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
06. Oh No Reloaded (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
07. Don't Need Yall (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
08. But What About Today (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
09. Special (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
10. Days of My Life [Rakesh Remix] [add]
11. On Your Own (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
12. Ride On (Bonus) (Regular Speed) [add]

7 Years and Runnin (2006) 01. In tha Hood [add]
02. Where We Gone Swang [add]
03. Ready 4 War [add]
04. Spittin Fire [add]
05. Pimpin [add]
06. Put Yo Bets on Me [add]
07. Ride on Our Enimies [add]
08. Slow Loud and Bangin [add]
09. We Represent H Town [add]
10. Look at tha Grill [add]
11. In My Slab [add]
12. Gotta Get It [add]
13. Screw [add]
14. Dine in H Town [add]
15. Wreckin [add]
16. My Slab Is All I Have [add]

Losing Composure: S.L.A.B. [Ed] (2006) 01. Still on Da Southside (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
02. Guerilla Maab 4 Life (Skit) (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
03. Losing Composure (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
04. Pimpin (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
05. Oh No (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
06. Beware (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
07. Life on Da Edge (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
08. Doing My Thang (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
09. Days of My Life (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
10. Wanna See Me Gone (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
11. Ain't No Turnin Back (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
12. Stressin Me (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]
13. A Letter (S.L.A.B. Ed) [add]

Life Goes On (2007) 01. Throw Aways [add]
02. Gangsta Gangsta [add]
03. Interlude 1 of Life Goes On [add]
04. Screwed Up [add]
05. Against All Odds [add]
06. Interlude 2 of Life Goes On [add]
07. Nuthin 2 a Boss [add]
08. Life Goes On [add]
09. Smile [add]
10. Interlude 3 of Life Goes On [add]
11. Give My Last Breath Intro [add]
12. Give My Last Breath [add]
13. Gittin High [add]
14. Interlude 4 of Life Goes On [add]
15. Ghetto Queen [add]
16. Million Bucks [add]
17. C Me Ride [add]
18. I'm Good [add]
19. The Truth [add]
20. Outro of Life Goes On [add]

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