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Artful Touch lyrics
Genre: New Age
Sketches for Visionaire (2001) 01. Blue Dream [add]
02. Inspiration Exhalation [add]
03. Ebb and Flow [add]
04. Toowaah [add]
05. Grandmothers (Two Improvisations) [add]
06. B4 Floating [add]
07. Woke Up (New Life) [add]

Listening to Riversong (2003) 01. Twilight [add]
02. Drawn Inside [add]
03. Facing the Sun [add]
04. Beckoning [add]
05. Children Playing Waves [add]
06. The Day We Said Yes [add]
07. Good Morning [add]
08. Listening to Riversong [add]
09. Fire Shadows Dancing [add]
10. Over the Moon [add]
11. Floating [add]

Sun and Shadow (2004) 01. Intuitive Music [add]
02. Conversation [add]
03. Stepping, Tumbling, Falling, Flying [add]
04. Discussion [add]
05. Dream Land Scape [add]
06. Sweet and Sorrow [add]
07. Mourning [add]
08. Tender Torment [add]
09. Beautiful and Tragic [add]
10. Sun and Shadow [add]
11. Four Faces [add]
12. Three in Love [add]
13. One and All [add]

Visionaire (2004) 01. Orchid Sea [add]
02. Northern Lights [add]
03. Waves Beyond [add]
04. Spinning Stars [add]
05. Suite Sun [add]
06. Silver Sea Sun Shower [add]
07. Good Day Greetings [add]
08. Butterfly Waltz [add]
09. Air Guitar [add]
10. Visionaire [add]

Love with Gratitude (2005) 01. Northern Lights [add]
02. Suite Sun [add]
03. Air Guitar (Radio Edit) [add]
04. Waves and Beyond [Love and Water Mix] [add]
05. Three in Love [Love and Water Mix] [add]
06. Intuitive Music [add]
07. Sun and Shadow [add]
08. Blue Dream [add]
09. Inspiration Exhalation [Love and Water Mix] [add]
10. Grandmother (Two Improvisations) [add]
11. Woke Up, New Life [add]
12. Children Playing Waves [add]
13. Drawn Inside [add]
14. Floating [add]

Ambient Dreams (2006) 01. Ocean Clouds in D Minor [add]
02. Spinning Stars [Ambient Ocean Mix] [add]
03. Water Falls, Water Sings [add]
04. Northern Lights [Ambient Ocean Mix] [add]
05. Water Falls, Water Begins [add]
06. Orchid Sea [Ambient Ocean Mix] [add]
07. Ocean Clouds in a Major [add]
08. Waves and Beyond [Ambient Ocean Mix] [add]

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