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Tommy Keene lyrics
Genre: Rock
Strange Alliance (1982) 01. Landscape [add]
02. All the Way Around [add]
03. Don't Get Me Wrong [add]
04. I Can't See You Anymore [add]
05. It's All Happening Today [add]
06. Strange Alliance [add]
07. Another Night at Home [add]
08. Northern Lights [add]

Songs from the Film (1986) 01. Places That Are Gone [add]
02. In Our Lives [add]
03. Listen to Me [add]
04. Paper Words and Lies [add]
05. Gold Town [add]
06. Kill Your Sons [add]
07. Call on Me [add]
08. As Life Goes By [add]
09. My Mother Looked Like Marilyn Monroe [add]
10. Underworld [add]
11. Take Back Your Letters [#] [add]
12. Astronomy [add]
13. The Story Ends [add]
14. Run Now [add]
15. Away from It All [add]
16. I Don't Feel Right at All [add]
17. Back Again [add]
18. They're in Their Own World [add]
19. We're Two [#] [add]
20. Faith in Love [#] [add]
21. Teenage Head [#] [add]

Based on Happy Times (1989) 01. Based on Happy Times [add]
02. When Our Vows Break [add]
03. Biggest Conflict [add]
04. Highwire Days [add]
05. Our Car Club [add]
06. If We Run Away [add]
07. Hanging on to Yesterday [add]
08. Pictures [add]
09. Way Out [add]
10. Light of Love [add]
11. This Could Be Fiction [add]

The Real Underground (1993) 01. Places That Are Gone [add]
02. Nothing Happened Yesterday [add]
03. Baby Face [add]
04. Back to Zero Now [add]
05. When the Truth Is Found [add]
06. Hey! Little Child [add]
07. Something Got a Hold of Me [add]
08. The Real Underground [add]
09. Misunderstood [add]
10. That You Do [add]
11. Mr. Roland [add]
12. Back Again [add]
13. Safe in the Light [add]
14. People With Fast Cars Drive Fast [add]
15. Love Is the Only Thing That Matters [add]
16. Dull Afternoon [add]
17. Tattoo [add]
18. Don't Sleep in the Daytime [add]
19. Hey Man [add]
20. Andrea [add]
21. Something to Rave About [add]
22. Shake Some Action [add]
23. Sleeping on a Rollercoaster [add]

Ten Years After (1996) 01. Going Out Again [add]
02. Turning on Blue [add]
03. Today and Tomorrow [add]
04. Your Heart Beats Alone [add]
05. If You're Getting Married Tonight [add]
06. On the Runway [add]
07. We Started over Again [add]
08. Silent Town [add]
09. Good Thing Going [add]
10. Compromise [add]
11. You Can't Wait for Time [add]
12. Before the Lights Go Down [add]
13. It's Not True [add]

Isolation Party (1998) 01. Long Time Missing [add]
02. Getting Out from Under You [add]
03. Take Me Back [add]
04. Never Really Been Gone [add]
05. The World Outside [add]
06. Einstein's Day [add]
07. Battle Lines [add]
08. Happy When You're Sad [add]
09. Love Dies Down [add]
10. Tuesday Morning [add]
11. Waiting Without You [add]
12. Weak and Watered Down [add]
13. Twilight's in Town [add]

Showtunes: The Live Tommy Keene Album (2000) 01. Astronomy/This Could Be Fiction [add]
02. Long Time Missing [add]
03. Nothing Can Change You [add]
04. Silent Town [add]
05. Underworld [add]
06. Going Out Again [add]
07. Paper Words and Lies [add]
08. My Mother Looked Like Marilyn Monroe [add]
09. Einstein's Day [add]
10. Highwire Days [add]
11. When Our Vows Break [add]
12. Compromise [add]
13. Based on Happy Times [add]
14. Back to Zero Now [add]
15. Places That Are Gone [add]

The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (2002) 01. Begin Where We End [add]
02. The Man Without a Soul [add]
03. Hanging Over My Head [add]
04. All Your Love Will Stay [add]
05. Technicolor [add]
06. Big Blue Sky [add]
07. The Final Hour [add]
08. Time Will Take You Today [add]
09. The World Where I Still Live [add]
10. How Do You Really Say Hello? [add]
11. Circumstance [add]
12. The Fog Has Lifted [add]

Crashing the Ether (2006) 01. Black & White New York [add]
02. Warren in the '60s [add]
03. Quit That Scene [add]
04. Driving Down the Road in My Mind [add]
05. Wishing [add]
06. Lives Become Lies [add]
07. Eyes of Youth [add]
08. I've Heard That Wind Blow Before [add]
09. Alta Loma [add]
10. Texas Tower #4 [add]

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